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Your Complete Guide to Koh Larn

Your Complete Guide to Koh Larn

Koh Larn is usually visited by tourists as part of their day trip from Pattaya, but we think the place is best enjoyed by staying for ac couple of days.

With some of the most fantastic sites, restaurants, and accommodations, Koh Larn is an amazing place you shouldn’t miss! 

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Best Time to Go

The best time to visit Koh Larn is outside the rainy season or from the months of November to May. This holds true for all the islands in the area and is perfect if you want to do some water activities and other outdoor activities.

Being a tropical island, you should still expect the occasional rain shower but most times, weather during this period should be stable. 

You need to check hotel and boat schedules though and book in advance as these months are also considered peak tourist season. Expect crowded establishments and slightly higher prices for this travel period.

How to Get to Koh Larn

To get to Koh Larn, proceed to Bali Hai Pier and choose which type of boat you want to take to Coral Island – a public ferry or a speed boat.

Going by public ferry will only cost you around 30 THB and will take you around 35 to 45 minutes. The speed boat option, on the other hand, will cost significantly more at around 1,500 to 2,500 THB and will take around 20 to 30 minutes.

How to Get Around Koh Larn

Motorcycle Cabs: Motorcycle cabs are some of the most common transportation options on the island. You just tell the driver where you need to go, jump on, leave immediately, and pay around 100 THB once you arrive at your destination.

Songthaews: Sonthaews are open cab vans converted into taxis. Unlike the motorcycle cabs, you sometimes need to wait for other passengers before you leave for your destination.

A trip to the beach on one of these can set you back around 40 to 50 THB one way per person. The best part though, is that these songthaews are mostly available along the beach just waiting for passengers.

Scooter Rental: One of the most reliable transport options you can get when in Koh Larn is to rent your own scooter. There are bike rental companies on the island and you can rent one for as low as 300 THB per day.

You shouldn’t have any trouble operating a scooter here as most roads are paved and in good condition. Some roads may be a bit narrow though but nothing a few practice rides can’t fix.

Things to Do at Koh Larn

Do some water activities

If you’re an adrenaline junkie, you’ll enjoy parasailing on Koh Larn with its beautiful beaches and lush green surroundings as you fly through the air. The speedboat pulling you along with your parachute can offer you a great view of the island’s scenic beauty.

Sea Walking should also be on your bucket list, especially if you love marine life. Get to experience the unique underwater fauna and flora of the island as you walk among colourful reefs with the fishes and turtles.

You can also try riding a banana boat, with it zipping through the waters at blistering speeds. But if that’s not enough, you can take a jet ski and go speeding through the surface of the water while navigating the twists and turns of the surrounding shoreline!

Feast on seafood

What’s a trip to Koh Larn if you can’t feast on some delicious and fresh seafood? Samae Beach will let you enjoy this bounty from the sea while at the same time offering beautiful sunset views, turquoise blue waters, and shimmering white sands.

You can have your pick among the different seafood restaurants on the island, offering some of the freshest and most authentic Thai seafood dishes. There’s also the option for you to dine al fresco so you can feel closer to the sea as you enjoy your meal.

Take in the sights of Tawaen Beach

Tawaen Beach is one of the most visited beaches in Koh Larn and it’s not surprising why. Millions of tourists flock here each year for its soft and fine sand and the clear and shallow waters that are perfect for a day of frolicking under that clear Thai sky.

This spot will also let you experience some of the best water sports activities available in Thailand such as the banana boat ride, scuba diving, and jet skiing. After a long day on the beach, you can relax and choose among cafes and restaurants along the beach.

Marvel at the Giant Monk Statue

After enjoying the beauty that is Tawaen Beach, why not drop by this fascinating curiosity at Koh Larn — the Giant Monk Statue? It’s an iconic site for sure not just for the imposing statue you’ll see but because of the great views you get from this spot.

In fact, you can climb an additional set of steep steps (250 in total) to reach another viewpoint called the Guan Yin Viewpoint. From here, you can get even more spectacular views of the island– that is if you can take the challenging terrain going up!

Explore Tien Beach

Tien Beach is generally less crowded compared to the other beaches here in Koh Larn and herein lies the unique appeal of this spot. Aside from the peace and quiet you’ll get here along with the wonderful views of its clear waters, this is a great spot to get a tan!

Make sure to bring your sunscreen and shades as you sit back and relax on one of their rental chairs for a glow-up tan while in Koh Larn. You can also stroll here throughout the day as the beach offers a beautiful strip of sand measuring 400 metres for you to enjoy.

Go fishing

Once a major hub for fishermen in Thailand, Koh Larn still retains some of its old-world charm with boats heading out to sea for some fresh catch. So it’s normal that there are still plenty of piers on the island where you can experience some great fishing.

You can take this up a notch and participate in fishing lessons offered by fishing institutes in Koh Larn like Pattaya Boat Charters and Salty Dog. There’s no need to bring your own bait and rod as they will lend you some as part of the learning package.

Where to Eat near Koh Larn

Sea Space

Address: Sea Space Koh Larn Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 20150, Thailand

Contact Number: +66891403926

Operating Hours:

  • Monday to Sunday, 10:00 AM  to 10:00 PM


The Sea Space restaurant offers fresh seafood and delicious cocktails while you enjoy great views of the ocean. It’s also the perfect diner if you’re on a budget as their prices are quite reasonable for the servings you’re going to get.

Klom Klom Koh Larn

Address: Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 20150, Thailand

Contact Number: +66895972587

Operating Hours:

  • Monday to Sunday, 1:00 PM to 12:00 AM


This restaurant in Koh Larn is one of the most unique ones you can ever visit on the island thanks to its traditional feel and unique antique furnishings. Aside from their local food items, you can also order some beverages while watching their live band perform.

Nong Riaw Restaurant

Address: Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 20150, Thailand

Contact Number: +66850868708

Operating Hours:

  • Monday to Sunday, 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM

Nong Riaw Restaurant offers one of the best views of the sea among all the restaurants on the island as its facade directly faces the beach. You can sip on their hot and filling soup while chugging down on cold beers as you take in the beautiful view of the beach.

Sunset Restaurant

Address: Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 20150, Thailand

Contact Number: +66962359624

Operating Hours:

  • Monday to Friday, 12:00 PM to 9:00 PM
  • Saturday to Sunday, 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM


Here’s a restaurant offering not just superb views of the ocean but also delectable local food that will make you order more – Sunset Restaurant! Some of their specialties are delicious and unforgettable food items such as their chicken with cashew and tom yum.

DuLay Koh Larn

Address: 195/4 Moo 7 Koh Lan Subdistrict, Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 20150, Thailand

Contact Number: +66 94 606 1112

Operating Hours:

  • Monday to Sunday, 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM

DuLay Koh Larn is located near the beach with a great selection of menu items- what more can you ask for, really? Some of their best-sellers like their papaya salad have that creamy-spicy combo and their battered shrimp is so perfectly flavoured and crispy!

Where to Stay near Koh Larn

Lareena Resort

Address: 61/1 Moo 7 Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 20150, Thailand

Contact Number: +66 38 434 083


Lareena Resort is one property for you to consider if you want great accommodations with great views of the sea. Its rooms have a balcony overlooking the bay, making it an ideal resort if you want to be up close and personal to the waters of Koh Larn.

Xanadu Beach Resort

Address: Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 20150, Thailand

Contact Number: +66819960757

Xanadu Beach Resort is a beachfront hotel with great facilities, attentive service, and fantastic food. You get spacious rooms that are well maintained, shuttle service to and from the port, plus a great breakfast set included in your room– amazing value indeed.

Tawaen Beach Resort

Address: Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri, Thailand

Contact Number: +66856999683


Located right on Tawaen Beach, This resort is one of the most photogenic ones in the area with a wide unobstructed view of the ocean. It’s also quite accessible by speedboat, making it convenient for you to go from one tourist spot to the next!

Suntosa Resort

Address: 162 Village No. 7, Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 20150, Thailand

Contact Number: +66903922037


Suntosa Resort is a great place for you to stay if you want spectacular views of the ocean thanks to their resort deck directly facing the sea. It’s also located close to shops, stores, and restaurants which means convenience if ever you decide to check them out.

Rocco Villa

Address: Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 20150, Thailand

Contact Number: +66614414939


Rocco Villa is a cosy resort tucked beautifully near the beach with some great facilities and services to make sure you enjoy your time in Koh Larn. They give you free shuttle service to and from the pier plus a great breakfast for you to start your day energised!

What to Expect from Thailand Weather

Dry and Cool Season: This season covers the months of November to March and is the most ideal time to visit Thailand. 

During this period, you get comfortable weather ranging from 20 to 30 degrees Celsius making it the perfect time to do some outdoor activities.

Hot Season: Thailand’s hot season covers the months of April to June with temperatures running from 30 to 40 degrees Celsius and high levels of humidity.

Rainy Season: Increased rainfall occurs in Thailand during the rainy season covering the months of June to October. You should expect frequent rain showers and the possibility that you might not be able to do some outdoor activities due to the weather.

Apps to Download for Your Trip to Koh Larn

Koh Larn Service Care: Information on the ferry schedule, hotel availability, and restaurant schedule

iOS| Android

Line: Call and messaging, file sharing

iOS | Android

Google Translate: Translate various languages

iOS | Android

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