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Our Ultimate Guide to Bang Krachao, Thailand

Our Ultimate Guide to Bang Krachao, Thailand

Bangkok is a vibrant city with so many things to do and see – but the nature-loving traveler can be left yearning for more. The concrete jungle just doesn’t compare to the great outdoors for some of us!

But a change of pace from the tuk tuks and skyscrapers is just a trip across the river. Bang Krachao is a rainforest island that sits on the Chao Phraya. The lovingly-named Green Lung of Bangkok is a true natural sanctuary away from the city hustle bustle.

Come along with us as we head into the rainforest and explore everything that Bang Krachao has to offer!

Time Zone

Indochina Time (GMT+7)

The Best Time to Visit Bang Krachao

The best time to visit Bang Krachao is from January through April. Although you’ll feel a lot of sunshine, the breeze will keep your adventure nice and cool. While temperatures range between 20°C/68°F and 37°C/99°F on paper, it can feel slightly lower than that.

Things to Know

Currency: Thai Baht (THB) (Check the current exchange rate)
Language: Thai
Calling Code: +66

How to Get Around in Bang Krachao

Bicycle: One of the most popular ways to get around Bangkok’s Green Lung is on bike, and for good reason! It’s a great way to experience the fresh air around you while also getting around efficiently. All-day rentals for bikes hover around THB 50 on the island.

Grab: The equivalent of Uber in Southeast Asia, it’s a good idea to catch a ride through this app when coming from elsewhere in Bangkok. For reference, a ride from Sukhumvit Road to the middle of Bang Krachao is around THB 300.

Where to Stay in Bang Krachao

Mae Rim Nam Homestay

Address: 23 Bang Kachao, Phra Pradaeng District, Samut Prakan 10130, Thailand
Phone: +66818206211
Pricing: ฿฿฿
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Certainly a change from the chic hostels and boutique hotels you’re probably used to staying at, Mae Rin Nam Homestay is a family-owned property that provides a cozy, homely vibe. A stay here feels like sleeping over at a friend’s, honestly.

They’ve also got a great view of the Bangkok skyline, rivaled only by a certain secret spot nearby we’d love to tell you about… but that’s for the next part of our guide!

88 Homestay

Address: 88 Bang Kobua, Phra Pradaeng District, Samut Prakan 10130, Thailand
Phone: +66868892098
Pricing: ฿฿฿
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88 Homestay is another great value pick for Bang Krachao accommodation, and this one’s tucked well into the island’s rainforest – a real immersive experience to get in touch with nature!

When you’re done exploring the island, take a seat at their patio to relax under the shade and listen to the sounds of nature all around you. There’s really nothing quite like it.

Baan Suan Kai Krung

Address: 1 Bang Kachao, Phra Pradaeng District, Samut Prakan 10130, Thailand
Phone: +66931591989
Pricing: ฿฿฿
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It’s quite the challenge to hit that balance of modern taste and natural atmosphere, but Baan Suan Kai Krung pulls it off flawlessly – all without breaking the bank. Expect all the usual modern hotel amenities, without spoiling the Bang Krachao experience.

Arttra Villa

Address: Wat Bang Ko Bua, 65 Moo 2 Soi Petchahueng 57, Bang Kobua, Phra Pradaeng District, Samut Prakan 10130, Thailand
Phone: +66935642915
Pricing: ฿฿฿
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There was a time we thought that you had to choose between the urban energy of Bangkok or the natural tranquility of Bang Krachao with no in-betweens, but that was before we got to know Arttra Villa.

This hotel hosts a more energetic atmosphere than most Bang Krachao accommodations, with unique amenities like its rooftop bar – a staple of Bangkok nightlife – that overlooks the pier and gives a great view of the city.

The Ozone Bangkrajao

Address: 62, 10 Moo 10 Phetchahung Rd, Bang Yo, Phra Pradaeng District, Chang Wat Samut Prakan 10130, Thailand
Phone: +66814398239
Pricing: ฿฿฿
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You won’t be alone during your stay at The Ozone, and we’re not talking about your fellow travelers. Around the homestay’s property, you’ll come across families of ducks that also call the place home! They’re quite friendly and enjoy the company of visitors.

Aside from that, there’s lots of canals that cut through The Ozone’s outdoor area, which you can explore using the paddle boats provided for guests. Other than that, The Ozone has lots of places for you to lounge at and enjoy being with nature.

Baan Makham

Address: Soi 38, Bang Nam Peung, Phra Pradaeng, Samut Prakan 10130, Thailand
Phone: +66988280983
Pricing: ฿฿฿
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How about a peaceful place that sits just above the treeline? Baan Makham is built on top of platforms so as not to disrupt the ecosystem below, but still allowing visitors to enjoy nature. It’s a tranquil hideaway right in the heart of Bang Krachao’s rainforest.

Coconut Lane

Address: 26, Bang Krasop, 6 Bang Krasop 3 Alley, Tambon Bang Nam Phueng, Phra Pradaeng District, Samut Prakan 10130, Thailand
Phone: +66656415898
Pricing: ฿฿฿
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The family-owned Coconut Lane is perhaps one of the most chic places to stay in Bang Krachao. The accommodations are tastefully modern, going for that minimalist look that’s pleasing to the senses without taking away from the nature surrounding it.

Bangkok Tree House

Address: 60 Moo1 Soi Bua Phueng Pattana Bang Namphueng, Phra Padaeng Samut Prakarn, Greater Bangkok, Phra Pradaeng District, Samut Prakan 10130, Thailand
Phone: +66829951150
Pricing: ฿฿฿
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The well-known Bangkok Tree House earned its stellar reputation for good reason. It’s a place on Bang Krachao that really has it all: impressive design, sustainable practices, and spectacular views.

As far as hotels that’ll look great on your Instagram page go, Bangkok Tree House is probably the top option in Bang Krachao. You’ll have lots of photo opportunities, be it among the trees or against the city skyline – just beautiful sights all around.

What to Do in Bang Krachao

Stay a While at Sri Nakhon Khuean Khan Park and Botanical Garden

Address: 73 Soi Wat Rat Rangsan, Bang Kachao, Phra Pradaeng District, Samut Prakan 10130, Thailand
Phone: +6624610972

You could think of Sri Nakhon Khuean Khan as the “greatest hits” of Bang Krachao. For travelers looking to explore the rainforests of Bangkok’s Green Lung, this park is a great place to start.

As a developed park, it’s definitely easier on travelers easing into their adventure since the pathways are paved and clearly marked. Entrance is free, so there’s no reason not to have this on your itinerary!

Discover a Secret Viewpoint at Klong Phi Lok

Address: MHX3+R9G, Bang Kachao, Phra Pradaeng District, Samut Prakan 10130, Thailand

As photogenic as this spot is, it’s still a bit of a secret spot since it’s a bit out of the way and doesn’t really call attention to itself. It might be an adventure in itself getting here, but your reward for making it is an unobstructed view of Bangkok across the river!

Like we mentioned a while ago, Mae Rin Nam is quite close to Khlong Phi Lok – if you’re staying there, you can try your luck asking for directions to get to this amazing viewpoint that most travelers miss out on.

Eat Well at Bang Nam Phueng Floating Market

Address: 98 Bang Nam Phueng, Phra Pradaeng District, Samut Prakan 10130, Thailand
Phone: +6624613254

Alright, it’s not really floating like the one in Amphawa, but it doesn’t take away from the liveliness typical to Thai markets! Bang Nam Phueng is mostly made up of food stalls serving up some great eats for cheap – the perfect place to refuel during your day trip.

Receive Some Wisdom at Wat Bang Krachao Klang

Receive Some Wisdom at Wat Bang Krachao Klang

Address: 44/1 Soi Nana Phan Mu 10 8 7, Bang Yo, Phra Pradaeng District, Samut Prakan 10130, Thailand
Phone: +6624610097

Thailand has no shortage of beautiful and impressive temples, and Wat Bang Krachao Klang is no exception. But what really makes it stand out are the signs posted around the grounds offering nuggets of wisdom to visitors.

Are one of these signs the literal sign you’ve been looking for about something in your personal life? It just might be it – that’s what one of our friends felt when they visited the temple out of curiosity!

Address: Moo 3, 18/1 Soi Wat Rat Rangsan Petchhueng, Phra Pradaeng, Samut Prakan 10130, Thailand

The Siamese Fighting Fish Gallery is a unique showcase of betta fishes of all sorts of color and design. You might find yourself inspecting each specimen on display – that’s how captivating they can be.

Other than that, the gallery is actually part of a larger property that offers lots of open air and space to lounge out in the outdoors, which makes it a great rest stop during your adventure.

What to Expect from Bang Krachao Weather

The weather in Bang Krachao is largely the same as the rest of Bangkok – it’s consistently warm year-round, with temperatures ranging between 20°C/68°F and 37°C/99°F.

November to April: These months have significantly less rain than the rest of the year. If you’d rather not have the weather rain on your parade during your adventure, it’s a good idea to plan it during this period.

May to October: Rain becomes more of a concern during these months. And coupled with the already hot climate, the humidity can get a bit too stuffy for some travelers. Downpours are especially intense during September.

Apps to Download for a Trip to Bang Krachao

Grab: Ride hailing and food delivery app
iOS | Android

Google Translate: Text translation with offline capabilities
iOS | Android

Google Maps: Highly reliable map app with offline route saving capabilities
iOS | Android

LINE: Highly popular free messaging app in Thailand
iOS | Android

Eatigo: Restaurant table reservation and discount finder app
iOS | Android

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