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The 5 Best Golf Courses in Bangkok

The 5 Best Golf Courses in Bangkok

How We Picked 


In golf, routing refers to the layout and connection of holes, as well as the direction in which the courses are played. We looked for golf courses with a range of routes.


Another important factor is the course’s actual location. Numerous courses are located close to scenic areas like lakes or mountains. It will be so much more enjoyable to play golf in such circumstances.


Without correct maintenance, even the most stunning course won’t be satisfactory. The entire golfing experience can be ruined by poor course conditions. We chose golf courses that are still in excellent shape.


We sought golf courses that were close by or offered a variety of amenities to visit and enjoy before or after the game.

Client satisfaction

We assessed the degree of satisfaction past customers/ members had with the course based on our surveys.

Navatanee Golf Course Homepage

Address: 22 Navatanee Rd., Kwaeng Ramintra, Khet Kannayao, Bangkok, 10230

Contact Number: (662) 376-1818, (662) 376-1034-6


Google Reviews Score 4.4/5
Tripadvisor Reviews Score 4/5
Total Reviews4.5/5
Score Consistency 4.2/5
Client satisfaction4.5/5


  • Well-maintained golf course
  • Accessible location
  • Surrounded by amenities
  • Challenging layout


  • Expensive rounding fee for non-members

The Navatanee Golf Course is a private course specifically constructed in 1973 to host the 23rd World Cup of Golf in 1975.

The golf course is well-maintained, with the fairways and grass clean and green. It looks like it wasn’t built in the 90s because of how great the company maintained the course.

When it comes to its location, it’s accessible, especially to those who live near Bangkok. Plus, it’s near different amenities such as restaurants and the clubhouse of Navatanee itself.  

In addition to being close to the city’s center, the course’s prestige allows players to complete a round in under four hours.

Built for the World Cup of Golf, the layout or routing of the golf course is very challenging, especially for beginners. While we find this a bit off, we also liked it since it gives players thrill and excitement.

Another thing that’s great about Navatanee Golf Course is its locker rooms. They were clean and looked brand new. 

The staff and other personnel were very friendly and accommodating. They guided us throughout our course and addressed all our confusion. 

However, we find the rounding fee rather expensive. Since it’s a private course, non-members would be paying more than what a member would pay.

2. Panya Indra Golf Club

Panya Indra Golf Club Homepage

Address: 9 Panyaramindra Road (Km. 9) Khanna Yao, Bangkok, 10230

Opening Hours: Tuesday to  Friday 5:30 AM – 7:30 PM; Saturday to Sunday 5:30 AM– 5:30 PM; Closed on Mondays

Contact Number: (66 2) 943-0000 – 24, Ext 320, 321


Google Reviews Score 4.3/5
Facebook Reviews Score 4.9/5
Tripadvisor Reviews Score 3.5/5
Total Reviews4.6/5
Score Consistency 4.6/5
Client satisfaction4.6/5


  • Offers special promotions
  • Available for night golf
  • Well-maintained fairways and grass
  • Clean surroundings
  • Great food and service from the restaurant


  • Refund issues
  • Expensive rates for visitors

Another golf course in Bangkok is the Panya Indra Golf Club. Its amazing view and layout make it stand out.

The fairways and grass are very well-maintained, and the water surrounding every course is clean. 

What makes the golf course more amazing is its locker rooms. They were spectacular, and the showers were piping hot with a massage shower head, making it very relaxing after a hot day in the sun. 

Another one is the firm’s restaurant; it serves good food. Although the service was not up to par, it was still of quality, and there we don’t have any complaints about it.

The fact that Panya offers night golf and other special offers that can be redeemed with online reservations is another fantastic feature.

One of the drawbacks that we noticed about Panya is the expensive rate for the visitors. If you’re not a member and are on a tight budget, this golf course might not be for you.

We also view it somewhat disappointing that confirmed tee-time bookings would not be eligible for refunds under any circumstance unless there is a 10-day notice in the case of tournaments or any other emergency situation.

We find it inconvenient because situations are unpredictable, and you can’t always notify the club ten days in advance.

3. Krungthep Kreetha Golf Course

Krungthep Kreetha Golf Course Homepage

Address: 282 Krungthep Kreetha Rd., Hua Mark, Bangkapi, Bangkok 10240 Thailand

Opening Hours: Tuesday to Sunday- 6:00AM – 6:00PM, Monday-Closed

Contact Number: 0-2736-0378-9, 061-401-5208, 061-401-5903


Google Reviews Score 4.2/5
Facebook Reviews Score 4.3/5
Tripadvisor Reviews Score 4/5
Total Reviews4.5/5
Score Consistency 4.1/5
Client satisfaction4.7/5


  • Affordable rates
  • Well-maintained grass
  • Offers 18-hole golf course
  • Various amenities 


  • Narrow fairway
  • Unpleasant customer approach
  • Booking the entire course is expensive 

At first glance, we immediately noticed that the Krungthep Kreetha Association’s golf course has narrow fairways, making it hard for the carts to drive.

On the bright side, the grass is clean and green, making it obvious that it was preserved very well. 

The company offers a golf course and driving range, allowing you to choose where you want to practice your golf skills.

When it comes to pricing, the rates are reasonable. In addition, it’s fit for someone who’s on a budget, especially during weekdays.

You can also book the place for a half or full-day tournament. However, ensure you have the budget since its costs range from 250,000 to 350,000 THB.

Renting a caddy, on the other hand, is inexpensive. You can have a caddy by your side for as low as 350 THB. 

Now let’s talk about the amenities. The area consists of a restaurant, locker room, pro shop, association building, and swimming pool — it also offers a Thai massage.

You can surely enjoy the facilities after playing under the sun.

What makes us somewhat disappointed with Krungthep Kreetha is how the staff treats the customers. We heard that some staff members are arrogant, and other caddies don’t know the basics of playing golf. 

4. The RG City Golf Club

The RG City Golf Club Homepage

Address: 101/1 Moo 3, T.Rangsit, A.Thanyaburi, Pathumthani 12110, Thailand

Opening Hours: Open daily- 6:30 AM -5:00 PM

Contact Number: 66 2577 8500


Google Reviews Score 4.6/5
Facebook Reviews Score 5/5
Total Reviews4.9/5
Score Consistency 4.7/5
Client satisfaction4.7/5


  • Offers 63 golf holes
  • World’s largest pure golf city
  • Has amenities around the area
  • Well-maintained fairways and grass
  • Has course inspired by Augusta National


  • Exclusive for members and guests of members only
  • Doesn’t have much trees

The RG City Golf Club concept incorporates up to 63 golf holes as one connected property, making it the world’s largest pure golf city and the ultimate stop for discerning golfers from all over the world.

Along with the golf course, the area also offers a number of other amenities, including the clubhouse, restaurant, locker room, and pro shop.

The grass is preferable for golfers to play on since it is firm and smooth. It’s evident that the greens and fairways were expertly kept up. 

However, there aren’t too many trees here. So, on a hot day, you don’t have that much shade.

It is clear how stunning the entire golf course is. It is the first and only golf course in Asia that was actually inspired by Augusta National and is one of the best holes in the entire world.

However, it frustrates us that there was no driving range to practice and enhance a golfer’s skills.

Also, the course is private. It’s only available for members and their guests, and we find this disappointing since the membership fee is pricey.

So, if you’re on a tight budget, we recommend going to another golf course that’s open to both members and non-members.

5. Siam Country Club Bangkok

Siam Country Club Bangkok Homepage

Address: 2 Bang Na-Trat Frontage Rd, Sisa Chorakhe Yai, Bang Sao Thong District, Samut Prakan 10570, Thailand

Opening Hours:  Monday- Closed; Tuesday – Sunday: 6:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Contact Number: +66 2 078 3888


Google Reviews Score 4.7/5
Facebook Reviews Score 4.6/5
Total Reviews4/5
Score Consistency 4.5/5
Client satisfaction4.6/5


  • Accommodating managers and staff
  • Well-trained caddies
  • Good for beginners


  • Has little to no shade because of small trees
  • Poor online customer service
  • Unclear booking rules

Toby Cobb, a design associate of Coore and Crenshaw Design who is responsible for countless world-renowned golf courses, meticulously developed this beautiful 18-hole championship, 7,250-yard golf course.

The fairways and greens in the area are in good shape, with the fairways having a smooth, undulating slope. 

The course has a lot of potted grass face bunkers, which are unusually small but playable. 

The fact that each hole is illustrated on the club’s website is great, enticing more visitors to play and become familiar with the course.

The managers and personnel are well-trained, which makes it easier for visitors to communicate and request assistance. The caddies were also highly educated, which is something that all golfers appreciate.

We also like Siam’s layout. Since not everyone is a professional player, it’s good that it’s not too difficult for beginners to play.

However, we noticed that the trees are still relatively short, so there’s not a lot of room for shading. This, however, enables you to view the full course even from a distance.

Aside from the small trees, it’s also difficult to contact the club management online for inquiries. We found this to be inconvenient, considering that you’ll have to wait a while before you get a response from them. 

FAQs about Golf Courses in Bangkok

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