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Koh Kradan Everything You Need to Know

Koh Kradan: Everything You Need to Know

For its sheer beauty, super-white sandy beaches and transparent blue waters, Koh Kradan is THE dream island paradise destination come true. 

It has actually been dubbed the “Best Beach in the World” by the World Beach Guide in 2023, giving the best beaches in Thailand a run for the money. 

Excited already? Well, in this guide, we’ll fill you in on why Koh Kradan deserves the attention and how you can enjoy every bit of it without breaking the bank. Let’s go!

Things to Know

Time Zone: Indochina Time (UTC/GMT+7)

Currency: Thai Baht
(Check the current exchange rate)

Language: Thai (Central Thai)

Calling Code: (+66), (075)

Location: Ko Libong, Kantang District, Trang 92110, Thailand

Nearest Port: Hat Yao Pier (15.9 km)

Operating Hours: 24/7

Contact Number: +66 7521 1085

Best Time to Visit Koh Kradan

The best times to visit Koh Kradan are from November to April because you can enjoy optimal weather conditions with little to no rainfall. That means you’re free to explore the island and try all the activities available without worrying about the rain. 

It also makes traveling safer since the Andaman Sea enjoys calmer waters and gentler currents during these months. Also, it’s necessary since most of the island’s hotels close down during the monsoon season from May to October.

The attractions and activities on Koh Kradan can be enjoyed all day long.

Koh Kradan in a Nutshell

Albeit small in size (2.4 square kilometers or 600 acres), Ko Kradan is an island in Trang Province, South Thailand that’s filled to the brim with stunning beauty. Just imagine the blue waters so transparent that you can see the coral reef with clarity. 

Though most of the island is government-protected as part of the Hat Chao Mai National Park, some portions are privately owned. The name Ko Kradan itself is attributed to the island’s oblong shape. 
Something so beautiful can hardly be hidden. And true enough, World Beach Guide, a website from the UK, named the pristine beaches of Koh Kradan as top in its rankings of the “Top 100 Beaches on Earth 2023.”

How to Get to Koh Kradan

Ferry: Koh Kradan is off the coast of the main Trang Province so you can only get here by boarding a ferry from the nearest Hat Yao Pier. This pier is convenient since it’s only 45 minutes from the airport which makes it easy to reach from Phuket and Bangkok.

The daily ferries that depart from this pier to Koh Kradan will drop you off at the floating dock in Paradise Beach.

Longtail Boat: Hiring a longtail boat is the best option if you’re starting location is another island within the Andaman Sea. You won’t have any issue finding a boat operator that can take you here from Koh Ngai, Koh Lanta, Koh Libong, or Koh Muk.

The prices will vary based on your starting point, but you can always negotiate to get a good deal.

Private Speedboat: Since Koh Kradan is within the Andaman Sea, you can find private speedboats in Phuket’s Rassada Pier that can take you here directly. This is an expensive mode of transportation but it’s also the most straightforward.

One of the perks of getting a private speedboat is it lets you visit all the islands you see along the way. It should take you up to 3 hours to reach Koh Kradan from Phuket using this method.

What to See and Do in Koh Kradan

Swim in the island’s calm and shallow waters 

Media credit: bcstongteng

Koh Kradan is a perfect getaway location for families who enjoy swimming because its surrounding waters are calm and shallow. That makes it ideal for swimmers of all ages or skill levels and tiny kids in particular.

It’s a great place for R&R since parents can get their much-needed break with the safety concerns out of the equation.

Explore Koh Kradan’s coastlines on a kayak or paddleboard

Media credit: nanniesukboon

Riding a kayak or standup paddleboard is one of the most popular water activities in a laid-back hideaway like Koh Kradan. It’s also the best way to explore the island’s coastlines and observe all the nearby islands in the Andaman Sea.

You can even watch the coral reefs and local fish species since there are clear kayaks for rent in resorts like Reef Resort and Mali Resort. Otherwise, you’re better off renting a two-seater kayak so you can share the experience with your family, friend, or boo.

That also means you’re covered for photos and videos during your kayaking and paddleboarding session.

Get an outdoor massage in Paradise Beach

Media from kalume.kradan


A relaxing outdoor massage along Paradise Beach is a great way to relax after enjoying the water activities in Koh Kradan. It’s perfect since you get to feel the cool ocean breeze on your face while your exhausted body is treated to a pleasant massage.

This is available at venues like Kalume Resort which has outdoor massage huts along the beach. Of course, you can also find other resorts with indoor massage centers if you prefer a more private setting.

Observe the reef fish and soft corals at Ao Niang Beach

Media credit: pik.ligrosa


The island’s shallow waters are one of the best snorkeling spots in Trang Province. Ao Niang Beach, in particular, is a solid pick since it’s rich in soft corals which are home to numerous reef fish species.

This beach only has Ao Niang Beach Resort so it’s hard to miss during your visit to Koh Kradan. It’s best to snorkel here during the high tide since the area near the shore dries up when the tide is low.

The area near the beach’s shoreline is shallow so it’s forgiving to snorkeling beginners and kids. You have to swim at least 100 meters to reach the beach’s sharp drop-off, so expect a safe snorkeling experience here.

Witness the stunning golden hour at Sunset Beach

Media credit: lena.noren


A trip to Koh Kradan isn’t complete without witnessing the stunning sunset view at the aptly named Sunset Beach. It’s one of the most popular attractions on the island for good reason: it’s peaceful, it has white sands, and it offers a scenic ocean view.

That makes it the ideal venue to end your day on the island and welcome the incoming nightfall. There are no facilities on this beach, so be sure to bring snacks, drinks, and a camping light if you plan to stay until dark.

A camping light or flashlight, in particular, is necessary since you don’t want to stumble on your way back to your hotel.

Stop by the hidden Mali Sunset Beach

Media credit: routinelynomadic


This one’s another solid sunset viewing spot on the island. It’s not as impressive as Sunset Beach, but its ocean view during the golden hour is definitely worth the 10-minute hike.

This underrated gem is easy to reach via the trailhead behind Mali Resort. The 300-meter nature trail is straightforward, so you don’t have to worry about getting lost along the way.

It’s best to bring drinks and snacks to this venue since you won’t find any shops as well.

Go on a lovely walk to Ao Pai Beach

Media credit: svetavlete

Though Koh Kradan is more relaxed than its peers in the Andaman Sea, its popular beaches can attract large crowds which makes Ao Pai Beach a solid retreat. This hidden gem is a rocky beach coast at the northeastern portion of the island.

You can only walk here during the low tide, so don’t expect to see other tourists going to this area. That makes it a great place for escaping the crowds at the busier Paradise Beach.

Since this beach has plenty of rocks, you can use them as backdrops or subjects for your Instagram photos.

Enjoy the cool ocean breeze at the island’s picnic area

Media credit: egle_indy


If you love going on picnics, you’ll enjoy hanging out at the cottages near the island’s Hat Chao Mai National Park Station. Its sandy beach area is also perfect for setting up a picnic blanket if there are no available cottages.

There are numerous trees along the beach so you’ll be protected from the sun during your stay here. You can even use the tree swings or hang a hammock to best enjoy the cool ocean breeze.

This area also enjoys calm and shallow waters so you can go for a swim while you’re picnicking.

Take part in a fishing trip around Koh Kradan’s waters

Media credit: ps_patchariin

Going on a fishing trip is arguably the most exciting activity you can do in Koh Kradan. The deep waters near the island are home to fish species like grouper, trevally, parrotfish, snapper, wahoo, mahi mahi, amberjack, billfish, and more.

The farther your fishing boat travels, the better your chances of catching bigger fish. Fishing trips are available to book at the numerous hotels on the island.

It’s also a good idea to talk to the longtail boat operators so you can negotiate better prices instead of booking from a third-party agent.

Where to Stay in Koh Kradan

Reef Resort Koh Kradan

Media from reefresortkohkradan

Address: 221/2 หมู่ 2, เกาะลิยง, กันตัง, เกาะกระดาน, ตรัง 82100 เกาะกระดาน 92110, Thailand

Operating Hours: 2 p.m. (Check-in) & 11 a.m. (Check-out)

Contact Number: +66 90 067 4400


Prices: ฿฿

Reef Resort Koh Kradan is the top pick if your goal is to do a lot of snorkeling on the island. Staying here lets you use all their snorkeling equipment for free.

They even have special island tours to some of the best snorkeling spots in the Andaman Sea like Emerald Cave and Kok Rok. The rooms here have mid-range prices, so you won’t break the bank after staying for several days.

Kalume Resort

Media from kalume.kradan

Address: Koh Kradan, Kantang District, Trang 92110, Thailand

Operating Hours: 2 p.m. (Check-in) & 11 a.m. (Check-out)

Contact Number: +66 62 009 6620


Prices: ฿฿

For nature lovers, Kalume Resort is a solid option thanks to its “plastic-free” campaign. It’s also located in Paradise Beach, so you have access to most of the services and activities available on Koh Kradan.

Think fishing trips, island excursions, kayaking, snorkeling, and beach massage. Bungalows are the type of accommodations you can find in Kalume Resort.

Mali Resort Koh Kradan

Media from malikradan

Address: 221, Tambon Koh libong, Ko Kradan, Trang 92110, Thailand

Operating Hours: 2 p.m. (Check-in) & 11 a.m. (Check-out)

Contact Number: +66 66 076 6706


Prices: ฿฿

Mali Resort Koh Kradan has numerous private villas, so there’s plenty to choose from based on your preference. They have over 20 standard beachfront villas, luxury beachfront villas, and beachfront jungle villas.

That makes this place ideal if you want variety when it comes to your accommodation’s view. 

Where to Eat in Koh Kradan

Sunset Restaurant

Media credit: poetzscholiver

Address: Paradise Lost Bungalow, 3, Koh Libong, Kantang District, Trang 92110, Thailand

Operating Hours: 8:30 a.m. – 9 p.m. (Daily)

Contact Number: +66 97 153 5174

Prices: ฿฿

Sunset Restaurant is the closest place to an authentic Thai restaurant in Koh Kradan. This place serves watered-down Thai cuisine that’s modified for foreign taste buds, so you’ll love it if you’re unfamiliar with the intense exotic flavors of classic local dishes.

That means it can be hit or miss depending on who’s ordering the food. Overall, the quality of their dishes is still good and they have the best prices on the island which is a big plus.

Kalume Italian Restaurant

Media from kalume.kradan

Address: Koh Kradan, Kantang District, Trang 92110, Thailand

Operating Hours: 8 a.m. – 9 p.m. (Daily)

Contact Number: +66 62 009 6620


Prices: ฿฿

This seaside Italian restaurant in Kalume Resort is a fan favorite. It serves homemade classics like pizza and pasta, so expect to find Koh Kradan’s best Italian dishes here.

They even have exquisite servings of gelato, tiramisu, and cured meat cuts. If you’re health-conscious, you’ll love the breakfast platter with granola bars, dragon fruit slices, wheat bread slices with butter and jam, and a glass of milk.

The Sand Bar 

Media from malikradan

Address: Mali Resort, Koh Kradan, Kantang District, Trang 92110, Thailand

Operating Hours: 12 p.m. – 9 p.m. (Daily)

Contact Number: +66 66 076 6706


Prices: ฿฿฿

The Sand Bar in Mali Resort Koh Kradan is a good option if you’re looking for staple Western dishes like burgers, pasta, sandwiches, pizza, and fried chicken. They even serve Thai dishes, so expect to see a variety of dishes on their menu.

That makes it the perfect place if you prefer a wide selection of food to choose from. This way, you can sample dishes from different cuisines at once.

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