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The 7 Best Places to Shop for Wedding Dresses in Bangkok

How We Picked 

Style selection

An excellent bridal boutique needs to have a wide range of styles for every type of bride and wedding theme or concept.


It’s one thing to design the perfect wedding gown on paper, and another thing to execute it. Wedding dresses need to be constructed perfectly to bring out the brides’ best features and to ensure that they will hold up well on the big day. 

Ease of purchase/ customer experience

Brides already have so much on their plate; wedding dress shopping should not add to your stress. A good bridal boutique needs to be a spotless atelier, have friendly and enthusiastic staff, and offer convenient financing options.

Designer and staff

Every employee at the bridal boutique must be sufficiently knowledgeable about wedding gowns — the current styles and trends, and the best sewing strategies and materials to achieve the design of your dreams. 


Believe it or not, you don’t need to spend the majority of your wedding budget on your gown. A good bridal boutique must be able to offer cost-effective solutions to help you achieve the look you’re going for without costing you an arm and a leg. 

1. Alta Bridal

Alta Bridal Homepage

Address: Room S 209 Pirom, The Old Siam Plaza, 2nd Floor, Phahurat Rd, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok 10200, Thailand

Opening Hours: Open Daily – 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM 

Contact Number: +66 86 043 4294


Google Reviews Score 4.9/5
Facebook Reviews Score 5/5
Total Reviews3/5
Score Consistency 4.9/5
Style Selection5/5
Ease of Purchase/Customer Experience4.9/5
Designer and Staff4.9/5


  • Expert in Thai traditional design
  • Excellent tailoring and craftsmanship
  • Friendly and knowledgeable staff
  • Reasonable pricing 
  • Gowns available for rent


  • Designs have a tendency to look outdated
  • Some fabrics can look cheap
  • Atelier doesn’t offer a lot of privacy

Located in The Old Siam Shopping Plaza in the historic Bangkok neighborhood, Wang Burapha, Alta Bridal is a bridal boutique specializing in Thai traditional wedding dresses. 

While it’s certainly known for paying homage to the beautiful chut thai — and doing it elegantly — it still has a wide array of styles, including more modern silhouettes, making it the perfect choice for brides who want to see plenty of options.

Its sewing team has been doing this for a long time, and you can tell in the tailoring and construction of the gowns. 

Often, when you look at gowns up close, you can see the little flaws and mistakes in the embroidery. And even if the flaws don’t seem visible at first, you can see how they affect the overall structure of the gown once they’re worn. 

The gowns at Alta Bridal are expertly constructed, and you can tell the sewers know how to employ the right sewing method for every style.

The staff members, made up of designers and sewers, are all friendly, polite, and enthusiastic about every client that enters the door. They’re very game to answer your questions and seem very eager to keep a good atmosphere during the consultation and fitting.

One of the best things about the boutique is that its prices are on the mid to lower tier without sacrificing elegance and quality. Clients have plenty of opportunities to add more elegant touches without worrying about how much the gown will cost. 

The shop also has a rental option, so that’s a wonderful alternative for brides who don’t feel the need to keep their wedding gowns.

One area of improvement, however, is that some of its designs and styles may appear outdated and cheap. Clients have to be careful about choosing their design to ensure that their vision will come to reality. 

So if you want to visit this boutique, be ready with your inspirations and make sure to ask for fabrics and materials that look higher-end. Their atelier is also not the biggest, and because the walls are made of glass, it doesn’t offer plenty of privacy.

2. Aunchalee Boutique

Aunchalee Boutique Homepage

Address: 23/13-14 YJA Building, Sala Daeng 1 Alley, Silom, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand

Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday – 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM (closed on Sundays), by appointment only

Contact Number: +66 81 808 1915


Google Reviews Score 5/5
Facebook Reviews Score 5/5
Total Reviews2/5
Score Consistency 5/5
Style Selection4.5/5
Ease of Purchase/Customer Experience4.9/5
Designer and Staff4.9/5


  • Multi-lingual, experienced, friendly, and helpful staff
  • Excellent understanding of the female form
  • Elegant, French-inspired silhouettes and styles
  • Gowns look and feel expensive


  • No options for Thai traditional wedding gowns
  • By appointment only, so no rush jobs
  • Pricing is on the higher-end

Aunchalee Boutique is owned by two sisters and is a joint venture with a French fashion house. The French inspiration is certainly visible in the boutique’s selection of gowns since many of its styles use materials like tulle, silk, and crystals as the stars. 

While it has thousands upon thousands of gowns available off the rack, it doesn’t offer much in the way of variety since it doesn’t have Thai traditional wedding gowns. Clients may be able to ask its tailors to custom design one, however. 

Overall, the boutique is ideal for brides who love well-tailored pieces and timeless silhouettes. Brides who are looking for elegant options will surely find one that suits their taste.

The staff is experienced, friendly, and multi-lingual, which makes the boutique perfect for international brides looking for a team of designers who can get a full grasp of their vision. They also have a knack for understanding the female form and what makes a gown flattering. 

Another con is the boutique’s pricing. Its custom wedding gowns start from THB 50,000, which might already be beyond the budget of couples who are planning on having a simpler, more understated wedding.

It also doesn’t accept walk-in consultations, so clients have to set an appointment first before they can speak with a designer.

3. Ananya Wedding Dress

Ananya Wedding Dress Homepage

Address: 98/272 Moo Baan Klang Muang Soi Ramkhamhaeng, Soi Ramkhamhaeng 39 Yeak 13, Phlabphla, Wang Thonglang, Bangkok 10310, Thailand

Opening Hours: Open Daily (Except Tuesdays) – 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Contact Number: +66 82 823 6624


Google Reviews Score 4.9/5
Facebook Reviews Score 5/5
Total Reviews4.9/5
Score Consistency 4.9/5
Style Selection4.9/5
Ease of Purchase/Customer Experience4.9/5
Designer and Staff5/5


  • Broad range of styles
  • Excellent embroidery
  • Attentive and friendly staff
  • Reasonable pricing


  • Size inclusivity needs improvement

Ananya Wedding Dress is another boutique that’s ideal for international brides because it has a selection of gowns in traditional Thai, Chinese, and other styles. Even its standard white wedding gowns also have a diverse range of themes and designs. 

It also has gowns for brides who want to go for a simpler or more minimal look.

The boutique shines in its embroidery. It can embroider intricate colored flowers into the gown — perfect for brides who want to stand out and are tired of the standard plain white wedding dress.

The designers and staff members are very attentive to clients. They spend their time listening to the bride’s vision and providing tips and solutions to their concerns. 

They also prioritize making the brides feel confident in their gowns. 

This shop’s pricing is very reasonable and we like that it doesn’t ask clients to spend more than is necessary.

Surprisingly, its dresses are also comfortable to wear. Even if they’re well-tailored, brides don’t have to sacrifice their comfort on the big day.

One major drawback is that Ananya is not as size inclusive as other contemporary boutiques. Plus-size brides might be hard-pressed to find sample dresses for their size, but they can work closely with the designers to find a design and custom tailoring that’s flattering to them.

4. Savilerow Wedding Boutique

Savilerow Wedding Boutique Homepage

Address: Sukhumvit soi 16, Opposite Sharma Lake Hotel, Shophouse 176/23, Klongtoey, 10110 Bangkok Thailand

Opening Hours: Open Daily – 8:00 AM-9:00 PM (by appointment only)

Contact Number: 086 337 7512, 085 844 1307


Google Reviews Score 4.7/5
Facebook Reviews Score 5/5
Total Reviews4/5
Score Consistency 4.8/5
Style Selection4.8/5
Ease of Purchase/Customer Experience4.8/5
Designer and Staff4.8/5


  • Large selection of gowns 
  • Caters to all types of body types
  • Website has information on how measurements are taken
  • Staff members communicate well
  • Willing to negotiate refunds
  • Affordable pricing


  • Inconsistent craftsmanship
  • Some gowns tend to look cheap

Savilerow Wedding Boutique has a large selection of dresses. One look at its website and clients can instantly get a glimpse into the array of wedding gowns it carries.

Its website is also incredibly helpful because it has information on how it takes clients’ measurements — ideal for brides who don’t have a background in tailoring and proper measuring. 

It gives clients an idea about the kind of work that the sewers put in. Brides who don’t feel confident about their figures can prepare themselves for how their measurements will be taken on the day.

The boutique only accepts clients who set appointments beforehand, so brides who want to visit are strongly advised to call first and schedule their visit.

The designer and staff communicate well with clients, but their work is not always foolproof and their track record is inconsistent. Some dresses can come off cheaply made, especially if the sewers are not given ample time to work on the gown. 

The good news, however, is that the team is willing to negotiate with clients to get a refund if the latter is not happy with the result. Prices start at THB 10,115, which is ideal for brides who have a meager budget for their gowns.

5. Style Statement Bridal Rental Bangkok

Style Statement Bridal Rental Bangkok Homepage

Address: 18 Udomsuk soi 31, Sukhumvit road, Bangjak, Prakhanong, Bangkok 10260

Opening Hours: Open Daily (Except Tuesdays) – 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Contact Number: +66-96-926-9263


Google Reviews Score 4.6/5
Total Reviews2/5
Score Consistency 4.6/5
Style Selection4.8/5
Ease of Purchase/Customer Experience4.9/5
Designer and Staff4.8/5


  • Current and stylish selection of dresses
  • Consistent tailoring and embroidery
  • Simpler dresses are affordable


  • Dresses can have department store quality
  • No traditional gown options

Style Statement caters to trendy brides who want to appear more youthful and up-to-the-minute on their big day. 

While it has a broad range of styles for any kind of bride, the majority of its dresses skew a bit younger for those who want to employ current styles seen in younger generations like Gen Z and millennials.

It also has dresses for bridesmaids and other formal dresses, so even those who are looking for a gown to wear as a wedding guest can also find plenty of options here.

Because it allows clients to buy or rent off the rack, its dresses tend to look a bit repetitive. They also don’t often feel custom, but they’ll do for brides who don’t need an offbeat or overly personalized gown for their big day. 

This is one drawback — it doesn’t offer gowns that you can’t find in a department store.

But it’s also this retail quality that allows it to have high-quality craftsmanship across the board. Clients can expect a level of consistency in its tailoring and embroidery, no matter the kind of dress they pull off the rack.

Dresses here can go for as low as THB 900, so brides on a budget will certainly find a dress in this store.

6. Peter Choo Bridal



19 Sukhumvit 5 Alley, Khlong Toei Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110

Opening Hours: By appointment

Contact Number:

Phone: 062-294-4949 / 082-451-2449

LINE: @peterchoobridal


Google Reviews Score 5/5
Total Reviews5/5
Score Consistency 5/5
Style Selection5/5
Ease of Purchase/Customer Experience5/5
Designer and Staff5/5


  • Extensive experience working with international clients and tourists
  • Experienced team
  • Tailor-made bridal gowns
  • Ready-made bridal gowns


  • Appointments in advance are required

Peter Choo Bridal gives brides a chance to be unique and outstanding on their wedding day.

We like that they extensive experience in working with international clients and tourists who visit Thailand. This ensures that they can effectively cater to the unique needs of brides from diverse backgrounds.

They create tailor-made bridal dresses that are specifically designed for each individual bride, but they also have the bridal collection that was designed by Peter Choo during each season.

We’re in awe of how they contribute to updating fashion trends and present inspiration for new bridal dresses.

We love how their team is also highly experienced in fashion, art and beauty, so they provide expert advice for bride-to-be’s.

We think that their bridal gowns deserve to be placed in galleries because they’re art.

Each gown is exquisitely crafted and any bride who wears their dresses will definitely make such a memorable day even more memorable.

We highly recommend!

7. Lysbetha

ADDRESS162 5 Sukhumvit 20 Alley, Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110, Thailand
OPENING HOURSTuesday – Saturday, 10:00 AM – 7 PM
Google Reviews Score 5/5
Total Reviews5/5
Score Consistency 5/5
Style Selection5/5
Ease of Purchase/Customer Experience4.5/5
Designer and Staff5/5


  • High-end designer wedding dresses
  • Expert consultation services
  • Rental services available


  • Short operating hours

Lysbetha’s wedding dresses are a great choice for brides looking for luxurious and high-end designer dresses for their special day. The shop specializes in importing famous designer brands, including Stephen Yearick and Lian Rokman, known for their breathtaking designs that create a princess-like look. 

The collection is diverse, with dresses that come in various styles and silhouettes that cater to different tastes, from classic to contemporary. In addition, the shop provides a detailed consultation service with their expert team, who can help brides choose the perfect dress that fits their style and body shape. 

Lysbetha’s bridal dresses are known for their high quality, exquisite details, and intricate embellishments that are hand-crafted to perfection. The shop also offers rental services at a reasonable price, including a promotion of a one-time rental price of THB 80,000 for the bride’s dress and an additional free rental for pre-wedding photography. 

The rental service allows brides to wear their dream designer dresses at an affordable cost, making it a great value for money. Overall, Lysbetha’s wedding dresses are a perfect choice for brides who seek high-quality designer dresses with expert consultation services and rental options.

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