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Promthep Cape Phuket Best Things to Do

Promthep Cape Phuket: Best Things to Do

Your Instagrammable pictures shouldn’t just be limited to urban settings and cultural masterpieces found in Thailand. Beautiful pictures of nature such as clear beaches and stunning sunsets are great memories to share on your social media feed.

Laem Promthep, more commonly known as Promthep Cape, offers one of the best spots in Phuket for a sunset photo. Aside from this iconic spot for tourist photography, you can also enjoy touring the nearby lighthouse cum museum.

Don’t be surprised if you have to share this spot with vast crowds of tourists while the sun sets since this stunning view of a Thai sunset shouldn’t be missed. We give you the best things to do at Promthep Cape to get the most out of your visit here.

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What to Expect at Promthep Cape Phuket

What to Expect at Promthep Cape Phuket

Promthep Cape Phuket is located in the southernmost part of Phuket and is on a rocky strip of land that juts out to the Andaman Sea. 

There isn’t really much to do here, but just like the other guests, you’ll probably visit this area for a sunset photo that is to die for.

The cape is also quite relaxing thanks to the nearby environs around the site. You’ll be flanked on most sides by palm trees and grasses along with clear skies and few clouds if you manage to come on a good day.

The site is also close to several beaches where tourists can spend the night. To the left of the viewpoint is a small beach called Nai Ya Beach while on the right, we have Koh Man and Nai Harn Beach.

How to Get to Promthep Cape

How to Get to Promthep Cape

As we mentioned earlier, this location is located in the southernmost part of Phuket. So if you’re staying around the nearby beaches such as Yanui and Nai Harn, then it’ll just be a quick drive from there (around six minutes).

However, if you’re coming from Phuket Town, then you need to allow at least 35 minutes to get to the Cape. Also, if you plan to take a taxi to the area, then it will cost you around THB 1,000.00.

On the other hand, if you want to go there by car, there should be enough parking space for guests. However, as we pointed out earlier, traffic can get really bad and you might miss the beautiful sunset you came to the cape for.

Local tip:

Arrive a couple of hours earlier to take all the sights in and get an ideal vantage point for your sunset photo before the crowds start pouring in at around 6:00 PM.

Things to Do in Promthep Cape

Guests primarily visit Promthep Cape for the stunning sunset views and the opportunity to take pictures of this unreal scene. But did you know that there are other things you can do here too to make your visit more worthwhile?

Below are some of the things to do when you visit Promthep Cape in Phuket and you can do all of them free of charge:

1. Explore the lighthouse cum nautical museum.

Promthep cape is officially called Laem Promthep which when translated literally means “the cape with the great view”. This view is mostly due to its great location on top of a rocky hill located on an island jutting out into the sea.

If you fancy walking a few steps to the end of this rocky hill, there you’ll find the Promthep lighthouse. Standing at 200 feet above sea level, we ourselves were awestruck when we looked at how massive and tall this lighthouse is.

What’s more, the lighthouse can also offer you a spectacular view of the surrounding environs of the cape. 

From here, you can see a 360-degree panoramic view of the southern island, the lush greenery surrounding the islands, and of course, the awe-inspiring sunset Promthep Cape is so famous for.

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You’ll also be able to spot and recognize the shapes of some nearby islands from the lighthouse balcony. These include the islands of Koh Racha Noi, Koh Raha Yai, and Phi Phi Islands.

On the other hand, you can also enjoy exploring the nautical museum located inside the lighthouse. You can learn some of the nautical history of the island here thanks to the different artefacts on display.

The best part is that you can enjoy your exploration of the museum in comfort as this indoor tourist spot is fully air-conditioned. We also think it’s a great way for you to cool down after a long day of walking around the Cape.

2. Pay a visit to the Promthep Shrine.

2. Pay a visit to the Promthep Shrine.
Image Source: HINA W on Tripadvisor

Promthep Cape is not just about spectacular views as it can also offer you a more traditional site to experience and enjoy through the Promthep Shrine. This shrine is located on top of the cape and is something that you shouldn’t miss when visiting here.

It is a rather interesting Buddhist temple full of colourful carvings and statues of brass elephants. We recommend that you also have your picture taken here if you’re aiming to get that authentic Thai vibe to your travel photos.

The shrine’s elephant statues also have their own religious significance and symbolism. The smaller ones represent wishes and prosperity while the larger brass elephants symbolise wealth, things we’re sure we all want to have in our lives.

Don’t be surprised though, if you suddenly see or encounter monks here while taking pictures or selfies. The shrine is still very much busy with monks actively conducting ceremonies here and the locals dropping by to say their prayers.

3. Enjoy the views offered by Promthep Cape’s sunset viewing platform.

3. Enjoy the views offered by Promthep Cape’s sunset viewing platform.
Image Source: Mickael on Tripadvisor

Promthep Cape’s elevated location certainly gives it an advantage when it comes to providing tourists with a great sunset and panoramic view of the Andaman Sea and the smaller islands surrounding Phuket.

But do you know what else we think was quite entertaining? Watching the other travellers wait for sunset to come while playing with their phones or surfing on Facebook, of course!

When sunset comes along though, the real beauty and splendour of Promthep Cape are revealed. You can actually enjoy this fantastic sunset view via two methods which you can choose depending on your preference.

First, you can proceed to the main platform for sunset viewing by going up the stairs to the lookout platform and then taking a left. This area is perfect for viewing the sunset as it is well-paved and manageable for guests of all ages.

The lookout platform does have spots to sit on along a small wall that follows the walkway. However, you have to come early as spots get quickly occupied by other guests.

The second area to get a great view of the cape’s sunset is located below the elevated platform of Promthep Cape. To reach this area, proceed to the main viewing area and look for a gap in one of the concrete walls.

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You’ll see a dirt trail going down and leading to the left. This place can be quite rocky and difficult to manage if you’re wearing flip-flops and as such, we recommend that you wear sneakers or hiking shoes. 

Follow the trail and mind the signs pointing out the ledges. Once you get to the viewing site below, you’ll have a fantastic view of the sunset sans the large crowds usually congregating on the platform above.

Do note, though, that the hike back can be quite challenging and we strongly advise against hiking back in the dark or late at night as there are no lights here to guide your trek back to the main viewing platform.

Promthep Cape Trail

Tips to Getting the Perfect Sunset Photo at Promthep Cape

  • Come an hour early before sunset. Traffic can get bad and the tourists staying on the said beaches (along with other travellers) will mostly flock to the location just before sunset as well.
  • Visit during the rainy season. That is, if you want the surrounding area and smaller islands to be covered in green. On the other hand, a visit during summer will give you views covered in golden fields which are also breathtaking to behold!

4. Shop for some souvenirs at the Cape’s tourist shops.

4. Shop for some souvenirs at the Cape’s tourist shops.

At the opposite end of the site’s parking space, you’ll find some really good shops where you can buy various touristy souvenirs and trinkets. You can score some nice wallets. 

If you need essentials, the area also has a mini-mart where you can buy some bottled water or wipes.

We also liked that there’s a shop here that sells beachwear. It’s especially useful since there are a number of beaches nearby which you may want to check out after viewing the sunset at Promthep Cape.

Exploring the lighthouse and viewpoint platform can make you hungry real quick. Once this happens, you can grab a quick bite from one of the food stalls lining up the path of the parking space.

You can choose from the different finger foods being offered here along with some ice cream, coconuts, and refreshing fruit shakes- perfect for when you want to cool down after standing for hours under the heat of the sun!

Where to Eat at Promthep Cape

Promthep Cape has two notable dining options for you to try out. These establishments are just a few minutes away from the viewing platform itself and are perfect if you want something heavier to snack on or feast on after your tour of Promthep Cape.

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First, we have the Bukito by Promthep Cape Restaurant which is located on one of the cape’s lush hillsides. It’s just five minutes away from the viewing platform but it’s still often missed by tourists in their hurry to get to the platform itself.

The restaurant provides a laid-back atmosphere thanks to its minimalistic concrete tables, the ocean view, the sea breeze blowing overhead, and the amazing lighting of the garden. You can’t ask for a better vibe than this after enjoying that sunset view!

Due to the large crowds flocking to the restaurant after sunset, we recommend that you book your table in advance to ensure that you get decent seats. Most of the restaurant’s in-demand tables have fantastic sea views but they can get occupied quite quickly.

Most of the cuisine you can order at Bukito includes Thai and seafood dishes. Most of the visitors here can’t seem to get enough of their seafood baskets which contain lobsters and can cost from 1,500 THB to 2,300 THB.

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The other restaurant you can try out when in Promthep Cape- Rawai View Cafe- is a bit farther from the site. It’s 3 kilometres away from the viewpoint and may require that you drive to the location after taking photos of the gorgeous Phuket sunset.

Rawai View Cafe is located on Rawai Beach itself and while its Thai food isn’t exactly something to write home about, its idyllic charm and relaxing setting are enough to make visitors check this place out. 

Rawai Beach
Image Source: Jamie Monk on Flickr

Here, you’ll find a superb setting for your meals with a wooden terrace that opens up to a great view of the beach. This is also the perfect venue if you want a late-night romantic dinner with your partner or a hearty lunch with family or friends.

Some of the food options you can order here include chicken satay, prawn cakes, and papaya salad. While the price isn’t as cheap as other small food stalls, you’ll find the pricing here to be quite reasonable ranging from 120 THB to 250 THB per serving.

Bukito by Promthep Cape Restaurant

Address: 94/6 Wiset Road, Rawai, Mueang Phuket District, Phuket 83130, Thailand
Contact Details: +66 87 628 5415
Cuisine: Thai and seafood dishes
Price Range: ฿฿

Rawai View Cafe

Address: 96/6 Moo.6 Soi, 1 Laem Promthep Rawai, Mueang Phuket District, Phuket 83130, Thailand
Contact Details: +66 88 768 3340
Cuisine: Thai dishes
Price Range: ฿฿
Travel Tips when Visiting Promthep Cape

Wear sneakers or hiking shoes: You may have to do some walking and steep hill climbing if you want to get to the sunset viewpoint below the cape. As such, we recommend that you wear sneakers or hiking shoes instead of flip-flops.

Try visiting the Cape in the morning:  While most people visit Promthep Cape in the evening, the morning views are also very scenic. 

You can check out the viewing platform without the huge crowds and the extreme heat of the sun if you come early in the morning.

Bring some bottled water: Promthep Cape can get really hot, especially during mid-day and late afternoon. Hence, we strongly advise that you bring some bottled water to avoid dehydration or getting thirsty while waiting for sunset

Stay for a bit after the sun sets: After the sun sets, we recommend that you stay for a bit as the colours of the cape can get exhilarating and vibrant even after the sun has disappeared beyond the horizon.
Promthep Cape Sunset
Image Source: Jesse Warren on Flickr

FAQs about Promthep Cape

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