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Guide to the Best Beachfront Restaurant in Phuket

Guide to the Best Beachfront Restaurant in Phuket

If you’re a beach lover and a food enthusiast, you’re in for a treat. Phuket boasts a stunning coastline and there’s no better way to savour its beauty than by dining at beachfront establishments that offer delicious cuisine paired with breathtaking views.

In this guide, we’ll take you on a journey to discover the most exquisite, laid-back, and vibrant beachfront dining experiences the island has to offer. 

Let’s dive in and make your dining experience a memorable one!

The Beach Cuisine

Address: Choeng Thale, Thalang District, Phuket 83110, Thailand

Opening hours: Daily 8 AM to 10 PM


When you’re talking about beachfront dining in Thailand, it’s all about the delicious food and stunning views. Thai Beach Cuisine is like a flavour explosion in your mouth, mixing aromatic spices, fresh seafood, and tropical fruits in the most delightful way. 

The menu features an exquisite blend of Thai and Mediterranean flavours, including fresh seafood, tropical fruits, and smoked meats. 

What sets this place apart even more is the staff – they are not only exceptionally friendly but also incredibly service-oriented, making the dining experience all the more enjoyable.

Best Dish to Try:

Smoked Black Sea Bass – smoked using a homemade coconut shell smoker.

Beach Restaurant by The Surin Phuket

Address: 118 Moo 3 Soi Hat Surin 8 Choeng Thale, Thalang District Phuket 83110, Thailand

Opening hours: 

  • Sunday to Friday – 5 PM to 11 PM
  • Saturday – 12 PM to 3 PM, 5 PM to 11 PM


Set on the beautiful Pansea Beach in Phuket, The Beach Restaurant by The Surin is the perfect blend of sophistication and relaxation. Its open-air atmosphere and breathtaking ocean vistas truly capture the essence of dining by the beach in Thailand

The menu is a delightful fusion of Thai and international flavours, with a special emphasis on the freshest seafood. From mouthwatering grilled tiger prawns to the fiery kick of a spicy green curry, the dishes here showcase Thailand’s culinary mastery. 

Here, you can dine indoors or enjoy dinner al fresco on the deck with the sound of waves crashing nearby.

They also have special events including a magical Romantic Beach Dinner, a mouthwatering Thai Buffet, and a scrumptious meat and seafood Beach BBQ. Guests are encouraged to inquire about these special dining events when staying at The Surin. 

Best Dish/es to Try:

Phuket Degustation Menu – tasting menu of various local southern cuisine. From the fiery heat of chilli-laden curries to the delicate balance of sweet and savoury in seafood specialties, the Phuket Degustation Menu is a sensory exploration.  

Carpe Diem Beach Club 

Address: 99/1 Bangtao Beach Road, Choeng Thale, Thalang District, Phuket 83110, Thailand

Opening hours: Daily 12 PM to 12 AM


If you’re in search of a serene, upscale, oceanfront lunch spot, you’ve hit the jackpot here! Carpe Diem Beach Club is all about chill vibes and good times by the sea. 

This place is your go-to for some serious relaxation. The atmosphere and decor exuded elegance, more reminiscent of a fine dining restaurant than a bustling beach club. 

Now, onto the food – they’ve got a menu that’s all over the map, in a good way, with Italian food made from the freshest local stuff around. 

Whether you’re sipping on a fancy drink as the sun kisses the horizon or chowing down on some seriously tasty seafood, Carpe Diem Beach Club is the spot to be if you’re a beach bum at heart.

Best Dish/es to Try:

Linguine Allo Scoglio/Seafood Linguine- fresh pasta, wild prawns, hokkaido scallops, black mussels, clams.


Address: 98 Moo 8 Wichit Subdistrict Muang Phuket 83000, Thailand

Opening hours: Daily 10 AM to 10 PM


Imagine savouring morning coffee with your toes in soft sands, serenaded by soothing waves. At Flamingo, it offers stunning Andaman Sea views as the backdrop to delightful Thai and international cuisine, including freshly caught seafood and signature cocktails. 

This place is an absolute gem for anyone seeking good food, breathtaking views, and some laid-back conversations. Plus, the ambiance deserves a solid five stars – think mellow music, soothing pastel interiors, and a beautiful beachfront setting. 

You have the choice to sit outside, in the open atrium, or indoors in the air-conditioned dining area. The best part is the menu is diverse, catering to meat-lovers, seafood enthusiasts, vegetarians, and vegans alike. 

And when work beckons, its co-working space provides a productive oasis with good internet connection, comfortable seating, and a soothing sea breeze – an inspiring environment to fuel creativity and productivity.

Best Dish to Try:

Seafood Pizza – mozzarella cheese, garlic, bell pepper, seafood, and sweet basil

At the Beach

At the Beach
(Image source: Sylvain Le François)

Address: Village No. 8, Soi Ao Yon Khao Khat, Wichit, Mueang Phuket District, Phuket 83000, Thailand

Opening hours: Daily 11 AM to 9 PM


Just like its name suggests, “At the Beach” is all about soaking up the stunning vibes of Thailand’s coastline. This beachside eatery offers a laid-back and friendly atmosphere where you can dive into a diverse menu featuring Thai and international delights. 

From the catch-of-the-day seafood grilling to those oh-so-refreshing tropical beverages, it’s your go-to spot for kicking back and savouring the true beachfront dining experience.

Everything about this place was simply amazing! They serve up delicious food at prices that won’t break the bank, especially in pricey Phuket. 

Best Dish to Try:

Pineapple Fried Rice– a delightful combination of fragrant jasmine rice, sweet pineapple chunks, and a medley of colourful vegetables. 

Smile Bar

Address: 97/85 Kamala Beach Road Soi Kamala Police Station Kathu, Phuket 83150, Thailand

Opening hours: Daily 11:30 AM to 12 AM


When you step into Smile Bar, you’re not just entering a vibrant nightlife destination; you’re also embarking on a culinary journey that’s bound to delight your taste buds. The diverse menu here caters to a wide range of preferences, ensuring that every visitor leaves with a satisfied palate. 

Start your evening with mouthwatering appetisers that perfectly complement your favourite drinks, whether it’s the savoury satay skewers or fresh seafood bites that catch your eye.

Make sure to book a table in advance, preferably outside, and go for a sunset dinner. After that, you can unwind with a few drinks at your table or head to the beach right in front of the restaurant. 

You can sit on those giant bean bags and prepare to be mesmerised by the 9 PM fire show.

Best Dish to Try:

Roasted Chicken – tender meat with a crispy, golden-brown skin, infused with the irresistible aroma of herbs and spices. 

L’Arôme by the sea

Address: 247 Phrabaramee Rd, Pa Tong, Amphoe Kathu, Chang Wat Phuket 83150, Thailand

Opening hours: Daily 4 PM to 11 PM


Nestled right by the beautiful shoreline, L’Arôme by the Sea offers a taste of France with a view to die for. This place is a real beauty, especially if you’re into those rooftop sunset drinks before dinner.

And speaking of dinner, it’s not your usual meal—it’s a full-blown feast! They’ve got a decadent degustation menu that they’re happy to customise to your dietary preferences. 

Their food is a delightful fusion of Thai ingredients with a French culinary style that bursts with delicious flavors.They’ve also got a well-thought-out selection of wines and cocktails to pair with your meal.

Best Dish/es to Try:

7-Course Menu – tasting menu of various French cuisine. Start with potato, beef tartare, or artic chars. Then, move on to seafoods or meat  like scallops, lobster, tuna, duck, deer.

Nikita’s Beach Restaurant

Address: 44/1 Viset Rd Rawai Beach, Rawai, Phuket, 83100, Thailand

Opening hours: Daily 10 AM to 11 PM


Nikita’s Beach Restaurant is where the good vibes meet fantastic flavours right by the beach. It’s all about having a blast in a lively setting. 

You know, beach parties, live tunes, and a menu that’s got a little bit of everything – from mouthwatering Thai dishes to Western faves.

Nikita’s Beach Restaurant is where you can enjoy a blast of great vibes, and it’s not just about the party. They’re all about fresh ingredients, which means your meal is top-notch. 

And speaking of meals, they’ve got a seriously wide range of seafood options that’ll make your taste buds dance. Plus, their cocktails? They’ve got an awesome selection!

Best Dish/es to Try:

Thai-Style Fresh Oysters – served on a bed of ice, these plump oysters are often adorned with a tantalising blend of Thai herbs, tangy lime, fiery chilli, and a touch of aromatic lemongrass

Café Del Mar Phuket

Address: 118/19, Kamala, Kathu District, Phuket, Thailand

Opening hours: 

  • Sunday to Thursday – 12 PM to 12 AM
  • Friday and Saturday – 12 PM to 3 AM


Café Del Mar Phuket is where you get a taste of Ibiza vibes right here in Thailand. It’s all about being cool and trendy, with sleek decor, DJ beats, and a menu that’s all about fusing Italian, Japanese, Thai, and international delights.

Plus, the atmosphere here is truly something special. The staff go above and beyond to ensure you have a fantastic time, and they’re incredibly friendly and attentive to all your needs. 

The added bonus of a DJ and an evening fire show creates an incredible vibe that keeps you entertained.

Best Dish/es to Try:

Pizza Menu– Calzone Napoletano, Vegetariana, Diavola, 4 Cheese, Capricciosa

Catch Beach Club

Address: 202/88, Choeng Thale, Thalang District, Phuket 83110, Thailand

Opening hours: 

  • Sunday to Thursday – 11 AM to 12 AM
  • Friday and Saturday – 11 AM to 1 AM


Catch Beach Club is like the ultimate spot for a stylish beachfront experience in Thailand. It’s all about that modern and upscale vibe, with a design that screams elegance.

Whether you’re in the mood for fresh seafood, Thai classics, or international flavours, their menu has you covered. So, picture this: you can chill by the sea during the day, or you can amp up the romance with cocktails and sunset views at night. 

Plus, this beachfront restaurant offers a laid-back atmosphere and a club that’s open to the public and provides pool and lounge chair facilities for those willing to pay. 

Additionally, ample parking is available, which is a plus.Lastly, the DJ and the music added to the overall ambiance, creating a delightful atmosphere.

Best Dish/es to Try:

Oysters & Cold Cut Dishes – ocean-fresh oysters and the rich, savoury flavours of expertly sliced cold cuts

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