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Top 4 Rock Climbing Facilities in Bangkok

Top 4 Rock Climbing Facilities in Bangkok

How We Picked 

Terrain/ walls

Making sure that excellent terrain and exciting routes are accessible for climbers of every ability level is one of the biggest difficulties for any climbing gym. We searched for those with terrain/ walls for everyone, from beginners to experienced climbers.


Of course, when engaging in a sport like rock climbing, safety must be taken into account. We assessed facilities that take great care to ensure everyone’s safety.


You can rent equipment like helmets, harnesses, and ropes rather than purchasing them. We evaluated sports facilities that offer top-notch equipment, making sure that they are clean and free from damage.

Service and staff

Knowledgeable personnel is essential for this kind of activity. So, we searched for rock climbing gyms that offer top-notch customer service and demonstrate rock climbing expertise.

Client satisfaction

Based on surveys, we evaluated the level of satisfaction previous clients had with the rock climbing facility’s service.

1. Stonegoat Climbing Gym

Stonegoat Climbing Gym Homepage

Address: 36/3 Sukhumvit 69 Alley Phrakhanong Nuea, Wattana, Bangkok 10110 

Opening Hours: Weekdays   11:00 AM – 10:00 PM, Saturdays   10:00 AM – 10:00 PM,
Sundays & Holidays  10:00 AM- 9:00 PM 

Contact Number: (+66) 063-219-9933


Google Reviews Score 5/5
Total Reviews4/5
Score Consistency 5/5
Service and staff4.8/5
Client satisfaction4.7/5


  • One of Southeast Asia’s largest climbing gyms
  • Offers six different walls/ terrains
  • Has walls for every skill level
  • Staff is knowledgeable and friendly
  • Open for kids
  • Unlimited climbs for members


  • Expensive membership subscription
  • Inadequate equipment to rent

One of Southeast Asia’s largest climbing gyms is Stonegoat. It offers six distinct walls for various skill levels, each with a different degree of difficulty indicated by colors (red being the simplest).

Some of the facility’s walls have been created to reflect well-known Thai terrains. 

We appreciated how the walls and terrains would change every six weeks to provide repeat climbers with new challenges.

The facility is very spacious, letting you have your own space if you want to relax after your bouldering activity. Plus, it has a great air-conditioning system.

When it comes to the rates, the charges are lower at off-peak times, which is generally around lunchtime.

The staff is very friendly and will accommodate you all throughout your bouldering journey. They will assist you when you’re confused about something concerning rock climbing and help you get through it. 

Another great thing about Stonegoat is it’s open to kids. You just have to book a day ahead of your preferred schedule and for 1,200 THB,  the training lasts for 90 mins. 

One disadvantage we noticed was the cost of a membership subscription. With a price point of 2,400 THB and a 500 THB sign-up charge, we find this very expensive.

However, with a membership subscription, you can enjoy unlimited climbs to all of the facility’s walls. 

You can access all the facility’s rates on its website, from a day pass to off-peak pricing.

Another drawback about Stonegoat is it doesn’t have much equipment to rent. It only offers shoes and chalk that cost 100 THB and 20 THB respectively. 

2. F5 Climbing Center

F5 Climbing Center Homepage

Address: 28 Ramkhamhaeng 24 Alley, Lane 14, Hua Mak, Bang Kapi District, Bangkok 10240, Thailand

Opening Hours: Sunday to Thursday 1:00 PM– 9:00 PM, Friday to Saturday- Closed

Contact Number: 02 015 7063


Google Reviews Score 4.9/5
Facebook Reviews Score 5/5
Total Reviews4.6/5
Score Consistency 4.7/5
Service and staff4.8/5
Client satisfaction4.9/5


  • Offers indoor and outdoor climbing experiences
  • Staff is knowledgeable and friendly
  • Price list and membership fees are presented on the gym’s website


  • Small space for indoor climbing
  • Expensive membership fees

The F5 Climbing Center was founded in 2017, born out of a desire to provide fitness and wellness to others. It includes a variety of options for you, including personal training and outdoor climbing experiences. 

F5 is also the only company in and around central Thailand to offer professional rock climbing guides.

Never been climbing before? No problem; the gym’s professional team will assist you at every step of the training and climbing procedure.

The facility is a bit crowded compared to other indoor rock climbing gyms. However, F5 Climbing Center provides trips where you can exercise your climbing skills in a larger area. 

Additionally, it has an off-site spin program that provides a lot more thrilling and realistic experiences.

We like that the facility offers climbing gear to its customers and members. If you purchase a one-day pass, you will receive free use of climbing equipment, which costs 250 THB for regular visitors and 200 THB for students and consumers under the age of 18. 

Gym members, on the other hand, have the option to pay 200 THB for equipment rental or use their one-time free use of the necessary equipment for the term of their membership.

When it comes to the facility’s membership subscription, we think the price point is high. You must spend up to 1,700 THB to sign-up for an individual membership subscription, and that only lasts for one month.

It’s convenient that the fee for each visit and membership is presented on its website. This allows you to easily decide whether to book a one-day pass or just apply as a member. 

3. Urban Playground Climbing

Urban Playground Climbing Homepage

Address: 6, 6/1, 8, 145, 155, 165  Amara 3, Sukhumvit 49/9, Klongton Nua, Wattana, Bangkok 10110 Thailand

Opening Hours: Weekdays- 12:00 PM- 10:00 PM, Weekends- 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM

Contact Number: 02 119 7200


Google Reviews Score 4.4/5
Tripadvisor Reviews Score 4/5
Facebook Reviews Score 4.9/5
Total Reviews4.5/5
Score Consistency 4.6/5
Service and staff4.8/5
Client satisfaction4.9/5


  • Has over 80 climbing routes
  • Offers 3 options for beginners to learn quickly
  • Certified staff and trainers


  • Not air-conditioned
  • Small facility

We discovered one of the most impressive climbing walls in Bangkok. 

To challenge you, over 80 climbing routes on the top rope, lead, and bouldering is available at Urban Playground Climbing. It offers brand-new routes every week and includes a 13-meter rock climbing wall.

We adore that Urban Playground provides beginner and expert climbing lessons for kids and adults.

If it’s your first time doing the activity, you can choose from the gym’s three options.

First, hire a private belay service. The quickest and simplest way to learn rock climbing is through this. 

Here, the committed team will collaborate with you to guarantee an enjoyable and safe experience.

Second, consider the facility’s bouldering & auto belay devices. With its auto-belay system, climbers can try bouldering or top-rope climbing without needing training or certification. 

Lastly, you can take an introduction to a climbing course. We advise all newbie climbers to enroll in the gym’s one-hour Introduction to Climbing program to learn about sports climbing. 

We feel safer knowing that all the personnel and instructors are CWI certified by the Climbing Wall Association (USA). The staff also toured us to the gym before starting the activity.

The gym is well-ventilated but has no air-conditioning system, making it worse because it is also not that spacious. With this, we felt too hot and sweated more than expected, also resulting in us catching our breath. 

There is a set of equipment available for rentals, but you have the option to bring your own, which we recommend to ensure your safety and help you with your budget. 

4. Rock Domain Climbing Gym

Rock Domain Climbing Gym Homepage

Address: 1780 Debaratna Road, Bangna-Tai, Bangna Bangkok, Thailand 10260

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday :11:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Saturday:    10:00 AM – 10:00 PM

​Sunday: ​   10:00 AM – 09:00 PM

Contact Number:  02-3994648


Google Reviews Score 4.7/5
Tripadvisor Reviews Score 4.5/5
Facebook Guru Reviews Score 4.8/5
Total Reviews4.8/5
Score Consistency 4.8/5
Service and staff4.7/5
Client satisfaction4.8/5


  • Largest climbing facility in Thailand
  • Offers climbing, teaching, and group activities for all
  • Knowledgeable and accommodating staff and owner
  • New routes every week
  • Kids above 7 years old can enjoy the activity


  • Unclean facility 
  • Doesn’t have proper ventilation

The first full-scale climbing gym in Thailand, Rock Domain is also one of Bangkok’s famous rock climbing facilities. Sukkakij Sirirat-usdorn (Pack), the owner, and his team constructed, designed, and built it.

It is the largest climbing facility in Thailand, with approximately 1,440 square meters, making it a great location for everyone looking for fun, socialization, fitness, or simply a new, trendy activity.

Climbers created the gym for climbers and anyone interested in trying rock climbing. With this in mind, the facility’s top concern is your safety; it hopes to serve both consumers and their protection.

The Rock Domain features boulder walls for beginners, intermediate, and advanced climbers, exactly like any other rock climbing gym. 

It also features a lead wall, an auto-belay, and a top rope to assist climbers and give the activity thrill and excitement.

We value that Rock Domain offers climbing facilities, teaching, and group activities for both novices and experienced climbers. 

Everyone is treated incredibly well by the staff and owner. Simply ask them for help if you are unsure where to begin, and they will be happy to lend a hand.

Every week, the staff resets the route. Climbers can experience new walls and develop their skills in the process.

Additionally, we like that anyone above seven can use the gym. This allows you to climb with your entire family and have fun doing it.

However, we noticed that the facility is not well-maintained. As a result, we could smell an unpleasant odor, especially on the walls.

Also, the gym has no proper ventilation, making it hard for the customers to enjoy the activity.

The price list for the gym can be accessed on its website, which we find convenient.

FAQs about Rock Climbing in Bangkok

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