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5 Best Clinics for Ear Cleaning in Bangkok

5 Best Clinics for Ear Cleaning in Bangkok

How We Chose the Top Clinics for Ear Cleaning


We looked into clinics around Bangkok that could give you a more personalised service. Thus, we did not include outpatient clinics in hospitals.


We’ve ranked the top clinics for ear cleaning by weighing in each clinic’s credentials with reviews we got from different sources and respondents.

Ear Cleaning Experience

We looked at the overall experience by factoring in each clinic’s ambiance, equipment,  and customer service.


We veered away from the large hospital clinics for this list to give you clinics that give the same level of professional service for a more reasonable price.

1. Dear Hearing Center – Sukhothai Road Branch

Dear Hearing Center - Sukhothai Road Branch Homepage

Services: Hearing Aids, Hearing Tests, and Audiologist Consultations


Address: Sukhothai Road Office No. 326/3-4 Sukhothai Road, Suan Chitralada, Dusit, Bangkok 10300

Contact Details: Tel: (+66) 02-668-1300; 81-352-8412



Operating Hours: Monday to Saturday, 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Google Reviews score4.8/5 
Facebook reviews score5/5 
Total reviews2/5
Score consistency 4/5
Ear Cleaning Experience4/5
Facilities and Equipment4/5
Customer Service4/5


  • Accessible location
  • Highly credible clinic
  • Expert Audiologists


  • Pricing isn’t generally low
  • Closed on Sundays

Dear Hearing Center has been one of Bangkok’s leading hearing aid and services provider for more than 30 years. We looked at its main branch, located in the Dusit district along Sukhothai Road.

It’s been partners with the biggest hospitals in Thailand, including Samitivej, Bangkok Hospital, Pitsanuvej, and Phyathai hospitals, so we know that it is one of the experts in the field of audiology.

Given this very long track record, we are very glad to recommend Dear Hearing Center, not just for those needing hearing aids, but also for those who generally want to maintain auditory health.

Each branch of this hearing centre has its set of Audiologists (medical doctors specializing in different heating issues) that can help especially if your hearing is being affected by excess buildup or blockage caused by earwax.

Our respondents are equivocal in saying that Dear Hearing has excellent service. Its doctors and staff are very friendly, making each visit to the clinic pleasant regardless of the type of procedure you came in for. 

The clinic is also very easy to reach being just around 11 minutes from the central district of Asoke in Bangkok. You’ll also find it hard to miss the clinic’s building with its signature green color and huge signage with “DEAR HEARING” written in all caps.

We also like the simple yet complete facilities of Dear Hearing. Funnily, we still wish it to be open on both days of the weekend for the convenience of its patients.

Generally, prices for its services are not on the economical side, however, they’re very reasonable for the quality. This is why we still suggest you visit this clinic around Bangkok if you need ear cleaning or a consultation about any hearing problem.

2. Eartone – Sukhumvit 42 Branch

Eartone - Sukhumvit 42 Branch Homepage

Services: Hearing Aids, Hearing Tests, and Audiologist Consultations


Address: 1st Floor, Bangkok Mediplex Building, 2/29, Phra Khanong, Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110

Contact Details: Tel: (+66) 02-712-1177; 02-713-6232; 08-5357-8777

Line: @eartone


Operating Hours: Daily, 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Google Reviews score4.5/5 
Facebook reviews score5/5 
Total reviews4/5
Score consistency 3.5/5
Ear Cleaning Experience4.25/5
Facilities and Equipment4/5
Customer Service4.5/5


  • Great location
  • Highly-credible clinic
  • Efficient diagnosis and treatment methods
  • Open every day


  •  Rates not that affordable

Another audiology and hearing aid provider on our list is Eartone. We checked out its spacious Sukhumvit 42 branch near the BTS Ekkamai station in Khlong Toey.

Eartone is a specialized centre for ear diseases that provides fitting and adjusting of hearing aids as well as specialist hearing consultations for hearing problems like lack of balance, dizziness, and ringing in the ears (tinnitus).

Its been in business for more than 25 years, making it one of the most credible establishments in hearing and audiology in Bangkok.

The best thing about Eartone is the top-notch laboratories and equipment on its premises. Its highly-trained doctors (audiologists) can help you solve any hearing issue, including cleaning your ears in case of any blockage.

We’re delighted that this clinic values its patients’ time by being efficient from start to finish. Earthtone promises to give its clients diagnosis and appropriate treatment methods in only just one visit.

Another thing we liked about Eartone is that it’s open daily—quite long office hours from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Patients won’t have to worry about the clinic’s availability if they encounter urgent hearing issues in the middle of a Sunday.

Given this clinic’s calibre, we are not surprised to learn that a typical consultation with an audiologist in Eartone could start at around THB 1000. Nevertheless, we still think that whatever cost you’ll incur here is well worth the quality of care you’ll get.

3. Doctor Wanlaya Clinic

Doctor Wanlaya Clinic Homepage

Services: Otolaryngology


Address: No. 48 Soi Phatthanakan 57, Prawet, Bangkok 10250

Contact Details: Tel: (+66) 97-239-4822

Line: @wanlayaclinic

Operating Hours: Monday to Thursday,2:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Friday and Saturday, 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Google Reviews score4.9/5 
Facebook reviews score4.9/5 
Total reviews5/5
Score consistency 5/5
Ear Cleaning Experience4/5
Facilities and Equipment4/5
Customer Service4/5


  • Expert female doctor
  • Homey clinic
  • Excellent support staff
  • Speak great English
  • Fair pricing


  • Half-days only for most of the week
  • No official website or email available

Doctor Wanlaya Clinic is an ENT located in the Prawet district. Being an ENT means that this clinic specializes in treating diseases of the ear, nose, and tonsils (including the sinuses).

The clinic premises look lovely, clean, and homey with its lime green walls and white counters. It’s like a warm welcome to every patient who comes in.

Doctor Wanlaya Clinic owned and operated by a female physician, Dr. Aui. Many of our respondents noted that this doctor is very kind and compassionate to her patients.

We also like that its support staff is also very attentive, speaking excellent English. All in all, great entries for a list of qualities for excellent customer service.

But, the best thing about Doctor Wanlaya Clinic is that it provides excellent service at a fair price. You can have your ears cleaned here in an amount that would not empty your wallet.

Another thing we’re glad about is that the Dr. Aui wouldn’t offer services you don’t need. 

On the flip side, if the Dr. Aui does not have enough expertise for the symptoms you’re presenting, she’ll gladly refer you to other clinics and hospitals that could adequately address your condition.

We highly recommend Doctor Wanlaya Clinic, especially for families and children, even though it’s only open half days for most of the week.

4. Dr. Weera Clinic

Dr. Weera Clinic Homepage

Services: Otolaryngology


Address: 191 Suk Sawat Rd, Bang Pakok, Rat Burana, Bangkok 10140

Contact Details: Tel: (+66) 02-876-8687


Operating Hours: Tuesday to Friday, 5:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Saturday, 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Google Reviews score5/5 
Total reviews1/5
Score consistency 3/5
Ear Cleaning Experience3.75/5
Facilities and Equipment3.5/5
Customer Service4/5


  • Opens early
  • Long consultation hours
  • Expert service
  • Kind doctor and staff


  • Location might not be likeable for all
  • Only open five days a week

Dr. Weera Clinic in Rat Burana is a quaint private clinic offering otolaryngology or ENT services.

It’s pretty easy to spot because it’s across the Indy Night Market, but we understand if you will find this location quite off-putting. Nevertheless, we believe quality service isn’t dictated by postal codes or road names, so we still highly recommend this clinic.

This clinic is only open five days a week but has a very unusual opening time of 5:00 AM—surprisingly very early yet very useful for early birds. It also closes at quite a later time, at 8:00 PM.

Many of our respondents highly recommend Dr. Weera Clinic because of its medical expertise and amiable bedside manner shown by its resident doctor. 

One reviewer, in particular, was delighted because the doctor was able to remove their compacted earwax very comfortably and painlessly.

A lot of patients we spoke with commended the doctor’s calm and understanding communication. Furthermore, they like that the nurse at the reception area is also amiable toward all visitors.

The same set of patients we’ve interviewed are pretty mixed on how to gauge this clinic’s pricing. We’ll just let you be the judge; the general price for services in this clinic is around THB 1000.

5. Narista Clinic

Narista Clinic Homepage

Services: Otolaryngology


Address: 330 Soi Chokchai 4, Ladprao Road, Lad Phrao Subdistrict, Lat Phrao District, Bangkok 10230

Contact Details: Tel: (+66) 02-007-4477

Operating Hours: Thursday and Friday, 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Saturday and Saturday, 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Google Reviews score4.1/5 
Facebook reviews score4.8/5 
Total reviews3/5
Score consistency 2/5
Ear Cleaning Experience3.25/5
Facilities and Equipment4/5
Customer Service3/5


  • Affordable rates
  • Expert ENT doctor
  • Accessible location
  • Open on weekends


  • Only open 4 days a week
  • Bedside manner inconsistency
  • No official website or email address

If you happen to be at the Lat Phrao district of Bangkok while needing an ear cleaning, then we suggest you check out Narista Clinic in Soi Chokchai 4. This is another otolaryngology clinic.

The clinic is accessible on the main thoroughfare with many other commercial establishments in its vicinity. The facilities are clean and modern, great enough for a small private clinic.

What stood out the most for us in this clinic is its affordable rates and the resident doctor’s excellent expertise in ENT matters.

Many of our respondents also see the service as overall good, mainly because consults are quick and straight to the point.

However, there’s a noticeable mixed opinion about the resident doctor’s manner of talking to patients. Some of our respondents were quite upset with how the doctor handled their consultations.

Perhaps it could be just an issue of differing or misunderstood personality quirks, but some felt they were being lectured instead of having a consultation. At the very least, this could mean a slight inconsistency with the clinic’s “bedside manners.”

As a saving grace, the clinic’s support staff are charming to interact with.

Narista Clinic also has the shortest operating hours of all the clinics we’ve gone to for this list. It’s only open for consults four days a week, with only half days available each day.

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