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The 5 Shops with the Best Cake Delivery in Bangkok

The 6 Shops with the Best Cake Delivery in Bangkok


First, we chose shops that provide various options for cakes as well as customization and delivery options.


Of course, cakes must not only taste good but must also look good. We based this on the cake designs and outputs of each shop.


We based these on the standard market price of cakes in Bangkok, and we also considered the costs for customization and shipping.

Customer Satisfaction

Finally, we based this on our surveys and relevant third-party sources such as, but not limited to, Google and Facebook reviews.

1. Potico

Potico Cake Landing


Address: 20/64 Soi Sukhumvit 49/1, Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand

Contact Details: +66 96 297 0145

Operating Hours: Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 8:00 pm; Saturday to Sunday, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Google Reviews Score4.7/5
Trust Pilot Score4.5/5
Total Reviews4.6/5
Score Consistency4/5
Available Variants5/5
Customer Satisfaction5/5


  • Wide selection of cakes
  • Exceptional service
  • Provides order tracking
  • Fine attention to detail
  • Open on weekends
  • Great track record


  • Strict return policy
  • No in-store shopping
  • Doesn’t offer customized cakes

For those who are looking for high-quality, custom-made cakes for any occasion, Portico is an ideal choice. It’s especially a choice if you’re looking for a cake delivery service that’s open seven days a week and allows you to track your orders easily.

Although Potico is relatively new to the scene, it has proven itself to be one of the leading e-commerce cake delivery services in Thailand. High-quality ingredients and affordable cakes aid them in creating one of the best possible experiences.

We love that they provide a wide selection of different pre-made cake designs to choose from. This makes it fairly easy to choose a unique cake for any occasion. In addition, they also offer a good variety of popular flavors to choose from. 

We felt that its broad range of pre-made cakes not only helps streamline the experience of choosing cakes but also helps keep the quality of each cake high. This helps them keep their cakes highly affordable while remaining delicious and memorable.

While they don’t offer custom cake designs, they do deliver their premade cakes rather quickly. This makes them an ideal choice for those who may need a high-quality, affordable cake across all of Thailand. 

2. Hobby Cake

Hobby Cake Homepage


Address: 381/35, 9 Lat Phrao Rd, Chompol, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900, Thailand

Contact Details: +66 81 317 3407

Operating Hours: Monday to Saturday, 8:30 am to 6:00 pm

Google Reviews Score4.9/5
TripAdvisor Score5/5
Total Reviews4.95/5
Score Consistency4/5
Available Variants5/5
Customer Satisfaction5/5


  • Highly skilled in making custom designs
  • Flavorful cakes, especially their American Chocolate flavor
  • Offers nut-free, eggless, vegan, and vegetarian variants
  • Good track record
  • Delivers to any location in Bangkok
  • Offers a pick-up option


  • On the pricey side
  • Three to four days lead time
  • Closed on Sundays

If you are looking for customized cakes for any occasion, Hobby Cake is a top choice in Bangkok. Naturally, this shop made it to our list for many reasons:

First, Hobby Cake has proven itself as a trusted cake shop through the years since it opened in 2002. What started as a hobby became a well-known bakery that provides customized cakes in any design, fit for all types of celebrations.

Next, we like that Hobby Cake’s staff are easy to communicate with and follow instructions well. We appreciate that they have a strong eye for detail, and they can make complicated creations as ordered. 

We were also blown away by their cake designing talents and skills. Their custom cake options such as 3D, character, cartoon, floral, and elegant cakes for weddings and anniversaries were well executed and impressive.

Notably, they say their mission is to deliver happiness to their customers by making every occasion unforgettable. We experienced the sincerity of their artisans and staff in the whole process, making it a convenient and memorable experience. 

While they do not have ready-made cakes, they only need three to four days to create a custom cake. Additionally, all their cakes are nut-free, and they also offer vegan, vegetarian, and eggless cakes.

3. i CAKE

i CAKE Homepage


Address: 2, 10-11 Phutthamonthon Sai 2 Road, Bang Khae Nuea, Bang Khae, Bangkok 10160, Thailand

Contact Details: +66 2 805 4506

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday, 9:00 am to 8:00 pm

Google Reviews Score4.4/5
TripAdvisor Score4.5/5
Total Reviews4.45/5
Score Consistency4/5
Available Variants5/5
Customer Satisfaction5/5


  • Delivers outside Bangkok
  • Makes international deliveries in Asia-Pacific
  • Two days lead time
  • Uses high-quality and healthier ingredients


  • Quite expensive
  • Does not offer customization

i Cake is a bake shop founded in 2005 to provide people with healthier options when eating desserts. Notably, this shop prides itself in using pure vanilla extract, natural sweeteners such as unrefined cane sugar, real maple syrup, unprocessed dairy, and natural fats.

We like that they have a wide choice of cakes and flavors on their menu. Additionally, the cakes are delicious, and it is a relief knowing that the cakes from this store are free from additives. 

Customers on a diet are also happy to find that many of their cakes are low fat and have low sugar content, making it a good option for occasional indulging.

Furthermore, we like their modern cake designs that keep things simple and highlight the natural features of each one. On the downside, they do not offer custom designs.

Another great thing about i Cake is the delivery options. In-store pickups and hand deliveries are available for orders made two days in advance, while deliveries outside Bangkok are made through the post and should be made three to five days ahead.

We appreciate that they also make deliveries to select countries in the Asia Pacific. It is notable that they only need three to five working days to complete the delivery.

Overall, if you are looking for delicious cakes while showing concern for health and natural ingredients, i Cake is a shop you wouldn’t want to miss.

4. Theera Healthy Bake Room

Theera Healthy Bake Room Homepage


Address: 67/9-10 Sukhumvit 42 Khwaeng Phra Khanong, Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110, Thailand

Contact Details: +66 90 506 2222

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Google Reviews Score4.6/5
Facebook Reviews Score4.8/5
Total Reviews4.7/5
Score Consistency4/5
Available Variants5/5
Customer Satisfaction5/5


  • Offers gluten-free, sugar-free, and vegan cakes
  • Diverse staff
  • Can deliver anywhere in Thailand
  • Has an online store


  • Longer lead times

Theera Healthy Bake Room is a shop that keeps in mind customers with special dietary restrictions. More than just a cake shop, it also offers vegan food in its stores.

Many gluten-intolerant customers in Bangkok appreciate their gluten-free options, while vegans can safely enjoy their vegan cakes without worrying about the ingredients. People who need to cut back on sugar are also free to indulge in their sugar-free variants.

In general, products at Theera Healthy Bake Room contain up to 30 percent fewer calories than usual cakes and pastries. Their use of ingredients such as almond, brown rice, and buckwheat flours also offer more nutrition and fiber.

Furthermore, we like the convenience of their online shop. Customers can order bread, cupcakes, whole cakes, and cookies through their website. 

On the downside, whole cakes and cupcakes need to be ordered three days in advance. 

It is also notable that Theera Healthy Bake Room can ship anywhere in Thailand through overnight refrigerated shipping options. However, customized cakes with a written message need four to five days’ notice, while novelty cakes can take up to 10 days to be delivered.

We also find it impressive that Theera Healthy Bake Room is a part of Steps, an organization that provides opportunities to people with neurodivergence, such as autism. It’s great to see their diverse staff working together in their stores.

5. OK Cup Homemade & Baking Studio

OK Cup Homemade & Baking Studio Homepage


Address: 347/2 Soi Kingsawairiang, Tambon Nai Mueang, Mueng, Nakhon Ratchasima 30000, Thailand

Contact Details: +66 65 696 6287

Operating Hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

Google Reviews Score4.5/5
Restaurant Guru Score4.6/5
Total Reviews4.55/5
Score Consistency4/5
Available Variants5/5
Customer Satisfaction4/5


  • Has unique flavors
  • Offers customized cakes


  • Closed on Mondays

If you are on the lookout for quaint cakes in Bangkok, OK Cup Homemade & Baking Studio has quite an offering of delicate cakes and unique flavors. Just one look at their pretty and delicate cakes and pastries transports us to vintage Paris.

Some of their specialties are the Durian Cake, Young Coconut Taro Cake, and Bael Fruit Cake. Many customers keep coming back to their store to enjoy these flavors while drinking coffee or tea.

We like the light flavors of their cakes, and since they mainly feature fruit-flavored cakes, we appreciate the freshness of the ingredients they used. Additionally, we like that their prices are affordable even though they look expensive because of the design.

Interestingly, this store has recently gained popularity in Bangkok. There are times when they run out of cakes to serve so be sure to order in advance if you want to ensure their availability.

OK Cup Homemade & Baking Studio also offers custom cakes for birthdays and other special occasions. However, you will need to order three to five days in advance for their customized designs through their Facebook page to ensure on-time deliveries.

On the downside, even though they have a cozy and well-designed store, we found it quite difficult to access. Thankfully, they do deliveries in Bangkok, making it convenient for us to wait for our order wherever we are.

6. Brooklyn Baker

Brooklyn Baker Homepage


Address: Polo 3 Alley, Lumphini, Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand

Contact Details: +66 81 855 7090

Operating Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday to Sunday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Google Reviews Score4.5/5
FoodPanda Score4.8/5
Total Reviews4.7/5
Score Consistency4/5
Available Variants5/5
Customer Satisfaction5/5


  • Can deliver cakes in 4 hours
  • Wide variety of flavors


  • Does not offer customization
  • Closed on Wednesday

Brooklyn Baker is a cozy cafe near BTS Ploen Chit. This place is a popular spot for brunch and desserts for families in the area.

Additionally, Brooklyn Baker is famous for its beautiful and delicious cakes suited to all occasions, from birthdays to weddings. We like their simple yet elegant designs and the array of flavors.

Some of their notable flavors include Strawberry Creme Cake, Mud Pie, Chocolate Liquid Cheese, Banoffee Pie, and Earl Grey Caramel. A seasonal favorite is the Coconut Sesame cake, a luscious yet refreshing mix of roasted sesame and salted creamy coconut milk. 

Another great thing about Brooklyn Baker is that they have an Emergency Cake Service, which can be availed four hours ahead of time. They also have an Emergency Birthday Cake, an assortment of mixed slices of cake arranged on a plate and topped with paper flags.

We especially like the convenience of their emergency service since it allows forgetful people to have a customized birthday cake as long as they remember to order ahead. On the other hand, the emergency cakes are only available in the following flavors:

  • Chocolate Liquid Cheese
  • Banoffee
  • Basque Cheesecake
  • Mud Pie 
  • Soft Vanilla

For their regular customized cake services, orders must be made three to four days in advance. These cakes can be delivered at the specified date and time, and door-to-door service is available for an additional 100 Baht. 

We also appreciate that the cakes by Brooklyn Baker come in different sizes. The small size has five servings, the medium has eight servings, and the large has twelve servings.

Finally, their whole customized cakes are also reasonably priced. The small cakes cost 1,300 to 2,000 Baht, while the larger cakes can cost around 2,400 Baht to 3,900 Baht.

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