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How to Get from Bangkok to Phuket An Essential Travel Guide

How to Get from Bangkok to Phuket: An Essential Travel Guide

Going from Bangkok to Phuket is a drastic but beautiful shift in surroundings, from alluring cityscapes to breathtaking island views. The good news is that you can easily do this without having to break a sweat or even break the bank!

Your trip to the beautiful island paradise that is Phuket can be filled with amazing sights, beautiful destinations, and fantastic hotels depending on how well you plan your trip.

We’ve got you covered with this travel guide of ours so read on to find out more!

How to Travel to Phuket from Bangkok

How to Travel to Phuket from Bangkok
DifficultyVery Easy ●○○○○
Number of Steps4 steps
Time requiredAround 2 hours (by plane) to around 13 to 16 hours (by bus)
Things you needYour travel itinerary and fare

To get from Bangkok to Phuket you first need to choose how to get there– either by bus, train, or by plane. 

If you go by plane, you’ll get there fast at around an hour and a half but it’s also quite expensive at 1,000 THB one way. Going by bus, on the other hand, is going to be cheaper at 650 THB but the travel time will be longer at around 15 hours.

Taking the train is sort of the middle ground here, as you need to pay around 900 THB for the train-bus combo and it’ll take you around 14 hours to get to Phuket. 

Travel options from Bangkok to Phuket aren’t the only thing to consider though, as you have a ton of things to do, places to visit, and hotels to stay in once you get to this beautiful island. Let us break down the steps for you below!

Before you travel to Phuket from Bangkok, you need to determine which transport option is best for you. This will all depend on your availability and your budget so you have to choose wisely.

There are three main options for you– plane, bus, or train- and we’ve listed the key information for you below:

By Plane

Bangkok to Phuket - By Plane

Going by plane is your fastest and most convenient route to get from Bangkok to Phuket. This will save you a lot of time and effort to get there but it’s also going to cost you more. 

There are a ton of flights for you to choose from, especially since next to Bangkok, Phuket International Airport is one of the busiest airports in Thailand. If you’re on a tight budget, then you’ll have to look for some low-cost carriers flying to Phuket.

Fortunately, you have a ton of options here as well and you’ll probably find one at and depart from Don Muang Airport, the HQ of the country’s low-cost airlines. Some of these carriers offer flights for as low as 1000 THB one way.

Keep in mind though that there could be add-on costs on top of your airfare such as meals and other baggage allowances. However, in exchange for this extra cost, you get the privilege of getting to Phuket fast with a travel time of just around 1 hour and a half.

By Bus

Bangkok to Phuket - By Bus

Travelling by bus to Phuket is your best bet if you’re on a tight budget and if you have time to spare. It’s the cheapest among the options but it’ll also take some time for you to reach your destination– around the ballpark of 13 to 15 hours depending on traffic.

For this length of travel, you’re going to have to go for a bus company that can offer you a great and comfortable ride. To get better service and experience, you can opt to go for private bus companies plying the route from Bangkok to Phuket.

While the BKS Bus (public bus) is serviceable and okay, try going for private ones such as Bus Express, Phuket Central, and Phuket Travel which can offer great fare rates at just around 650 THB per person one way depending on inclusions and seat class.

During peak season, it’s best if you can reserve or book your tickets online and in advance as they can get sold out pretty fast.

By Train and Bus

Bangkok to Phuket - By Train and Bus

If you decide to take the train, you’ll need to do a combo of bus-train rides as there are no direct train routes from Bangkok to Phuket. Most tourists travelling by train will usually take the sleeper ones where they get to relax overnight through their journey.

To do the bus-train combo you have to:

  • Take the MRT to proceed to Hua Lamphong Station. You can also take a taxi to the station if you’re carrying baggage.
  • Once you get to the station, get on the train that will take you to Surat Thani. You’ll have to travel between 9 hours to 12 hours. 
    There are a number of trains leaving for Surat Thani throughout the day and you can just choose your preferred time of departure.
  • Once you reach the station at Surat Thani, you can then take the bus going to Phuket which will take an additional 5 hours.

If you catch the sleeper train that arrives in Surat Thani in the early morning, then you’ll probably be in Phuket around 12 NN or in the afternoon. 

Also, you can buy combined train and bus tickets for your convenience. You no longer need to buy separate tickets or even think about synchronising what time the train leaves or the bus departs.

Before you hop on to a plane, train, or bus going to Phuket, you first have to create a travel itinerary so you have an idea of what to do once you get there. We’ve listed down some of the best things to do once you get to Phuket:

Visit Wat Chalong

Step 2 Create a travel itinerary

Address: 70 Moo 6 Chao Fah Tawan Tok Rd, Chalong, Mueang Phuket District, Phuket 83000, Thailand

Contact Number: 076 381-226 

Operating Hours: 

  • Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM


Wat Chalong is one of the most popular tourist spots here and you shouldn’t leave Phuket without visiting it at least once. This temple is one of the most sacred ones in Thailand as it has a relic belonging to the Buddha– a bone splinter.

Unless you’re a Buddhist, though, you’ll probably visit Wat Chalong for the awesome features found onsite. You can just wander around the tranquil grounds of the temple or marvel at the magnificent temple structures like the Chedi and the sculptures.

Check out the Big Buddha of Phuket

Check out the Big Buddha of Phuket

Address:  Karon, Mueang Phuket District, Phuket 83100, Thailand

Contact Number: +66818913827  

Operating Hours:  

  •  Monday to Sunday, 6:00 AM to 6:30 PM


Here’s another tourist attraction that deserves a top spot in your travel itinerary to Phuket– the Big Buddha statue! At over 45 metres tall, this gigantic representation of the Buddha is truly impressive and one that you should definitely experience in person!

Once you get here, you won’t just be treated to the humongous statue on site but also to one of the best viewpoints in all of Thailand. Simply put, this lofty site offers a panoramic view of Phuket allowing you to see the breathtaking spots around the island.

Interact with the elephants of the Green Elephant Sanctuary

Interact with the gentle giants of the Green Elephant Sanctuary

Address:  No.4, Soi Cherngtalay 1, Choeng Thale, Thalang District, Phuket 83110, Thailand

Contact Number: +66966513888

Operating Hours:  

  •  Monday to Sunday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM


Just like Chiang Mai, Phuket has a number of ethical elephant sanctuaries for you to check out if you want to know more about these gentle giants. One such location you can visit when on the island is the Green Elephant Sanctuary.

What’s impressive about this sanctuary is that it not only observes strict ethical interactions with its elephants but it also protects its surrounding natural areas. This means you’ll see a lot of lush greenery where elephants naturally live out their routine.

Enjoy the traditional vibe of Old Phuket Town

Enjoy the traditional vibe of Old Phuket Town

Address:  Old Phuket Town, Mueang Phuket District, Phuket 83000, Thailand

Phuket isn’t just about the parties and beaches as it also has room for some nostalgia for what once was. At Old Phuket Town, you can revisit the past and what the Phuket of old looked like when Sino-Portuguese structures still reigned supreme across the area.

The once traditional residential structures are still present but some of them have been converted to other types of establishments. Most of them have been converted into cafes, restaurants, hotels, and museums where you can check out local arts and crafts.

 Admire and take in the beauty of Phuket beaches

Admire and take in the beauty of Phuket beaches


Ever heard the saying “Once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all?” That doesn’t apply to the beaches of Phuket as each one has a distinct feature that you’ll surely appreciate as you go beach-hopping across the area!

Kata Beach is considered one of the prettiest beaches in Thailand. You get a long white strip of white sand (about 1.5 Kilometres in length) with a wide-open view of the Andaman Sea that’s just perfect for group photos and for watching the setting sun.

On the other hand, Karon Beach is one of the longest beaches in Thailand stretching up to 5 kilometres long. If you go toward the end of this beach, you can get some great “me-time” space as you’ll most probably have this area all to yourself.

A scenic and unique view characterises Nai Harn Beach as it has an amazing lagoon surrounded by hills with lush and dense greenery on both sides. Plus, it’s also an amazing beach for you to chill out and relax in as it’s usually not too crowded.

Banana Beach is a location you need to visit if you want to experience what an “untouched” beach looks like. There aren’t a lot of establishments here except for a restaurant and some beach chairs – an ideal spot for some peace and calm!

Chanalai Garden Resort

Address: 247 Kata Rd, Amphur Muang, Phuket 83100, Thailand

Contact Number: +6676285211 


Located at the southern tip of Kata Beach, it has a great view of the ocean and is a great hotel to consider if you want to party it up and relax while in Phuket. The property has two large swimming pools with pool bars where you can order your preferred drink.

However, you’ll most likely check into this hotel thanks to its great location in the area. It’s just a three-minute walk from the beach and is also pretty close to the popular bars in the area making it ideal if you want to enjoy the most of what Phuket has to offer.

Phuket Marriott Resort and Spa

Address: 92 Moo 3 Tambol Sakoo, Amphur, Talang Tambon Sakoo Phuket Adamas Rd. Sakhu, Thalang District, Phuket 83110, Thailand

Contact Number: +66 76 625 555  


If you’re coming to Phuket by plane and you want to stay somewhere calm and peaceful, then Phuket Marriott Resort and Spa just might be your best bet. It’s just 45 minutes away from the airport and its relatively isolated location makes it truly relaxing.

This is also the ideal hotel for you if you want to go swimming all day. It has a great infinity pool plus good access to the beach if ever you want to do some outdoor water activities like paddle-boarding (which the hotel can lend you free of charge).

The Marina Phuket Hotel

Address: 240/9 Phangmuang Sai Kor Road, Pa Tong, Kathu District, Phuket 83150, Thailand

Contact Number: +66 76 345 888  


The Marina Phuket Hotel is one property to consider if you want to go swimming and partying it up while in Phuket. It’s just 15 minutes away from Patong Beach and Bangla Road making it very convenient if you want some sand, sea, and all-night partying.

Choosing to stay within the hotel isn’t a bad idea too as the Marina Phuket Hotel also has a fantastic skyline pool and bar. Aside from the great views, you can also order some refreshing drinks and beverages as you take in the scenic beauty of the area.

Once you’ve chosen your preferred transport option to Phuket, finalised your travel itinerary, and identified the hotel where you want to stay in, all that’s left to do is for you to take that trip to Phuket! What else is there to do but enjoy your trip?

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