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The Top 6 Aesthetic Clinics in Bangkok

How We Chose the Best Aesthetic Clinics in Bangkok


We love a clinic that has adequately-trained and certified staff for the different types of treatments it offers customers.

Service Quality

A good aesthetic clinic must conduct its service under ethical and medical standards. A clinic with proper consultation before any treatment is 5-star on our list. 

Credibility and Reviews

The top aesthetic clinics must be credible not just for a few but for many current and previous clients. Those before and after pics must walk the talk!


Being beautiful doesn’t have to break the bank. Our top clinics give the best service for your hard-earned money but aren’t alarmingly cheap either.

1. Metro Beauty Centers

Metro Beauty Centers Homepage

Services: Cosmetic Surgery, Anti-Aging Treatment, Non-Surgical Aesthetic Treatment


Address: PARK VENTURES ECOPLEX, Level 2, 57 Wireless Rd, Lumphini, Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330

Contact Details: Tel: (+66) 83-189-8931

Line ID: Renokenzo


Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday, 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM (Only by appointment)

Google Reviews score5/5 
WhatClinic score 4.8/5 
Total reviews2/5
Score consistency 4/5
Service Quality5/5
Credibility and Reviews5/5


  • Many types of procedures available
  • Award-winning clinic
  • Spotless facilities and equipment
  • Has four resident aesthetic doctors
  • Kind and professional staff that speak good English


  • By appointment only

If you’re looking for the best aesthetic clinic in Bangkok, then Metro Beauty Centers is the best choice. You can find this clinic in the Watthana district, downtown Bangkok.

They offer dermal fillers, Thermage, Ultherapy, HIFU, thread lifting, PRP Treatment, and stem cell facelift to help you achieve your best look.

Metro Beauty Centers won the WhatClinic Service Awards 2021, and we see why. The clinic has created a brilliant customer experience through its official website’s overall user interface.

Browsing through the clinic’s services, doctor profiles, and price list gives off a strong feeling of credibility and transparency. Not all doctors will be brave enough to include their licence numbers on their “about” page, but honest doctors will most likely be.

For their actual services, first and foremost, we certainly agree with their clients that Metro Beauty Center’s international care manager, Mr Renaud, is one (if not the best) of all relationship managers in Bangkok. He gives the utmost attention to each client’s needs.

The clinic’s four doctors, Dr Achita, Dr Teng, Dr Nick and Dr Joy, also provide very professional service. A CleverThai staff can’t stop talking about her visit because of the smooth-sailing Botox procedure she got from Dr Achita – explained very well and executed perfectly.

We just wish that they would be willing to entertain walk-in clients. At the moment, the clinic only accepts confirmed appointments made ahead of time.

You can reach Metro Beauty Clinic through their phone, Line account, or website.

2. Metro Bangkok Clinic

Metro Bangkok Clinic Homepage

Services: Aesthetic Medicine, Anti-Aging Treatments, Dermatology


Address: The Horizon Building, 2nd floor 8 Soi Sukhumvit 63, Phra Khanong Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110

Contact Details: Tel: (+66) 085-039-9997


Operating Hours: Monday, Wednesday to Sunday, 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Closed Tuesdays

Google Reviews score4.6/5
WhatClinic score 4.8/5
Total reviews1/5
Score consistency 4/5
Service Quality3/5
Credibility and Reviews4/5


  • Many kinds of treatment available
  • Award-winning clinic
  • Very clean and modern clinic
  • Friendly and professional staff


  • Some reports of decline in service quality
  • Skill of attending doctors and staff may vary

Metro Bangkok Clinic is an aesthetic treatment provider in Watthana, Bangkok headed by the dashing Dr Phumiphat Rujikulwongpaisan. It offers Botox, dermal fillers, Thermage, Ultherapy, chemical peels, Platelet Rich Plasma, threadlift, microneedling, among others.

We think the clinic looks sleek, clean, and beautiful, true to the “metro” name. A friendly and professional staff maintains the facilities very well.

Metro Bangkok is also an award holder in WhatClinic’s 2019 Service Awards, so you’re sure to get the top service available in the area. Most customers we’ve talked to also attest to the clinic’s superb quality.

When going in for a treatment, the doctor and staff give great attention to detail. They will clearly explain to the patient the treatment they’ll get and each step that will be done. 

We’re glad for this process because it lessens our feeling of anxiety (especially when they’re dealing with needles!).

However, some customers seemed to have gotten the shorter end of the stick. 

Some patients observed that the clinic’s service quality started declining last year. They attributed this to the loss of some key management positions.

Other patients also noticed that the quality of their treatment differs between doctors handling their procedures.

With these patient concerns, we hope Metro Bangkok Clinic continually trains its staff or finds better members to overcome these shortfalls.

Nevertheless, we still consider Metro Bangkok Clinic one of the best aesthetic clinics in Bangkok because of its top-of-the-line facilities, equipment, and staff. You may book an appointment on their website or give Metro Bangkok Clinic a ring on their phone.

3. Dermaster Clinic – Ekkamai

Dermaster Clinic - Ekkamai Homepage

Services: Skin Lasering, Body Sculpting, Anti-aging Treatment, Hair Transplant and Removal, Surgery, and Skin Care


Address: 342 Ekamai Rd, Klongton Nua, Wattana, Bangkok, Thailand 10110

Contact Details: Tel: (+66) 02-714-4471

Line: @dermaster


Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday, 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Google Reviews score4.7/5 
WhatClinic score 4.4/5  
Total reviews3/5
Score consistency 3/5
Service Quality4/5
Credibility and Reviews4/5


  • Free consultation
  • Has a vast number of treatments available
  • Has promos and discounts
  • Multilingual staff


  • A bit expensive
  • Long waiting time
  • Reported incidents of scheduling errors

Dermaster Clinic is a chain of four aesthetic centres located around Bangkok. We’re reviewing their Ekkamai Branch in Wattana District because it’s the best-rated branch among the four.

Dermaster Ekkamai stands out among its competitors for a few things.

The first thing is their free consultation for all patients. Who wouldn’t love free stuff?

Although generally considered more expensive than its competitors, Dermaster regularly offers discounts and promos for its treatments. This is a great way to invite potential clients to try them out and decide if they’re worth the price tag.

Next is their long list of services provided, making it a one-stop-shop for all things beauty. Dermaster Ekamai offers skin care, hair removal, Botox, facial fillers, rejuvenating treatments, and body sculpting treatments, among others.

However, the Dermaster experience is not all rainbows and sunshine. 

A couple of the clinic’s clients told us they had to wait a minimum of two hours for their appointment. Some were even more unlucky after the clinic cancelled their booking on the day of their consultation.

We hope Dermaster has already addressed these concerns for a better customer experience.

A redeeming factor for Dermaster is that the staff can speak English, Chinese, and Arabic aside from Thai, which is excellent for medical tourists. They are kind and professional as well. 

You may contact Dermaster Ekamai via phone or email for your free consult.

4. BSL Clinic Silom

BSL Clinic Silom Homepage

Services: Facial Aesthetic Design, Skin and Hair Treatments, Anti-Aging Treatments, Body Contouring


Address: 30/8 Saladaeng Road, Silom, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500

Contact Details: Tel: (+66) 02-235-8858, 02-235-8859


Operating Hours: Monday to Friday, 9:30 AM – 7:00 PM

Saturday and Sunday, 9:30 AM – 6:00 PM

Google Reviews score4.8/5 
Facebook reviews score 4.9/5  
Total reviews5/5
Score consistency 4/5
Service Quality4/5
Credibility and Reviews4/5


  • Many treatments available
  • One of the oldest aesthetic clinics in the area
  • Award-winning clinic
  • Friendly and professional staff that can speak English


  • Long waiting time
  • Some reported incidents of price changes mid-appointment

Bangkok Skin and Laser Center (BSL) Clinic Silom branch is another one-stop-shop aesthetic clinic in the Bang Rak District of Bangkok. It’s one of the oldest of its kind in the country, with over 35 years of operations since 1985. 

Along with its longevity, BSL Clinic has also received different awards. This recognition is a testament to the quality service they provide their clients.

This clinic offers lots of services ranging from dermatology to body sculpting. It has a team of six dermatologists and support staff ready to make its patients as beautiful as possible, which means it can accommodate a good number of clients at a given time.

It’s easy to communicate with the doctors and staff for medical tourists because they speak English aside from the typical Thai. 

However, going in for a consult is not without issue. 

Many clients noted the long waiting time between registering, consultation, and payment of fees. Each step may take almost an hour, so better plan your day with these delays in mind.

Another concerning issue we’ve noted from their clients is the reported incidents wherein the fees to be paid by the client on the counter are different from what was agreed upon initially, especially if the procedure is under a promo. 

In the end, we hope that BSL Clinic has already addressed these complaints. Honest service is also part of good service.

You may reach BSL Clinic Silom by phone or text. You may also book an appointment using their website.

5. ProDerma Clinic

ProDerma Clinic Homepage

Services: Facial Treatments, Skin and Hair Treatments, Anti-Aging Treatments, Body Contouring


Address: 1019 Phaholyothin, Samsen Nai, Phayathai, Bangkok 10400 

Contact Details: Tel: (+66) 02-619-8407, 02-279-6587

Line: (+66) 086-568-4144


Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday, 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Google Reviews score4.5/5 
WhatClinic score 4.6/5  
Total reviews4/5
Score consistency 5/5
Service Quality4/5
Credibility and Reviews4/5


  • Many treatments available
  • Friendly and professional staff that can speak English
  • Procedures are explained to the client very well
  • In the vicinity of BTS station
  • Has promos


  • Some reported instances of unprofessionalism of doctors

ProDerma is an aesthetic clinic conveniently located right beside Exit 1 of the Sanam Pao BTS station in Phayathai. It’s a humble-looking yet elegant clinic with three resident dermatologists. 

Like other aesthetic clinics, ProDerma offers many services like laser treatments for the body and face, injectables like Botox and fillers, and typical facial procedures like acne treatment and skin peeling.

We think the nurses in ProDerma are charming. They assist patients with utmost attention and care. 

However, much of the criticism garnered by this clinic is usually about its doctors. Some patients felt like they were being given a hard sell for products; some even thought one doctor was rude during consultation.

Most of these are past critiques, so we hope ProDerma doctors have already improved their bedside manners. Other patients we’ve talked to enjoyed their clinic visits and are satisfied with the results of their procedures, so we think this improvement is easily achievable.

We’re glad to know that the clinic regularly offers promos. Since ProDerma believes that they’re where “beauty comes with quality”, it’s great to know that our wallets won’t suffer that much for beauty.

You may reach ProDerma via phone or Line for inquiries and appointments.

6. Divine Aesthetic Clinic



Address: 815 Ratchada Niwet Road, Samsen Nok, Huai Khwang, Bangkok 10310, Thailand

Contact Details: +66 80 464 6663

Operating Hours: Sunday to Wednesday and Friday to Saturday: 13:30 – 20:00

Google Reviews score4/5 
Facebook Reviews score 4.9/5  
GoWabi Reviews Score4.8/5
Total reviews4.5/5
Score consistency 4.5/5
Service Quality4.5/5
Credibility and Reviews4.5/5


  • Personalized Services
  • Emphasizes on Customer Safety
  • Certified and experienced surgeons


  • Limited Services

Divine Aesthetic Clinic is a beauty clinic that works with certified surgeons and qualified beauty professionals. They provide a range of beauty services, with a focus on facial surgery.

What’s great about them is that they make sure to only employ certified surgeons who are experienced in beauty surgery. Therefore, customers always receive high-quality services that are safe and effective.

Another factor why we prefer them is that the clinic provides personalized service to each customer, with careful and precise recommendations made by the doctors before any service.

This allows the customers to receive the best possible care and treatment for their individual needs.

Aside from these, Divine Aesthetic Clinic emphasizes customer safety and standards, which is an important consideration for anyone considering cosmetic surgery or other beauty treatments.

While Divine Aesthetic Clinic provides a range of beauty services, their focus is primarily on facial surgery. This may not be suitable for customers who are looking for other types of beauty treatments.

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