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Top 5 Property Management Companies in Bangkok

Top 7 Property Management Companies in Bangkok

How We Chose the Top Property Management Companies


We chose property management companies that are duly-registered with government regulatory agencies. It’s also a plus if they have linkages abroad.


Since property management, especially in the bustling city of Bangkok is a 24/7 ordeal, we chose companies based on reliability and timeliness in providing services to landowners and tenants.


Property Management has many facets; the more types of services a company can provide, the better.


We love any company that can effectively communicate with its clients for efficient work!

1. Fresh Property

Fresh Property Homepage
SERVICES Real Estate Rental, Sales, and Property Management
ADDRESSPanjit Tower, 15th floor, 117 Thong Lo Rd, Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110
CONTACT DETAILSTel: (+66) 95-591-2591Line: Email: [email protected]  
OPERATING HOURSMonday to Friday, 8:30 AM – 5:30 PMSaturday and Sunday, 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Google Reviews score5/5 
Facebook reviews score5/5 
Total reviews5/5
Score consistency 5/5


  • Great for properties along BTS lines
  • One-stop-shop in property management
  • Adheres to relevant laws
  • Excellent communication with clients
  • Staff speak English and Thai


  •  Fairly young company

Fresh Bangkok is a real estate company that specializes in properties along the BTS Skytrain lines in the city. Aside from renting and selling real properties, this company also offers a property management service for landlords.

As it was only established by Mr Pierre Leung in 2015, this company is a bit young. But, we think Fresh Bangkok has already established itself as one of the city’s leading property management companies, if not the country. 

It promises excellent service in line with real property regulations, engineering standards, and other relevant Thai laws. Hence, we checked them out to see how they delivered their promises.

Fresh Bangkok can assist any property owner in marketing and decorating units to make them appealing to prospective tenants. But this is only up until giving admin support to tenants and regular engineering maintenance for your property. 

In short, it offers a one-stop shop for any landlord looking to let out their property.

What we like the best about Fresh Bangkok is its good communication, not just with clients but also with its partner contractors.

A couple of our respondents lauded the management for regularly informing them of their properties’ status. Any question is answered promptly and professionally using the English or Thai language.

We also think that the company’s communication with its contractors is also a positive sign of their good service. The timely addressing of any matter, whether it be about security or repairs in the properties they manage, is crucial, afterall.

2. Baan Hunt Real Estate Co., Ltd.

Baan Hunt Real Estate Co., Ltd. Homepage
SERVICES Real Estate Rental, Sales, and Property Management
ADDRESS129/2 Soi Sukhumvit 55 (Thonglor) Khong Tan Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110
CONTACT DETAILSTel: (+66) 82-492-4929Email: [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMonday to Friday, 9:00 AM – 6:00 PMSaturday and Sunday, 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Google Reviews score4.8/5 
Trustpilot Rating4.7/5 
Total reviews4/5
Score consistency 4/5


  • Great communication with clients
  • Vast property portfolio
  • In-house professional maintenance staff
  • Building safety regulation consulting


  •  Some agents can be incompetent

Baan Hunt is a real estate agency in the Watthana district. It handles the sale and rent of basically all types of property, be it land, condos, or villas.

It has a specialty property management service. You can task Baan Hunt to collect rent from tenants, take care of utilities and other bill payments, and handle any other issues with leasing out properties.

The best thing about Baan Hunt’s property management is that the firm can quickly and reliably provide service to engineering matters 24/7. 

It has an in-house professional maintenance staff—contractors, electricians, plumbers, even maids; you name it!

Given its in-house professionals, a unique aspect of its service is that it can help ensure that your property passes relevant building safety codes and policies.

Although the property management is on your behalf, the company is explicit in its commitment to only working with stuff that you, the landlord, approve of. Therefore, prompt and clear communication is also one strong suit of Baan Hunt.

However, we cannot guarantee that every Baan Hunt agent communicates well. A couple of our respondents had the unfortunate luck of being paired with incompetent agents, making their experience quite bad.

Your mileage may definitely vary. Nevertheless, we still consider Baan Hunt as one of Bangkok’s best property management services.

3. Bangkok Real Property

Bangkok Real Property Homepage
SERVICES Real Estate Rental, Sales, and Property Management
ADDRESS129 Rangsiya Village Udomsuk Soi 58 Sukhumvit 103 Rd, Bangna, Bangkok 10260
CONTACT DETAILSTel: (+66) 89-412-0111 (Thai & Eng); 094-343-7994 (Eng)Line: bkkrealpropEmail: [email protected] 
OPERATING HOURSMonday to Friday, 10:00 AM – 7:00 PMSaturday, 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Google Reviews score4.9/5 
Facebook reviews score4.7/5 
Total reviews3/5
Score consistency 4/5


  • 20 years experience
  • Great for farang clients
  • Hands-on management team


  • Property management only under Rental Service
  • Closed on Sundays

Another real estate and property management company for Bangkok properties (land, houses, condominiums, etc.) is the aptly-named Bangkok Real Property. 

Managed by Khun Don Kavanagh and Tom Ponyeam (Managing Director and Agency Director, respectively), this firm has around 20 years of experience in its arsenal to help you with your properties.

Bangkok Real Property’s primary service is re-selling. You can also hire this company to search for tenants if your business is to rent out spaces. 

The biggest downside is that you can only avail of its property management liaison service if you’re already under contract with them for rental assistance. We’re glad this is a free add-on—this firm supports you beyond finding tenants!

It’s just a bit unfortunate for landlords with existing agents, but maybe considering this company could help you re-assess your current and future real estate needs.

Nevertheless, Bangkok Real Property is a highly-recommended company based on our research and the feedback of our respondents.

Khun Don and Tom seem to be very hands-on in the business. They’re always available to help their clients in an efficient yet personal manner. 

If you’re a farang, getting the services of Bangkok Real Property will significantly streamline your real estate matters. 

Note that if you’re a busy person with time to inquire or visit this firm only on the weekends, you better schedule on a Saturday because this company has its day off on Sundays.

4. CBRE Thailand

CBRE Thailand Homepage
SERVICES International Real Estate Consulting and Property Management
ADDRESSChina Resources Tower, 46th, 87/2 Witthayu Rd, Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330
CONTACT DETAILSTel: (+66) 82-492-4929Email: [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMonday to Friday, 9:00 AM – 6:00 PMSaturday and Sunday, 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Google Reviews score4.5/5 
Trustpilot Rating2.5/5 
Total reviews2/5
Score consistency 1/5


  • Focus on large-scale properties
  • Internationally-acclaimed brand
  • Over 30 years Thai experience
  • Great for green buildings


  • Customer communication can still improve
  • Not really for small-scale properties

Here’s one of the big-ticket names in the industry: CBRE. We’ve looked at what the Thailand branch of the internationally-acclaimed real estate company can offer.

This company has been in the country for over 30 years, so it has definitely welded its international expertise with local knowledge and customs—a definite plus on our books!

CBRE’s property management service is best suited for larger clients, though. It specifies handling malls, condominiums, offices, and industrial properties instead of the typical private dwelling. 

Its service includes tenant, building, accounting, and engineering management. Moreover, CBRE can also help a lot if you maintain a green, sustainable property with a consulting service for LEED and WELL Standards.

We’re satisfied with the long list of property management services CBRE can offer./ However, we’re a bit iffy about the actual level of customer service it can give its clients. 

Being a big and already-established property management company, it’s not surprising that many CBRE clients feel as if they’re just names in a book. 

Based on the feedback we received from some of its clients, we think the promptness of communication or any follow-through with an assigned CBRE agent definitely leaves more to be desired.

Ultimately, this lack of good communication also contributes to CBRE being seen as unhelpful instead of the contrary. Nonetheless, we still think it’s a reliable option in Bangkok due to its vast knowledge and expertise.

5. Smart Service and Management Co., Ltd.

Smart Service and Management Co., Ltd. Homepage
SERVICES Property Management
ADDRESS170/39 13th Fl. Ocean Tower 1, Ratchadapisek Rd., Klongtoey, Bangkok 10110
CONTACT DETAILSTel: (+66) 02-261-7788Email: [email protected] 
OPERATING HOURSMonday to Friday, 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM
Google Reviews score4.5/5 
Total reviews1/5
Score consistency 3/5


  • Smart World mobile application for communication
  • Vast portfolio in and out of Bangkok
  • Offers many property management services


  • Office closed on weekends
  • Mobile app can still improve a lot

If you’re looking for a property management company for the digital generation, then we suggest you check out Smart Service and Management Co., Ltd. A huge plus is its offices are easily accessible in Bangkok’s Klongtoey district.

Smart Service provides professional property management for condominiums, townhouses, and other residential buildings in Bangkok and throughout Thailand. Currently, it boasts of having more than 200 clients.

Here, the property management service is technically called “juristic management”.
Meanwhile, each Smart Service agent is called a juristic person.

Smart Service offers the typical property management service. It can manage and provide engineering management and maintenance, accounting assistance, contractor and supplier management, and legal consulting services for your property.

Furthermore, the best service this company offers is its Smart World mobile app. We like this convenience since it enables its clients to directly and easily communicate with their assigned juristic person anywhere they may be. 

However, as with all proprietary applications, the Smart World app only works satisfactorily. We think it can still be improved immensely by further developing its user interface, among other things. 

We’re also delighted to know that residents in properties managed by Smart Service generally like the level of service they are getting. But no one can please everybody, so it isn’t surprising to hear a couple of complaints here and there.

Nevertheless, Smart Service is a great, technology-pioneering contender for Bangkok’s best property management companies.

6. By Kedora Asia Co.,Ltd

SERVICES Property Management
ADDRESSThe Phyll Connect, 1770 Sukhumvit 54/1 Alley, Khwaeng Bang Chak, Khet Phra Khanong, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10260
(+66) 909 1717 88
[email protected]
OPERATING HOURSContact for more information
Google Reviews score5/5 
Total reviews5/5
Score consistency 5/5


  • Experienced team
  • High quality services
  • Comprehensive and complete real estate services


  • Operating hours unavailable By Kedora Asia Co.,Ltd is surely one of the best property managers in the country.

They were established in 2016 but their experience goes back a few years. Since their inception, they’ve been offering professional and totally comprehensive property service to all their clients.

We understand how important it is to deal with a reliable point person with every property transaction so we’re glad to have them to recommend.

No matter how complex a project is, they continuously offer the highest quality service throughout the term.

We like their complete and comprehensive real estate service which includes:

  • Property & Sales Advice
  • Market assessment and analysis
  • Business Setup and hiring
  • Development feasibility studies
  • Acquisition of development sites
  • Sales, purchase & leasing of residential, commercial and industrial properties
  • Property and asset management
  • Visa services
  • Working with developers on both high-rise and broad acre land development projects
  • Overseas Marketing

No doubt we’ve taken the time to do more research on client experience and we’re amazed at what we’ve found out. They’ve helped so many people and not one of them was ever disappointed by their team.

They offer prompt replies, know how to find the properties for each client, are easy to work with, and the list goes on! We highly recommend.

7. Unicorn Hospitality

SERVICES Consulting and Management
ADDRESS180 Sixteen Place Building, 2nd Floor Sukhumvit 16 (Sammitr)Klongtoey, Bangkok 10110
CONTACT DETAILS[email protected]
T: +66 2 107 2012
F: +66 2 663 3044
OPERATING HOURSMonday to Friday, 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Google Reviews score4.3/5 
Facebook reviews score5/5 
Total reviews4/5
Score consistency 4/5


  • Progressive and sustainable approach
  • Knowledgeable and practical professionals
  • Effective and customized services


  •  Service aren’t readily quoted

Unicorn Hospitality is a hospitality management group that offers a wide variety of hotel management consultation services for all types of establishments such as restaurants, bars, and clubs among others. Established back in 2015, they have since then capitalized on their forward-thinking approaches to establish new standards of excellence in the industry.

With successful projects in countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, and the Maldives, their extensive experience in the field ensures clients that their concerns will be handled with utmost professionalism and efficiency when it comes to the approaches used.

Furthermore, their team of expert consultants is highly knowledgeable and skilled in applying approaches by tailoring them to the specific needs of the establishment along with the innate charisma to make individuals listen to reinforce better collaboration.

Note though that their services aren’t readily quoted on their website so clients with budget concerns may need to reach out to them beforehand should they have any additional inquiries.

Overall, with their collaborative and proactive approach to the hospitality field, highly customizable services and instrumentation, and diverse experience in the field, we highly recommend them to business owners looking to better their establishments’ hospitality aspects.

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