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Old Phuket Town Travel And Self-Guided Walking Tour

Old Phuket Town: Travel And Self-Guided Walking Tour

One of the must-see tourist spots on Phuket Island is Old Phuket Town. The area is known for its rich, vibrant history and its unique overall look and vibe that travellers will surely fall in love with, along with its shops, cafes, and restaurants.

Considered one of the hidden gems of Thailand, Old Phuket Town offers tourists and foreigners a lot of different sights and activities to make their trip a memorable one. These include Chinese shrines, Thai temples, and colourful shophouses.

A historical area in Phuket, Old Phuket Town can actually be enjoyed via a whole-day (or even half-day) walking tour. Let’s go ahead and look at some things to do and some sights to see in this walking tour guide of Old Phuket Town.

About Old Phuket Town

About Old Phuket Town

Phuket is hands down one of the best tourist destinations in Thailand. It wasn’t always like this though, and it only got to where it’s at due to its long and storied history.

In the early part of the 1800s, Phuket attracted a lot of immigrants from across the globe not because of tourism but due to its lucrative tin mining industry. These foreigners included people from Malaysia and China, among other nationalities. 

Phuket also served as an important trading route for Europeans and Arabs. The constant and continuous interaction between these races led to the unique combination of cultures resulting in the culturally diverse Island that Phuket is right now.

This diversity is evidenced in the architecture tourists will encounter when they visit Old Phuket Town. Different structures were erected by these immigrants reflecting the unique designs from their country of origin.

Travellers who visit Phuket will be greeted by Sino-Portuguese shops and Chinese-looking temples. These family-run shops were usually built with the facade serving as storefronts with the back serving as the family’s home.

Over time, these structures experienced normal wear and tear. Fortunately, they underwent restoration to allow travellers and visitors to see the rich historical vibe of the island back when these structures were originally built.

At present, Old Phuket Town is a thriving tourist spot thanks to its historical significance and the various attractions around the island. These include stalls that sell hand-made souvenirs to different food items such as pad thai and fried chicken.

However, the area where these shops are located is unique compared to other markets due to the presence of performers. These include dancers and painters showing off their talents to customers who are shopping for their next big find.

In fact, one of the most photographed areas of Old Phuket Town involves paintings. Soi Romanee is a popular spot on the island because of the current and older paintings hanging on the walls.

What to See in Old Phuket Town

What to See in Old Phuket Town

With such a colourful history and undeniable tourist appeal, Old Phuket Town offers a lot of things to see and do for tourists and travellers. Below are some of the interesting sights around Old Phuket Town.

1. The Markets of Old Phuket Town

There are multiple markets to visit around Old Phuket Town but two of the central and most popular ones are the Phuket Sunday Walking Street Market and Phuket Town Central Market.

Tourists who are visiting on a Sunday may be fortunate enough to drop by and experience the Lard Yai or the Sunday Walking Street Market. This market is intended for food enthusiasts who want to experience the local cuisine Thailand has to offer.

The market is scheduled every Sunday from 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM. Tourists who want to experience this foodie haven should proceed to Thepkasattri and Phuket Road to pick out which Thai food items they want to try out.

Talad Sod Satarana or Phuket Town Central Market is considered the centre of commercial activity in Old Phuket town. This is the place tourists would want to be if they want to shop for almost anything they want or need such as clothes and fruits.

Travellers can also find the more common delicacies here such as sandwiches and pizzas. The central market is open daily from 5:00 AM to 11:00 AM and its shops have both English and Thai signs.

2. Shrines and Temples

Old Phuket Town has a number of shrines and temples for tourists to visit. The most popular one is the Shrine of Serene Light which was founded in 1891. One notable feature of this shrine is its ornately designed dragon roof made from terra cotta.

A popular story behind the Shrine of Serene Light is that it used to be hidden from the general view of the public owing to it being located at the back of a building. However, due to a renovation project, the shrine was eventually exposed for everyone to see.

This shrine does not require any admission fees and can provide travellers with a bit of zen during their visit. The shrine does not have any entrance fees but tourists may leave a small donation.

Another popular shrine in Old Phuket Town with great cultural significance is Jui Tui Shrine. Tourists will spend most of their time here if they visit during the annual Phuket Vegetarian Festival.

Originally located in Soi Romanee, Jui Tui Shrine was relocated to its present site on Ranong Road after a fire devastated the original structure. The shrine is considered one of the oldest shrines in the area with its central deity as Tean Hua Soy, a Chinese god.

Travellers can stroll around the shrine’s beautifully restored grounds and have their fortunes revealed through fortune sticks. Fortunes are only written in Chinese and Thai but tourists can hold on to them before having them translated later on.

Lastly, an amazing-looking temple in Old Phuket Town with a golden stupa in the back called Wat Mongkol Nimit. Tourists may see a ceremony taking place or find some monks walking across the premises of the temple.

3. The Drawing Room and the Thavorn Hotel Museum

If you want to see pieces of art from some of the local artists of Old Phuket Town, then the Drawing Room should be on your itinerary. This workshop cum art gallery combines vintage and modern pastels with collages and wall-long paintings decking its interiors.

Hanging out in the Drawing Room also gives tourists the opportunity to strike up a conversation with the said local artists. It’s quite obvious that their artistic inspiration comes from the spark provided by the creative mess and chaos of this gallery.

Tourists who want to envision what 1960s Phuket felt and looked like should pay a visit to Thavorn Hotel Museum. On full display in this hotel is the tin mining history and background of the town.

The Thavorn family was ahead of their time when they established the Thavorn Hotel Museum and they banked on the influx of tourists in the 1960s. Walking into the lobby of the hotel definitely feels like stepping into a time capsule with its old design and decor.

However, the hotel did not immediately find success owing to the delay in the completion of the airport consequently delaying the arrival of tourists. 

A visit to the hotel now will allow tourists to experience vintage photos and old furniture that serve as a reminder of the family’s success in the tin mining industry.

4. Soi Romanee

Soi Romanee is a popular but small street where Phuket seems to have frozen in time sans the gambling life, opium dens, and brothels of yesteryears.  What’s interesting about the shops on this street is their distinct look and features. 

Shops in this area look like the faces of dragons, with their two top windows serving as the eyes and the door of the shop serving as the mouth. These features hark back to the time when the street catered to customers for their entertainment needs.

Curious travellers should look up and check out the said features to appreciate the arches of the shops which connect each structure. Tourists may also find the varied and colourful shop facades in the area.

Overall, one can say that Soi Romanee is an Instagram-worthy street. It provides a glimpse into the past while retaining its modern take on Phuket life through its hipster coffee shops and the old Chinese locals chilling and hanging out around the area.

5. Food Shops

Phuket Old Town is a popular tourist destination not just because of its sights and attractions but also because of its various food options. Establishments selling these food items include restaurants, cafes, and food shops.

The streets of Phuket Old Town offer various traditional Thai food with places like the Lock Tien Restaurant offering Thai staples such as pad thai, spring rolls, and pork with basil.

The town’s Chinese influence can also be seen in the many Chinese dishes offered by food shops and restaurants. An example is the Hokkien noodle dish offered by Ko Yoon Phuket Noodle.

Aside from these dishes, Phuket Old Town can offer travellers with unique coffee and dessert options. These include Burmese-Style coffee from the Mingalar Coffee Shop and some all-natural ice cream flavours from Torry’s Ice Cream.

How to Get Around Old Phuket Town

How to Get Around Old Phuket Town

As a very popular tourist destination, Old Phuket Town and Phuket Island itself provide tourists with various transportation options to get around the island. 

With such fantastic beaches, sights, and things to do, a working knowledge of how to navigate Phuket will be a great advantage to travellers. In this section, we look at the various modes of transport to help you get around Phuket and Old Phuket Town.

1. Local Buses

RoutesRoute 1: Route between Archeewa College and Big C Department Store
Route 2: Route between Lamchan Health Care Centre and Rajabhat University
FareFixed at 10 THB (Air-Conditioned Buses)
Hours of OperationNo clear hours of operation; usually from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Open-sided and compact buses are responsible for connecting Old Phuket Town with the beach resorts of the Island such as Karon, Kamala, Surin, and Patong. Local buses are cheap but they can take longer due to the frequent stops and the routes they take.

There are small buses that are air-conditioned but these are commonly used by locals. Their routes include going from Laem Chan Public Health Centre to Rajabhat Institute and Phuket Vocational College to Big C.

Tourists should also be aware of scams claiming that bus operations have already stopped, forcing travellers to take the more expensive option of the tuk-tuk. It’s best to wait a bit or ask someone else before taking the pricier offer.

2. Songthaew

RoutesPink Songthaews: Within Phuket Town
Blue Songthaews: City to popular beaches
Fare25 to 50 THB depending on the distance
Hours of OperationNo clear hours of operation; usually from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Another common form of Thailand is the small pickup trucks called songthaews. These trucks have been repurposed to accommodate passengers with a roof to provide shade and two benches in the truck bed.

These songthaews have their final stop indicated and passengers can get on and off along the route. Tourists can just flag down a songthaew on the side of the road and get off where they need to be going.

3. Tuk Tuks

RoutesNo Fixed Route
FarePrice depends on the destination of passengers such as:
Karon to Kamala- 400 THB
Phuket Town to Pa Tong- 500 THB
Pa Tong to Karon- 400 THB
Hours of OperationOperating 24 hours

Compared to other Tuk Tuks in Thailand, Phuket’s are quite unique as instead of having three wheels,  the ones in Phuket have four wheels. Tourists should be aware, though, that drivers can charge high fares for a Tuk Tuk ride.

In fact, these Tuk Tuks are considered the priciest transportation option on the Island. This is mainly because drivers avoid competing with each other in terms of pricing and tend to present travellers with a fixed minimum rate per ride.

The best tip we can give tourists is to clearly negotiate with the drivers first before getting on the Tuk Tuk. This is to avoid any surprises in the final fare price and prevent getting into an argument with the driver.

4. Taxis

RoutesNo Fixed Route
Fare10 to 40 THB per kilometre plus 50 THB boarding price
Hours of OperationOperating 24 hours (but difficult to catch on the street)

Taxis are not as expensive as Tuk Tuks but they are still relatively pricey compared to other transportation options in Phuket. Taxis on the island stand out because of their bright yellow colour with a large sign which reads taxi up top.

This form of transportation can also be difficult to get a hold of during peak periods since Phuket doesn’t really have a lot of taxis on it. However, taxis can usually be found around attractions and near major beaches.’

5. Motorbike Taxis

RoutesNo Fixed Route
Fare50 THB if within the same area, 100 to 200 THB if between beaches
Hours of OperationOperating 24 hours  

Phuket also has motorbike taxis just like the rest of Thailand. These are ideal for solo travellers and for short journeys around the island. A motorbike taxi can be identified through its drivers wearing coloured vests.

These motorbike taxis usually gather around popular tourist spots and near beaches as well. Tourists can simply flag one down if they see one without any passengers.

5. Scooter and Car Rentals

RoutesNo Fixed Route
FareCar Rental: 800 to 1,000 THB per day
Scooter Rental: 200 THB per day
Hours of OperationOperating 24 hours  

If you want to make the most of your time in Phuket, then the best mode of transportation could be a scooter or car rental. Roads on the island are generally safe and motorists are advised just to follow the legal requirements when operating vehicles.

This means wearing a helmet and the proper attire when driving a two-wheeled vehicle such as a scooter or motorcycle. Those who will rent a car are reminded to be mindful of other motorists and to drive on the left side of the road.

6. Boat and Ferry Services

RoutesPhuket Island’s coastal areas
Fare15 to 20 THB for each traveller
Hours of OperationOperating 24 hours  

Long tail boats, speedboats, and ferries are common forms of transportation on Phuket waters. Phuket Town is home to Rassada Pier, the main pier on the island. 

This pier transports tourists to various spots around the island such as Koh Lipe, Trang Islands, Koh Bulon, Koh Lanta, Koh Phi Phi, and Krabi Town, among others. During the monsoon season, tourists are advised to expect cancellations or rescheduled trips.

7. Inter-city minivans and buses

RoutesOld Phuket Bus Terminal and Phuket International Airport with ten stops along the route
Fare30 to 100 THB depending on the distance
Hours of Operation6:00 AM to 9:30 PM

Phuket may be an island but it is still linked by a bridge to the mainland. This means land travel is possible from the island to other locations in Thailand such as Bangkok.

Old Phuket Town has an older bus terminal with vans or buses going to nearby destinations such as Chumphon, and Phang Nga. Newer bus stations offer minivans and buses that can go for longer distances.

8. Domestic Airlines

RoutesRoutes depend on the destination of the traveller (e.g. Phuket to Chiang Rai, Phuket to Chiang Mai, Phuket to Bangkok)
FareAround 1,500 THB for Bangkok to Phuket flights
Hours of OperationDepends on chosen flight schedule

Flights to and from Thailand are done via one of the busiest airports in the country- Phuket International Airport. While the said airport offers trips to global destinations, it also offers domestic flights going in and coming out of Bangkok.

Tourists who want to get around Thailand can take advantage of these domestic flights. The said flights are also competitively priced which makes them good value for money for travellers who want to efficiently travel domestically within Thailand.

Where to Eat in Old Phuket Town

Below are some of our recommended places to eat in Phuket Old Town, from the best food shops and restaurants to some of its well-loved, cafes and dessert places:

Best Food Shops in Old Phuket Town

Best Food Shops in Old Phuket Town

Aside from the sights, Old Phuket Town offers a number of top-rated food shops. These include the following shops:

1. Andaman Fishball Noodle

Andaman Fishball Noodle is the top choice for tourists who like noodles and fish balls. First, travellers can choose which kind of broth and noodles they like and add the shop’s special yellow-tail fish balls.

2. Tuk Kab Khao 

This food shop offers moo hong, a traditional Thai Cuisine. Tuk Kab Khao is a must-see shop in Old Phuket Town due to its tasty food items and old-timey feel brought about by its 130-year-old structure and old wall photos.

3. Boonrat Dim Sum

When eating in Old Phuket Town, why not opt for something more traditional? The recipe for the dim sum in this food shop has been used since 1917 and comes in deep-fried crab, shrimp, and pork dumplings.

4. Mee Ao Kee

A food shop that is very traditional and local, tourists should expect flavour rather than fine dining from this establishment. Their house specialty is their egg noodles topped with some pork, fishballs, veggies, and egg.

5. Tunk-Ka Cafe

For tourists who want a wonderful view of the Khao Rang along with a delectable meal should check out what Tunk-Ka Cafe has to offer. The establishment also offers moo hong with a romantic ambiance.

Best Dessert Places of Old Phuket Town

Best Dessert Places of Old Phuket Town

The food shops of Old Phuket Town are complemented by some of the best dessert shops in Thailand. Below are some of these shops:

1. Keng-Tin

This shop has offered some sweet pastries since 1942, a testament to the exceptional quality and taste of the shop’s food items. Specialties include black pepper cookies, Phuket taro sesame puff, and some white flaky puff (Pung-Pia).

2. Torry’s Ice Cream

This ice cream is owned by brother and sister Wongwattanakit and their products are based on snacks they fondly remember from their childhood.  A big plus is that their ice creams come in natural flavours.

3. Coffs and Burgh

This cafe offers some delicious sweets and strong coffee and also boasts one of the prettiest and most trendy cafes on the island. It also offers tourists the chance to experience its antique decorations and family heirlooms.

The Best Restaurants in Old Phuket Town

The Best Restaurants in Old Phuket Town

Old Phuket Town offers some excellent restaurants for tourists to relish delicious meals. Below are some of them:

1.   Ko Yoon Phuket Noodle

Address:Talat Nuea, Mueang Phuket District, Phuket 83000, Thailand
Contact Details:+66 84 189 5432
Operating Hours:10:30 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday to Sunday
Insider Tips:Koo Yoon Phuket Noodle isn’t fine dining but tourists are advised to try out its classic noodles.

Hokkien Noodles or Mee Pad Hokkien is a classic Chinese dish brought to the island by immigrants. The island’s version of this dish includes vegetables, pork, seafood, and some thick egg noodles.

This restaurant serves the best Phuket version of Hokkien Noodles. Tourists should try this dish out to savour its full shrimp flavour and perfectly cooked noodles. 

Ko Yoon Phuket Noodle has a retro vibe to it and is a relatively small restaurant. Patrons are advised to come for lunch earlier to secure their seats.

2. Khun Jeed Yod Pak Restaurant

Address:69 Phangnga Road, Tambon Talat Yai, Mueang Phuket District, Phuket 83000, Thailand
Contact Details:+66 61 246 6656
Operating Hours:10:00 AM to 9:00 PM, Open daily except Wednesday
Insider Tips: Their pork and chicken satay are to die for and perfectly paired with the shop’s gravy.

This is another must-try restaurant in Old Phuket Town known for its combination of Thailand and Chinese cuisine. The restaurant’s specialty is known as Radna, a noodle dish served with either seafood, chicken, beef, or pork and slathered in tasty gravy.

Khun Jeed Yod Pak Restaurant also offers chicken and pork satay as appetisers. For dessert, the restaurant offers custard made from sweet and delicious Thai coconut milk.

3. Aroon Po Chana

Address:เลขที่ 124-126 124 Thalang Rd, Mueang Phuket District, Phuket 83000, Thailand
Contact Details:+66 98 016 6562
Operating Hours:6:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday to Saturday
Insider Tips: Don’t miss out on this food shop’s roti pandan touted as one of the best food items on its menu.

Old Phuket Town has some exceptional roti joints such as Aroon Po Cha. This 60-year-old restaurant is located on Thalang Road and is open only for breakfast.

Tourists can order their savoury roti with a side of beef and chicken curries. However, they may need to order multiple servings as each bowl’s size isn’t that large.

4. Mingalar Coffee Shop

Address:Mueang Phuket District, Phuket 83000, Thailand
Contact Details:N/A
Operating Hours:6:00 AM to 2:00 PM, Monday to Sunday
Insider Tips: While its Burmese-style coffee is unique, don’t forget to try out their other Burmese-style dishes such as naan and noodles.

Mingalar Coffee Shop is a hidden gem that only serves breakfast. Tourists who want to try out Burmese cuisine can enjoy the coffee shop’s freshly prepared naan, crispy samosas, and chicken curry.

With meals costing only around 50 THB, this establishment certainly offers good value for money. Tourists may want to order an extra bowl or two as servings are not as huge as one would expect.

5. Jia Chai Vegetarian Restaurant

Address:Talat Nuea, Mueang Phuket District, Phuket 83000, Thailand
Contact Details:N/A
Operating Hours:None available
Insider Tips: Guests should try out this restaurant’s excellent vegetarian massaman curry for something healthy and delicious.

Vegetarian travellers would be glad to know that Old Phuket Town has an excellent vegetarian restaurant in the form of Jia Chai. For just 50 THB, tourists can enjoy a vegetarian buffet feast of three to four food items.

One of their specialties includes Ka Prao Hed, stir-fried mushrooms with some added basil. The restaurant also has a curry dish called Gaeng Kee Lek made from the leaves of the kee lek tree.

What to Do in Old Phuket Town

What to Do in Old Phuket Town

With so much to do and see in and around Old Phuket Town, we’ve compiled some recommended things to do in this beautiful tourist destination:

Hike to Khao Rang

For those who want to experience a stunning sunset over Old Phuket Town, hiking to the viewpoint in Khao Rang may just provide them with the relaxing view they are after.

The hike from town only takes around half an hour and tourists can even take a  motorbike to the spot for faster travel. It’s best to go to the spot just before the sun sets to fully enjoy the view.

Check-in at a Colonial and Traditional Style Hotel

As stated earlier in this travel guide, Old Phuket Town has a special history due to the combination of cultures here. This mix of traditions can be seen in the hotels around town.

One of the most popular traditional and colonial hotels in this town is The Memory at On On Hotel. The establishment offers tourists a glimpse into the past with its retro decor and its Sino-Portuguese Architecture.

Go Cafe-Hopping Around Town

Old Phuket Town offers some fantastic cafes for coffee-loving tourists. Some of these cafes (already mentioned earlier) include Tunk-Ka Cafe, Coffs and Burghs, and  Mingalar Coffee Shop.

Other coffee shops around town are also excellent options as they have a laid-back atmosphere with their open-air spaces and their wonderful coffee and sweets. Some of these shops include the Campus Coffee Roaster and Kopitiam.

Check Out the Shrines and Temples Around the Area

Earlier in this travel guide, we stated that there are a number of shrines and temples in Old Phuket Town. Naturally, we recommend checking out these structures during your visit!

These include the Shrine of Serene Light and Jui Tsui Temple. Of course, tourists are reminded to observe the proper attire and decorum when visiting these temples. 

Go Eat at the Different Restaurants and Food Stalls

Aside from the five restaurants mentioned earlier such as Jia Chai Vegetarian Restaurant and Mingalar Coffee Shop, tourists should check out Lock Tien Food Center.

This food centre is the best go-to place for people looking to enjoy affordable but delicious local cuisine. It also draws tourists in with its unique street-style food stall setup.

On the other hand, the Sunday Walking Street of Old Phuket Town is another opportunity to binge on some Thai delicacies. Starting from 4:00 PM to 10:00 PM every Sunday, this event allows tourists to enjoy cheap but tasty Thai street food! 

Our Suggested Self-Guided Walking Tour

Our Suggested Self-Guided Walking Tour

Thalang Road and the city centre are considered the heart of Phuket Town. While the most exciting events can start or transpire here, there are other notable streets in Old Phuket Town that merit the attention of tourists.

We put together this comprehensive self-guided walking tour to give readers a general overview of the area:

Places to Visit:Notable Landmarks and DetailsTime and Total Distance
Thalang RoadWalking Street Market, China Inn, Koptiam and WilaiWalk time: Around nine (9) minutes
Total Distance: 600 Metres
Soi RomaneeWat Mongkol Nimit Temple, Honda Motorbike ShowroomWalk time:  Around four (4) minutes
Total Distance: 125 Metres
Phang Nga RoadOn On Hotel, Shrine of Light, Amulet Market, Old Standard Chartered Bank Museum, and Peranakan Itat Museum Walk Time: Around nineteen (19) minutes
Total Distance: 1.4 KM
Dibuk RoadPink Flamingo Cafe, Lock Tien Restaurant, and The Charm PhuketWalk Time: Around seven to eight (7-8) minutes
Total Distance: 800 Metres
Yaowarat RoadLimpanon House, Kanom Jeen Shop, and Endless Summer Coffee ShopWalk Time: Around twenty-one (21) minutes
Total Distance: 1.5 KM
Krabi RoadThai Hua Museum, Phuket-the Chinpracha Mansion, the Blue Elephant Restaurant, and Luang Amnart Nararak MansionWalk time: Around nine (9) minutes
Total Distance: 600 Metres
Ratsada RoadThavorn Museum, and Old MansionWalk time: Around six (6) minutes
Total Distance: 350 Metres
Phuket RoadQuip Rooftop Bar, Wanlamun Shop, and One Chun Local RestaurantWalk time: Around ten (10) minutes
Total Distance: 700 Metres
Ranong RoadPhuket City Market, Lor Rong Market, and Jui Tui ShrineWalk time: Around twelve (12) minutes
Total Distance: 850 Metres

1. Thalang Road 

Thalang Road
Image Source: Neil Howard on Flickr, “Walking Street” | CC-BY NC 2.0
Starting Point:Baan Baan Hostel
Time Needed:Walk time: Around nine (9) minutes
Distance:600 Metres
Notable Landmarks/What to Do:Walking Street Market, China Inn, Koptiam and Wilai
Tips:Make sure to have your phones and cameras ready as Thalang Road is known as selfie haven.

Thalang Road is one of the most lively and vibrant streets in Phuket Old Town. This can all be attributed to the attractions or establishments in the area which include China Inn Cafe and Restaurant and the Sunday Walking Street Market.

We already talked about the Walking Street Market and the Thai street food tourists can enjoy here during the weekend. China Inn Cafe and Restaurant, on the other hand, offers good food and a fantastic experience with its traditional Chinese interiors.

Other notable restaurants in the area include Kopitiam and Wilai. Both offer excellent local cuisine at affordable prices.

2. Soi Romanee  

Soi Romanee
Image Source: Judy on Flickr, Soi Romanee, Phuket Old Town
Starting Point:The Rommanee Boutique Guesthouse
Time Needed:Walk time:  Around four (4) minutes
Distance:125 Metres
Notable Landmarks/What to Do:Wat Mongkol Nimit Temple, Honda Motorbike Showroom
Tips:Be on the lookout for the side street leading to the Wat Mongkol Nimit as this can be easy to miss.

Near Thalang Road is the colourful and scenic Soi Romanee street. Aside from the vibrantly coloured houses, tourists can also visit Wat Mongkol Nimit, a temple towards the end of Soi Romanee. 

Travellers can then go through Soi Romanee again before making a left back into Thalang road to check out the Honda showroom for its motorbikes. Visitors can also enjoy the newly renovated shophouses in this part of Soi Romanee.

3. Phang Nga Road

Phang Nga Road
Image Source: Dawn in Phuket, Thailand on Flickr,  Phang Nga Road near On On Hotel. Phuket, Thailand
Starting Point:Mazda Phuket or Phuket 3D Museum
Time Needed:Walk Time: Around nineteen (19) minutes
Distance:1.4 KM
Notable Landmarks/What to Do:On On Hotel, Shrine of Light, Amulet Market, Old Standard Chartered Bank Museum, and Peranakan Itat Museum 
Tips:Check the tourist spots but be sure to admire the great architecture of the structures on this road.

Next to the On On Hotel is the Shrine of Light which, as discussed earlier, was previously hidden from the general public. Thankfully, the shrine saw the light of day for tourists to enjoy and marvel at.

The On On Hotel has its own interesting backstory itself. The Leonardo Di Caprio movie “The Beach” portrayed a hotel located in Bangkok but in fact, is none other than the On On Hotel.

The said movie showed the hotel in bad shape but in 2013, major renovations were done. Due to these efforts, the On On Hotel has once again become a major tourist spot for its cultural heritage and traditional looks.

On the same but opposite side of the street is the amulet market where amulet enthusiasts meet to talk about anything under the sun about amulets and to exchange various items related to their hobby.

At the end of Phang Nga Road, is the “bank-turned-museum” building of the old Standard Chartered Bank.  An old police station, also located within the area, has been converted into what is now called the Peranakan Itat Museum.

4. Dibuk Road  

Dibuk Road
Image Source: Jaimie Monk on Flickr, Dibuk Road, Phuket Town
Starting Point:Oriental Bamboo Language School (from Satun Road)
Time Needed:Walk Time: Around seven to eight (7-8) minutes
Distance:800 Metres
Notable Landmarks/What to Do:Pink Flamingo Cafe, Lock Tien Restaurant, and The Charm Phuket
Tips:Don’t miss the Oasis Thalang strip which sells souvenirs and other trinkets for a fair price.

Moving on to Dibuk Road, tourists will encounter various gastronomic treats. One of them is the Pink Flamingo Cafe, a beautiful coffee shop that serves as a testament to the tin mining history of the town.

Next is Lock Tien Restaurant which offers good value for money with its delicious local cuisine and its unique street food stall setup. Lastly, tourists can cap their day off with a delicious meal at the traditional and quaint Charm Phuket Food Gallery.

5. Yaowarat Road 

Yaowarat Road
Image Source: Max Peter1 on Flickr, Yaowarat Road
Starting Point:Fountain Circle (near the municipal market)
Time Needed:Walk Time: Around twenty-one (21) minutes
Distance:1.5 KM
Notable Landmarks/What to Do:Limpanon House, Kanom Jeen Shop, and Endless Summer Coffee Shop
Tips:You don’t have to buy anything from Kanom Jeen Shop to be able to take photos with its antique items on sale.

Walking toward the fountain circle from the bus station before turning left will bring you to Yaowarat Road. Accessing the Limpanon House, an abandoned but beautiful mansion with Sino-Portuguese heritage requires passing through a dimly lit passage in this street.

Across the street is an old pharmacy selling products from traditional wooden drawers. Along the same street is Kanom Jeen Shop, an antique shop that provides ideal photo opportunities for tourists owing to its traditional and old-school vibe.

Beside the Flamingo shop are other stores that sell various traditional Phuket pastries and cakes along with some Ice Kachang to cool weary travellers down. Opposite this road is Lock Tien which, as previously stated, offers affordable traditional Thai meals.

The other side of Yaowarat Road is also home to Endless Summer Coffee Shop and Boutique which sells food items and various clothes and household items.

6. Krabi Road  

Krabi Road
Image Source: wanadhrah on Flickr, Krabi
Starting Point:Go Benz Rice
Time Needed:Walk time: Around nine (9) minutes
Distance:600 Metres
Notable Landmarks/What to Do:Thai Hua Museum, Phuket-the Chinpracha Mansion, the Blue Elephant Restaurant, and Luang Amnart Nararak Mansion
Tips:Aside from the stores selling various items, street performers give Krabi Road a vibrant and lively atmosphere.

Turning left, travellers can then enjoy Krabi Road’s numerous shophouses, one of which is the Thai Hua Museum. Moving along Krabi Road will lead to two major landmarks in Phuket-the Chinpracha Mansion and the Blue Elephant Restaurant.

The Chinpracha Mansion is a museum that has been featured in a number of notable movies. On the other hand, the Blue Elephant Restaurant offers elegant and fancy traditional cuisine.

Going back to the Blue Elephant Restaurant and turning right to DIbuk Road leads to Luang Amnart Nararak Mansion, a well-preserved structure with Sino-Portuguese architecture.

7. Ratsada Road 

Ratsada Road
Image Source: Rudy Yamaguchi on Flickr, ratsada road 
Starting Point:Pancake Corner and the Coffee Club
Time Needed:Walk time: Around six (6) minutes
Distance:350 Metres
Notable Landmarks/What to Do:Thavorn Museum, and Old Mansion
Tips:Thavorn Hotel houses some interesting and unique antiques that speak of Phuket’s history and culture.

If tourists make their way back through Phuket Road, they will get to Ratsada Road. This particular area of the town boasts two of the most fantastic structures in Old Phuket Town- the Thavorn Museum and the old mansion just behind it. 

The Thavorn Museum is considered the oldest hotel in Phuket and houses many interesting antiques and items. Behind the Thavorn Museum, tourists may walk the grounds of the old mansion to admire the history of the place to snap some pictures.

8. Phuket Road

Phuket Road
Image Source: gasdust on Flickr, Phuket Thailand, January 2019
Starting Point:Ban Roeng Chit
Time Needed:Walk time: Around ten (10) minutes
Distance:700 Metres
Notable Landmarks/What to Do:Quip Rooftop Bar, Wanlamun Shop, and One Chun Local Restaurant
Tips:This road has a Michelin-featured restaurant (One Chun Local Restaurant) that tourists should check out!

Phuket Road doesn’t really have much to offer in terms of tourist sights and spots but it does provide a crucial link between Thalang and Ratsada Road. 

It is also home to some of the best food shops in the area such as the Quip Rooftop Bar, Wanlamun Shop which is popular for its Thai sweets,  and the One Chun Local Restaurant which was featured in the Michelin Guide of Phuket Island.

9. Ranong Road  

Ranong Road
Image Source: Carmen Ter Haar on Flickr, Ranong
Starting Point:Ko Yoon Noodles
Time Needed:Walk time: Around twelve (12) minutes
Distance:850 Metres
Notable Landmarks/What to Do:Phuket City Market, Lor Rong Market, and Jui Tui Shrine
Tips:Unique spices that tourists have never seen before can be found in the Phuket City Market on Ranong Road.

Tourists taking the blue bus will get to experience the Phuket City Market on Ranong Road. This is a bustling area full of items being sold such as spices, fruits, and veggies.

Another market in Ranong Road is the Lor Rong Market, popular for selling confectionery and food items native to Phuket. Walking along with traffic will also bring travellers to the Jui Tui Shrine, an important temple for those celebrating the Vegetarian Festival in Phuket.

FAQs about Old Phuket Town

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