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Ultimate Guide to Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden in Chiang Mai

Ultimate Guide to Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai Province in Thailand has a lot to offer but none is as beautiful and breathtaking as the Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden. It’s located 20 kilometres from Chiang Mai City but it’s a trip we recommend that you take as this site is totally worth it!

Now, you might be wondering why this garden is so special. Well, it’s simply because it’s home to hundreds of different types of flowers and plants expertly maintained and curated in honour of Queen Sirikit. 

Read on to learn more, as we crafted this guide to serve as your companion when visiting this amazing garden!

Best Time to Go

The best time to visit Chiang Mai and check out the botanic garden is from October to April. 

During this period, you get cool and pleasant weather which adds to the relaxing vibe of strolling through the Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden. However, this means that these months are peak season for tourists as well.

You may also want to visit Chiang Mai during the months of November and February just to be able to witness the province’s festivities. You’ll experience the Loi Krathong Festival in November while the Chiang Mai Flower Festival happens every February.

Things to Know

Currency: Thai Baht (Check the current exchange rate)

Language: Thai

Calling Code: +66

Address: 100 หมู่ 9 Mae Raem, Mae Rim District, Chiang Mai 50180, Thailand

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday, 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM


  • 100 THB for adults
  • 50 THB for Children
  • Free of charge if you bring a motorbike
  • Additional 100 THB if you decide to bring a car


Park Rules and Regulations:

  • You need to practise “clean as you go” while inside the garden.
  • Bringing food and beverages is allowed when visiting the garden.

How to Get to Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden

Motorbike: This is the option for you if you want to get to the garden fast. It will only take you around 40 minutes to get from Chiang Mai City to the Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden.

It’s also quite practical since you can rent a motorbike in Chiang Mai City for as low as 150 THB to  500 THB (depending on the motorbike’s engine size). The only downside we see here is that you can’t really bring the entire family with you if you go with this option.

Private car: We recommend that you rent and bring a private car if you want to get to the site in comfort and convenience, especially if you are travelling with your family or younger children. It will only take you around 50 minutes to come from the city centre of Chiang Mai City.

Going by private car can be quite expensive though, as a small sedan will set you back 1,000 THB per day while a larger vehicle (like an SUV) will cost around 2,500 per day of rental.

Renting a car to get to the garden is still something that we’d recommend though as going through the different sections of Queen Sirikit’s Botanic Garden (which we will discuss in detail later) will be much easier and more convenient for you if you have your own vehicle.

Grab: The easiest and most convenient way to catch a ride going to the Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden from Chiang Mai City is by booking a Grab car which will run you around 800 THB one way.

Once you get to the site, you can simply take the tram traversing the perimeter of the garden in order for you to reach the different points of interest inside the venue. 

Songthaew: If you’re on a budget and you have time to spare, you can also take the yellow Songthaew in Chiang Mai City. To get to Queen Sirikit Botanical Garden, you’d have to take the Sonthaews from Chiang Mai to Mae Rim.

The fare will be 20 to 30 THB but expect these Songthaews to be crowded and to have some wait times in between stations.

Things to Do in Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden

Visit Banana Avenue

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to walk through a forest of banana trees? Well here at Banana Avenue, you can do just that with your family and loved ones!

These banana “trees” aren’t really trees at all but rather a very large type of herb. You’ll also spot purplish growths on top of these banana trees referred to by the locals as banana “flowers”, used for a local delicacy known as a banana flower salad.

Make sure to try this food item out as this kind of salad has a unique taste that you won’t soon forget!

Explore the Rose Garden

You then want to check out the rose garden of Queen Sirikit. Trust us, this place is simply magical as the roses here are so varied and well-maintained that you simply have to take pictures of or selfies with them.

Your children will also want to stick their faces in and smell these roses as they can get quite large (as large as their faces) once they are in full bloom.

Brave the Canopy Walkway

Are you brave enough to cross the garden’s Canopy Walkway? We’re asking you this question as the bridge-like structure will allow you to cross the elevated sections of the garden while feeling like literally hanging or being suspended up in the sky.

It’s not all excitement and adrenaline-inducing moments here, though, as you can also enjoy the view of the lush scenery below and also get the chance to spot wildlife in the area. 

Do note, however, that there are portions of the walkway that aren’t wheelchair or stroller friendly. This shouldn’t be a big issue as you can always ask for assistance from the friendly staff of the garden.

Have your photos taken at the clock and fountain

One of the most popular spots to have your photo taken in the garden is by the outdoor clock and fountain. Yes– the outdoor clock works and right behind it, you and your loved ones get a picturesque background of trees and the clear Thai sky.

The fountain is right beside the clock which provides a cooling mist for you and to the garden’s other guests. If you happen to visit the garden from October to March, you can also do some shopping as an outdoor market opens up here during this period.

Marvel at the Indoor Waterfall and glasshouse

Near the outdoor clock and fountain, you’ll also see the ever-popular glasshouse that houses a mini-rain forest within it. Inside this glasshouse, you and the kids can just use the walkway inside the glasshouse for hours while taking in the spectacular views.

There’s also a tunnel here that leads to an indoor waterfall. It’s simply breathtaking and we highly recommend that you have your photo or selfie taken here–it’s simply a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that you shouldn’t miss!

Fall in love with the garden’s greenhouses

There are a number of greenhouses you can visit while in the garden but we highly recommend that you check out the orchid garden greenhouse and the arid climate greenhouse.

If you’re a fan of bright and colourful gardens, then the orchid garden greenhouse should be right up your alley. However, if you’re after something more bizarre or out of this world, then head on down to the alien-looking cacti of the arid climate greenhouse.

Discover something new at the Natural Science Museum

The Natural Science Museum is just 200 metres away from the fountain and there’s no reason for you not to visit it if you’re already in the garden. Here, you and your kids can learn about human history and enjoy interactive displays on anything related to science.

What we liked about this museum most, though, is how it tries to teach guests the importance of living a sustainable life by supporting local economies and agriculture. 

You and your kids will certainly appreciate the importance of sustainability once you’re done touring the museum.

Experience the thrill of the garden’s different hiking trails

Hiking around the different hiking trails available in the garden is another activity you shouldn’t dare miss! There are a number of them to try out as detailed below:

The Climber Trail

This trail will take you approximately one (1) to two (2) hours to complete and it is all uphill. You can visit this trail any time of the year but we recommend taking this trail from November to February for a more comfortable hike due to the dry season.

The Pill Millipede Trail

You’ll need around an hour to complete this trail and some sections of it will be uphill. This trail features different shrubs and trees for you to enjoy and it will be ideal for you to traverse from the months of November to May.

The Waterfall Trail

You’ll need around 45 minutes to enjoy this trail which will mostly consist of flat paths. The trail will also allow you and your family to access the Mae Sa Noi Waterfall where you can just take off your hiking shoes to dip your sore feet.

The Fern Garden Trail

This hike will only take you around 20 minutes to complete– the shortest time needed to complete any of the available hiking trails here. Here, you’ll see different colourful ferns covered in moss which presents another perfect opportunity for a selfie or family picture!

Where to Stay near Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden

Kangsadarn Resort and Waterfall

Address: 192 หมู่ที่ 1 ถนนแม่ริม – สะเมิง Pong Yaeng, Mae Rim District, Chiang Mai 50180, Thailand
Phone:  +66 53 879 163
Pricing: $$
Book Now

If you want to stay in a modern facility with a traditional touch, then we highly recommend that you consider Kangsadarn Resort and Waterfall. This hotel offers spacious and traditional-looking rooms with modern amenities that you’ll appreciate.

The hotel also exudes an idyllic rural vibe thanks to the lush greenery surrounding the facility’s perimeter. You and your family will definitely want to chill out and relax in this hotel after a long day of enjoying Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden.

Proud Phu Fah Hotel

Address:  Proud Phu Fah 97/5 Moo 1, Mae Rim Samoeng Rd. (km. 18) T. Pongyang, Mae Rim, Chiang Mai 50180, Thailand
Phone:  +66816477437
Pricing: $$
Book Now

Proud Phu Fah Hotel is another fusion hotel that flawlessly combines the traditional and the modern in the aesthetics of their facility. You’ll like the clean yet elegant look for their rooms and the meals they serve are definitely something to look forward to.

The hotel is also kid-friendly, with facilities that are able to accommodate the playful curiosity of young ones. You’ll definitely have a blast here with your family especially once you try out their amenities such as the terrace jacuzzi and outdoor pool. 

Panviman Chiang Mai Spa Resort

Address:  VRH7+2G 197/2 หมู่ 1 Pong Yaeng, Mae Rim District, Chiang Mai 50180, Thailand
Phone:  +6653879540
Pricing: $$$
Book Now

If you want a more luxurious stay in Thailand, you may want to try out Panviman Resort located in Mae Rim. It has a panoramic view of the mountains which will allow you and your loved ones the chance to unwind and relax while taking in the beautiful scenery.

As a luxury hotel, Panvinam also offers some of the best amenities on this side of Mae Rim. These include spas, a plunge pool, a jacuzzi, a fitness centre, a meditation cave, and some local tours of the area.

Capital O 469 at Nata Chiangmai Chic View

Address:  46 1, Tumbon Maeram, Chiang Mai, 50180, Thailand
Phone:  +6653044121
Pricing: $
Book Now

This hotel leans towards the traditional but its beautiful and nature-inspired surroundings will surely make you fall in love with Mae Rim even more. The rooms are light and breezy with the option to get one with a great view of the pool.

The hotel also boasts traditional-looking decors and designs which compliments the vibe of the establishment quite well. Plus, it won’t break the bank as you can get a room (or even a suite) here for quite an affordable price.

Rai In Tawan

Address:  ไร่อิงตะวัน ม่อนแจ่ม, Mae Raem, Mae Rim District, Chiang Mai 50180, Thailand
Phone:  +66979740338
Pricing: $
Book Now

If ever there’s a definition of old-school cool, it’s definitely going to be this hotel. Rai Ing Tawan doesn’t boast fancy interiors and large sprawling complexes for its hotel grounds.

Instead, you get to experience the great outdoors with its open-air tent-style accommodations. You and your family will also get the chance to eat your meals out in the open while taking in that wonderful view of the surrounding countryside.

To us, though, the best part is that it won’t break the bank so you and your family can book a room here without worrying about your funds for your other Chiang Mai tours!

Where to Eat near Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden

See Paak Restaurant

Address: Tambon Rim Tai, Amphoe Mae Rim, 87/7 Moo 7, Mae Rim, 50180, Thailand
Phone: +66823908460
Pricing: $$

This Western fusion restaurant is a family-run business and you’ll feel it once you step inside. It has a welcoming atmosphere and the food they offer will make you go “Just like mom used to make”.

We recommend that you try out their ribs and their chicken fingers here. We’re certain you’ll enjoy their falls off-the-bone ribs while the kids will adore their perfectly deep-fried chicken fingers with a Thai salad on the side.

N Three Restaurant

Address:  104 1 Rim Tai, Mae Rim District, Chiang Mai 50180, Thailand
Phone:  +66842302430
Pricing: $$

N Three Restaurant also serves Western cuisine with a bit of an Asian twist. 

You and your family can choose to enjoy your meals indoors or outdoors– although we suggest you enjoy your food outdoors if it’s not that hot outside for you to appreciate their classy exteriors.

While we liked their ribs and fish chips, we highly recommend that you try out their seafood pasta. The shrimp they used are fresh and the noodles are cooked al-dente, making it a perfect menu item if you want something unique and fresh.

Baan Suan Mae Rim

Address:  261 หมู่ 2 ถนนเชียงใหม่-ฝาง, San Pong, Mae Rim District, Chiang Mai 50180, Thailand
Phone:  +6653297421
Pricing: $$

This restaurant is a local favourite all thanks to the delicious food and wonderful ambiance it offers. Indoor and outdoor seating is also available depending on your preference– we recommend you go for indoor seating though as it could get hot outside.

Baan Suan Mae Rim primarily serves local dishes and while we liked all of their menu items, we recommend that you try out their snail curry and glass noodles. It has that distinct local flavour that you won’t soon forget!

Pansawan Boutique Restaurant

Address:  Mae Raem, Mae Rim District, Chiang Mai 50180, Thailand
Phone:  +66968622719
Pricing: $$

Pansawan Boutique Restaurant is the perfect restaurant for you if you’re after good local cuisine with a beautiful panoramic view of the mountains and rice paddies. You can order some classic Thai cuisine here such as Sai Uan and Nam Prik Ong.

However, we suggest that you order some Som Tam and Khao Soi. Trust us– these are some of the best versions of these dishes on this side of Chiang Mai. Top it off with a cold beer and this restaurant is pure foodie bliss.

The Ironwood

Address:  592 1 หมู่ 1 ถนนแม่ริม – สะเมิง Mae Raem, Mae Rim District, Chiang Mai 50180, Thailand
Phone:  +66818311000
Pricing: $$

The Ironwood is another traditional restaurant cum cafe you and your family should check out if ever you are in the area. You can also choose to sit either indoors or outdoors but if you go for the latter, then you get to see different types of birds.

We recommend that you try out their spaghetti and spicy pork stew. Also, don’t forget to indulge in some of their sweet cakes and delicious Thai coffee!

Other Things to Do or Try Out Nearby

Maerim Elephant Sanctuary


The Mae Rim district is also home to the Mae Rim Elephant Sanctuary– home to some of the most pampered elephants here in Thailand. You can observe the elephants of this sanctuary as they play around or as they take mud baths with their siblings and friends.

Tiger Kingdom


If you’re in Mae Rim, you definitely need to visit Tiger Kingdom. This place offers a unique and special experience for guests as they let you pet and interact with the tigers of the sanctuary– all supervised by professional tiger trainers, of course.



This park doesn’t have elephants per se (so tell your kids in advance!) but instead, it allows you and your family to experience unique handicrafts. One of the most memorable experiences you’ll have here is preparing paper from elephant poop– yikes!

What to Expect from Chiang Mai Weather

Cool Season: Chiang Mai’s cool season covers the months of November to February. During this time, the weather is just perfect for tourists as it is cool and comfortable enough for you and your family to tour the area.

However, the months of December and January of the cool season can bring in large throngs of crowds due to the New Year’s celebration. Expect heavy traffic and prepare to do some itinerary planning to make the most of your time during these months.

Hot Season: The hot season in Chiang Mai runs from March to May. The air can be especially dry during these months and this is also the hottest season here.

If you visit during April, you’ll notice a very festive vibe across Thailand as locals will be celebrating their Thai New Year or Songkran. To cool down, you can engage with the locals in some good old-fashioned Songkran water splashing!

Rainy Season: The months of June to October are mostly rainy here in Chiang Mai. August and September are the worst in terms of rain as heavy downpours can happen all throughout the day during this period.

You can still enjoy your time here despite the rain as the temperature is definitely much more comfortable compared to the summer season. Also, expect the greenery to be much more lush– perfect if you want that vibrant green background in your selfie!

Apps to Download for Your Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden Tour

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