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Ultimate Guide to Koh Nang Yuan Island in Thailand

Ultimate Guide to Koh Nang Yuan Island in Thailand

If you’re seeking an unforgettable escape surrounded by crystal-clear waters, stunning beaches, and a world of adventure, you’ve landed in the right place! Tucked away in the Gulf of Thailand, Koh Nang Yuan stands as a mesmerising oasis. 

A trio of idyllic islets linked by a delicate sandbar, it consists of crystal-clear waters, pristine beaches, and captivating viewpoints promising unforgettable vistas. 

This guide is your go-to companion for navigating the best of Koh Nang Yuan has to offer. We’ll provide insights into the best activities, essential things to know, and a curated selection of accommodations and dining options. Read on!

Time Zone

Indochina Time (GMT+7)

Best Time to Go 

Best Time to Go
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Koh Nang Yuan Island boasts a warm tropical climate year-round, making it a tempting destination at any time. However, to truly make the most of your visit, consider these seasonal highlights:

Dry Season (November to April): This period is undoubtedly the best time to explore the island. The skies are clear, the waters are calm, and the weather is comfortably warm. 

It’s perfect for indulging in water activities like snorkelling, diving, and beach lounging.

Monsoon Season (May to October): While the weather might be less predictable during these months, the island’s lush landscapes come alive. The occasional rain showers bring vibrant greenery and a quieter atmosphere. 

Just be prepared for some restrictions on water-based activities due to rougher seas.

Also, many visitors opt for day trips to Koh Nang Yuan, which can lead to crowds during peak seasons. If you’re seeking a more serene experience, consider early morning visits or staying overnight.

Things to Know 

Things to Know
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Language: Thai

Currency: Thai Baht (THB)

Entrance Fee: 100 THB 

Cut-off: Visitors are required to depart the island at 5PM unless you’re staying at the Nangyuan Island Dive Resort.

Restrictions: Flying a drone is not allowed on the island. If you’re carrying one, you must leave it behind at your accommodation.

Without a permission and registration, a fine of up to 100,000 baht and a jail sentence of one to five years are possible punishments.

Eco-Friendly Attitude: The use of plastic water bottles is prohibited on Nang Yuan Island. It’s advisable to pack a reusable water bottle to ensure you stay hydrated sustainably.

Cash is King: While some places might accept cards, it’s always a good idea to have cash handy for purchases and transactions.

Respect Local Customs: Remember that you’re in a different culture. Dress modestly when outside the beach areas, and be mindful of local customs and traditions.

How to Get to Koh Nang Yuan

How to Get to Koh Nang Yuan
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The only way to reach Koh Nang Yuan is through organised boat tours from Koh Tao. These tours often include snorkelling or diving activities along the way, making the journey itself a memorable experience. 

Plus, the boat ride provides picturesque views of the surrounding waters and islands.

How to Get Around

Walking: Koh Nang Yuan Island is relatively small and walkable, making it easy to explore on foot. Wander along the sandy paths that connect the different parts of the island, and take in the stunning scenery at your own pace.

Snorkelling Tours: Many of the island’s attractions are underwater, so snorkelling tours (row 760) are a fantastic way to get around and explore the marine wonders. 

Join a guided snorkelling tour that takes you to various snorkelling spots around the island, giving you a chance to discover vibrant coral reefs and exotic marine life.

Boat Rentals: Renting a kayak or paddleboard is another enjoyable way to move around the island’s coastline. Paddle at your leisure, exploring hidden coves, limestone formations, and secluded beaches.

Guided Tours: Some guided tours around the island offer insights into its natural beauty and cultural significance. Local guides provide information about the island’s ecology, history, and unique features, enhancing your overall experience.

Hiking: The island’s terrain offers hiking opportunities to its famous viewpoints. Trekking through the lush landscape is not only rewarding in terms of panoramic views but also a chance to appreciate the island’s natural beauty up close.

What to Do

Snorkel in crystal clear waters

Dive into the mesmerising world beneath the waves as you snorkel in the crystal-clear waters surrounding Koh Nang Yuan Island. 

Imagine yourself gliding over vibrant coral gardens, the sunlight filtering through the water to reveal a stunning palette of colours. 

It’s a chance to get up close and personal with a diverse array of tropical fish, bringing you face to face with the captivating beauty of the underwater realm.

Dive to discover marine life

For an even more immersive encounter with the marine wonderland, take the plunge and go scuba diving (row 627). With this, you get the chance to descend into the depths where you’ll uncover an astonishing variety of marine species. 

You’ll glide alongside graceful rays, admire the intricate dance of coral reefs, and be surrounded by the vibrant life that thrives in these waters. 

Whether you’re an experienced diver or new to the scene, the underwater landscapes around Koh Nang Yuan promise awe-inspiring memories.

Relax on pristine beaches

As you sink your toes into the soft sands of Koh Nang Yuan’s pristine beaches, you can indulge in pure relaxation. Picture yourself listening to the soothing rhythm of gentle waves, the turquoise waters stretching out before you. 

Even if you’re up to stretching out in the sun, creating sandcastles that rival architectural wonders, or simply strolling along the shoreline, these beaches offer the perfect setting to unwind and soak in the island’s serene beauty.

Hike to breathtaking viewpoints

Get your adventure shoes on and embark on a hike to the island’s breathtaking viewpoints. 

The hike to Koh Nang Yuan Island’s viewpoints offers a thrilling adventure through lush terrain. As you ascend, the island’s beauty unfolds beneath you, revealing a postcard-worthy landscape of azure waters, lush forests, and many more!

It’s a chance to capture the beauty of Koh Nang Yuan from a whole new perspective and create memories that will stay with you long after you’ve returned.

Capture memories with stunning photography

Every corner of Koh Nang Yuan Island is a frame-worthy scene waiting to be captured. 

From the vivid marine life below the surface to the breathtaking landscapes above, photographers of all levels will find endless opportunities to frame the perfect shot. 

This utopia is a photographer’s dream, regardless of whether you’re using a smartphone or a professional camera. 

Shop at beachside stalls

Shop at beachside stalls's Homepage
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Take a leisurely stroll along the beachside stalls that offer a delightful blend of local crafts, trinkets, and souvenirs. From intricately designed jewellery to handmade textiles, these stalls showcase the artistic talents of the region. 

It’s a chance to take a piece of Koh Nang Yuan’s charm home with you and support local artisans.

What to Expect from Koh Nang Yuan’s Weather

What to Expect from Koh Nang Yuan’s Weather
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Koh Nang Yuan Island enjoys a tropical climate that offers warm temperatures and sunny days for most of the year. However, it’s important to keep in mind the distinct seasons that influence your experience:

Dry Season (November to April): During these months, you can expect mostly clear skies and comfortable temperatures ranging from 25°C to 32°C (77°F to 89.6°F). 

This is the peak tourist season when the weather is ideal for water activities, beach lounging, and exploring the island’s natural beauty.

Monsoon Season (May to October): The monsoon season brings occasional rain showers and higher humidity. Temperatures remain warm, ranging from 24°C to 30°C (75.2°F to 86°F). 

While rain showers can be a refreshing break from the heat, it’s important to note that some water activities might be limited due to rougher seas.

It’s advisable to pack light, breathable clothing, swimwear, and sun protection throughout the year. Don’t forget a rain jacket or umbrella if you’re visiting during the monsoon season. 

Where to Stay near Koh Nang Yuan

Casas del Sol – Luxury Boutique Villas – Koh Tao

Address: Ko Tao, Ko Pha-ngan District, Surat Thani 84360, Thailand

Phone: +66856556523

Pricing: ฿฿

Book Now

Experience a slice of paradise at Casas del Sol, a haven of luxury boutique villas nestled on nearby Koh Tao. 

With stunning ocean views, private pools, and impeccable service, this retreat offers an idyllic escape just a short boat ride away from Koh Nang Yuan. 

The villa was not just beautifully designed but also remarkably well-equipped. From small essentials like mosquito repellents to first aid kits and snorkelling sets, they’ll have their way to provide it for you .

The AVA Resort

Address: 16, 4 Sairee Rd, Koh Tao, Koh Phangan, Surat Thani 84360, Thailand

Phone: +66811461464

Pricing: ฿฿

Book Now

Nestled amidst the captivating beauty of Koh Tao, The AVA Resort presents a blend of modern comfort and island tranquillity. From cosy rooms to spacious suites, the resort caters to various preferences. 

With only 600 metres away from Koh Nang Yuan, you can enjoy easy access to the island and other nearby attractions while indulging in the resort’s amenities.

The AVA Resort also has an inviting outdoor swimming pool and complimentary private parking. 

La Cigale

Address: 19/11 Mu 1 Sairee Beach Koh Tao Koh Phangan, Surat Thani 84360, Thailand

Phone: +66896505476

Pricing: ฿

Book Now

Conveniently located, La Cigale is just a 5-minute drive from Mae Haad Pier and approximately 5 kilometres from the city centre.

This boutique accommodation offers a range of cosy rooms and modern amenities, making it a delightful base for your island adventures. 

And if dining in the comfort of your villa is your style, the hotel has you covered. They can arrange in-room dining for you from a nearby restaurant, ensuring you can savour delicious meals without leaving the comfort of your haven.

Nangyuan Island Dive Resort

Address: 46 Moo 1 Koh Tao Koh Phangan Surat Thani, Thailand

Phone: +66819581766

Pricing: ฿

Book Now

For a stay that’s as close to Koh Nang Yuan as it gets, Nangyuan Island Dive Resort offers an unparalleled experience. Wake up to the gentle lapping of waves and step onto the island’s shores in minutes. 

With comfortable rooms and easy access to underwater activities, this resort caters to both relaxation and exploration.

Ao Muong Beach Resort Koh Tao

Address: Ko Tao, Ko Pha-ngan District, Surat Thani 84280, Thailand

Phone: +6677456665

Pricing: ฿

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Nestled on the pristine shores of Koh Tao, Ao Muong Beach Resort offers a blend of natural beauty and comfortable accommodation. 

Here, you get to witness stunning ocean views and unwind in cosy rooms that reflect the island’s laid-back charm. 

With the option to easily explore Koh Nang Yuan, your island getaway becomes a seamless journey of relaxation and adventure.

Don’t pass up the opportunity to enjoy a fine meal at their restaurant before visiting Koh Nang Yuan.

Where to Eat near Koh Nang Yuan

Chuchu Thai Food & Pizza

Chuchu Thai Food & Pizza's Homepage
Image source: Johan Opoka

Address: Unnamed Road, Ko Tao, Ko Pha-ngan District, Surat Thani 84280, Thailand

Operating hours: Daily 10:30 AM to 10:30 PM

Pricing: ฿


Indulge in a delightful fusion of Thai and international cuisine at Chuchu Thai Food & Pizza. From mouthwatering Thai classics like Thai curries to wood-fired pizzas, this eatery caters to diverse palates. 

The other dishes are fantastic too—seems like they’ve got an amazing chef! Their vegetarian version of pad thai was bursting with flavours, and the fresh spring rolls were not only sizable but delightfully simple and fresh. 

Be prepared for a crowd though, as it can get quite busy. 

Whether you’re craving local flavours or seeking a taste of home, Chuchu promises a satisfying dining experience.

Kanya Kitchen

Kanya Kitchen's Homepage
Image source: lisa molyneux

Address: 3RXM+4WM, Ko Tao, Ko Pha-Ngan District, Surat Thani 84280, Thailand

Operating hours: Daily 11 AM to 9 PM

Pricing: ฿

For a culinary adventure that celebrates authenticity, Kanya Kitchen beckons with its array of Thai dishes made with fresh and local ingredients. 

From aromatic curries to fragrant stir-fries, each bite tells a story of tradition and flavour. Sit back, relax, and savour the essence of Thai cuisine in a charming setting.

This tiny, family-run restaurant might have just limited tables, but the dishes pack a punch in flavour. Despite its size, it’s easily one of the most flavorful eateries we’ve come across. 

Patience is key, as the food is cooked fresh by a single person, one dish at a time.

You absolutely can’t miss out on the chicken dishes.

Thaita Italian Restaurant

Thaita Italian Restaurant's Homepage
Image source: chommy nittiwat

Address: Sairee Moo Baan 12/7 Koh Tao Koh Tao, Surat Thani 84360, Thailand

Operating hours: 

  • Monday- Closed
  • Tuesday to Sunday 7 AM to 10 PM

Pricing: ฿฿


Thaita Italian Restaurant offers a dining experience that beautifully blends the best of Thai and Italian flavours. With a menu that creatively combines aromatic Thai spices and comforting Italian classics, each dish is a delightful adventure. 

They have everything from gnocchi al gorgonzola to raviolis. The restaurant’s ambiance, a mix of Thai classics and Italian charm, adds an extra layer of magic to your visit. 

If you’re seeking a dining experience that’s a delicious crossroads of flavours, Thaita Italian Restaurant is a destination not to be missed.

Barracuda at Darawan Roof Terrace

Address: 3RVH+HPW, Ko Tao, Ko Pha-ngan District, Surat Thani 84280, Thailand\

Opening hours: 4 PM to 11 PM

Pricing: ฿฿


Had the pleasure of dining at Barracuda at Darawan Roof Terrace and it’s quite the culinary fusion. The menu skews more towards international offerings with a sprinkling of Thai choices. 

While it might not have the vast array of Thai options you’d find in a local joint, there’s an interesting blend for those looking to switch things up. 

The flavours were on point, and the outdoor seating with its low Thai table setting added to the charm. Oh, and they certainly know their cocktails – the Negroni was a hit.

Plus, the portions were generous, making it a fantastic bang for your buck, especially considering the fantastic seafood and meat options. 

Tik Restaurant

Tik Restaurant's Homepage
Image source: Max

Address: 3RVH+55J, Unnamed Road, Ko Tao, Ko Pha-ngan District, Surat Thani 84280, Thailand

Operating hours: Daily 10 AM to 10 PM

Pricing: ฿

Tik Restaurant invites you to a world of delectable dishes that blend Thai tradition with modern creativity. 

With an extensive menu that covers everything from traditional curries to innovative seafood delights, this dining spot promises a culinary journey that caters to a variety of tastes.

Don’t miss out on their massaman curry!

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