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Visiting the Black Rock Viewpoint in Phuket

Visiting the Black Rock Viewpoint in Phuket

Climbing Black Rock Viewpoint can certainly break a sweat, but the view of the Andaman Sea from there is so breathtaking, you wish you set out earlier and arrived sooner. One thing’s for sure: it’s definitely worth it. 

But hold your horses, as this one’s a tricky journey. In this guide, we’ll help you prep for all possibilities so you can make the most of your sojourn to Black Rock. Read on!

Things to Know

Time Zone: Indochina Time (UTC/GMT+7)

Currency: Thai Baht
(Check the current exchange rate)

Language: Thai (Central Thai)

Calling Code: +66

Location: Karon, Muang District, Phuket

Distance From Main Road: 200 meters

Nearest Airport: Phuket International Airport (50 km)

Admission Fee: Free

Black Rock Viewpoint in a Nutshell

If you want jaw-dropping views of the Andaman Sea and are rooting for some adventure, then Black Rock Viewpoint (after the black granite stone in the area) won’t disappoint. 

Just make sure you are in good hiking condition and ready to march through a jungle. The 1.6 km out-and-then-back trail can take 30 minutes or more (usually more). 

This involves steep climbs, going through the wild, and working under the heat of the sun or lack of it, if nighttime falls and you’re still up there. So, a bit of risk comes with the terrain. 

Plus, navigating the area can be a huge challenge, as there are misleading paths. But since 2016, many have successfully reached and conquered Black Rock Viewpoint, otherwise known as ‘Pa Hin Dum’ in the local dialect. 

Best Time to Visit Black Rock Viewpoint

Black Rock Viewpoint’s breathtaking scenery remains beautiful all year round, but it’s best to visit between November and May. Phuket enjoys its peak season during this time, so you won’t encounter as much rainfall as in the monsoon season.

Since you have to hike a trail to reach the viewpoint’s summit, you’ll have an easier time when it’s not raining. However, that doesn’t mean the journey will be a breeze since the steep trail requires proper footwear to protect yourself from the rocks.

Since Phuket’s peak season includes summer, you must avoid hiking the summit during midday to ward off extreme heat. Visit the viewpoint in the morning or late afternoon, not too late so you can get back before night falls. 

How to Get to Black Rock Viewpoint

On Foot: You can’t reach Black Rock Viewpoint directly via a vehicle because the trail leading to its summit is steep, so the only option is to hike up there. The trail to the viewpoint is approximately 200 meters from the last drop-off point.

Start hiking from the dirt road in Nui Beach, you must walk 500 meters to Nai Harn Beach’s direction to find the rock sign that says “PA HIN DUM.” From there, start your hike at the spot where a wooden trail marker with an arrow sits.

Pro Tip:

Public vehicles at Nui Beach’s entrance offer a ride to the rock sign for 50 baht. You can take these rides if your initial service drops you off at the beach.

Bike: Riding a bicycle makes traveling to the rock sign at the trail’s starting point easy since you don’t have to worry about the condition of the dirt road. Save energy this way for the more challenging hike on the steep trail to the viewpoint’s summit.

You can park your bike for free near the rock sign at the start of the trail or leave it at Nui Beach’s entrance if you want to take the longer hike.

Motorbike: Motorbike rental companies are everywhere in Phuket, so they’re one of the most accessible modes of transportation for tourists. It’s more costly than a regular bicycle, but you can reach your destinations faster.

Note that you must park your motorbike near the “PA HIN DUM” rock sign or at Nui Beach’s entrance and hike to Black Rock Viewpoint.

Car: Rental cars are also accessible in Phuket, and they’re the best transportation option when traveling in a group since you can carry more people and equipment with you. Go to Nui Beach and continue hiking to the viewpoint from there.

If renting a car suitable for off-road conditions, you can keep going until you reach the rock sign.

Taxi: The taxis in Phuket are the most convenient way to reach Black Rock Viewpoint because you can book them anytime and anywhere in the island province. 

Private taxis will cost you, but you can ask the driver to wait for you at the rock sign so you can get going as soon as you descend from the viewpoint’s summit. Alternatively, book a Grab ride instead for more manageable rides. 

Tuk-tuk: The tuk-tuks in Phuket work similarly to taxis, except they don’t have meters, and you can’t book them using an app. They can take you to the entrance of Nui Beach or by the rock sign at the trail’s starting point.

Don’t forget to negotiate the fare before boarding a tuk-tuk to avoid paying a ridiculous amount.

Pro Tip:

Some hotels near Black Rock Viewpoint offer a special tour of this panoramic hotspot. These hotels will arrange a special shuttle to take you to the rock sign and pick you up once you descend.

What to Do in Black Rock Viewpoint

See the view of Nai Harn Beach and Promthep Cape

Media credit: all_around_thailand

The primary reason to visit Black Rock Viewpoint is the panoramic view overlooking Nai Harn Beach and Promthep Cape. Although climbing to the summit is challenging, the eye-catching scenery that welcomes you is worth all your effort.

Here, you have endless photo opportunities to commemorate your successful hike to the viewpoint’s summit. If you have a drone camera, it’s the perfect spot to capture a superb aerial shot of the cliff overlooking Nai Harn Beach.

Don’t worry—you don’t need a camera to appreciate the majestic beauty of the view from the summit. Witnessing the scenery with your naked eyes is a priceless and memorable experience.

Watch the sunrise or sunset

Media credit: hus_anantachai_

The view from Black Rock Viewpoint is superb, and the only way to elevate it is to visit the location in the morning or afternoon. Surprisingly, many people visit early to watch the sunrise over the Andaman Sea from the summit of this viewpoint.

After all, nothing beats a sip of good morning coffee when you pair it with the breathtaking sunrise view over shimmering waters. More importantly, the golden hour photos you can take during sunsets are on point.

If you love photography, you have every reason to visit this viewpoint.

Pack some food and go on a picnic

Media credit: painai.kinraibang

When it comes to eating outside, we know the view is crucial in setting the perfect mood and atmosphere. Black Rock Viewpoint got it down to a tee, thanks to the scenic view of Nai Harn Beach and the fresh ocean breeze from the Andaman Sea.

With this, you have the perfect location to enjoy picnic food and meaningful conversation with friends and family. You should be ready to go after picking the ideal time to hike to the summit.

We recommend going early in the morning or afternoon so you don’t have to endure the scorching heat in the middle of the day.

Rough it out by camping on the grounds

Media credit: painai.kinraibang

One of the best ways to experience nature is through camping, and the same is true for Black Rock Viewpoint. You don’t have to pick what time of the day to visit its summit and witness the stunning view of the beach and surrounding mountainscape.

With the right equipment and the perfect companion, you can experience everything the viewpoint offers. You get the complete package, from watching the sun rise and fall over the Andaman Sea to witnessing the bright night lights emerge around Nai Harn Beach.

The clear night sky will even provide you with a memorable stargazing experience if you’re lucky. It’s the perfect opportunity to give star trail photography a chance finally.

Experience the thrill of paragliding

Media credit: phuketparagliding

Climbing Black Rock Viewpoint is already an adventure, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dabble in other exciting affairs. For example, paragliding is among the most adventurous activities you can do from the summit of the viewpoint. 

The viewpoint features a fantastic elevation that lets you fly over Nai Harn Beach for up to 30 minutes. This way, you can enjoy the scenic view of the beach and the surrounding mountainscape without limiting yourself to the summit’s viewing angle.

Of course, the best thing about paragliding is that it doesn’t require a particular set of skills to enjoy. Anyone who can afford a paragliding instructor can experience the thrill and freedom of flying over Phuket’s gorgeous landscapes.


Paragliding instructors operating near Black Rock Viewpoint will provide the equipment, so you only need to show up once you book their service. The point of descent is Nai Harn Beach.

Have an exhilarating ATV buggy ride

Media credit: _kyliedickson

Although seeing the beautiful scenery atop Black Rock Viewpoint is the highlight of your visit, you can’t deny how exhilarating the journey to its summit can be. Since this place is remote and accessible via a dirt road, it’s perfect for ATV buggy adventuring.

You can find ATV buggy rental services near Nai Harn Beach and drive to the viewpoint from there. Unfortunately, you must still park by the rock sign and climb the summit on foot.

However, riding an ATV buggy will ensure that the journey to Black Rock Viewpoint and back will be an adventure like no other.

Where to Stay in Black Rock Viewpoint

The Nai Harn Hotel

Media from thenaiharnphuket

Address: 23/3 Moo 1, Vises Rd., Muang District, Phuket

Contact Number: +66 76 380 200

Check-In & Out Time: 2:00 PM to 12:00 PM

Costs: ฿฿฿


The Nai Harn Hotel is the best option for you since there are no hotels near Black Rock Viewpoint due to its remote location. Of all the hotels near Nai Harn Beach, this 5-star hotel is unique since it’s nearest to the main beach with its own beachfront.

As a result, you’ll have the best seaside view and the quickest access to Nai Harn Beach. Plus, returning here from Black Rock Viewpoint is a breeze because you can paraglide from the summit and descend at the beach in 10 to 30 minutes.

Sunsuri Phuket Hotel 

Media from gabgetaways_

Address: 11/5, Moo 1, Rawai, Muang District, Phuket 

Contact Number: +66 (0) 76 336 400

Check-In & Out Time: 2:00 PM to 12:00 PM

Costs: ฿฿


On the other side of Nai Harn Beach, Sunsuri Phuket Hotel is another 5-star hotel you can stay at if you plan to visit Black Rock Viewpoint. Since it’s near the previous hotel, returning here is just as easy after paragliding from the summit of the viewpoint.

If you’re still planning your visit to the viewpoint, you can ask the hotel’s reception for a package tour. This way, you can reach Black Rock Viewpoint via a special service instead of figuring out the route yourself.

Where to Eat in Black Rock Viewpoint

Rock Salt 

Media from phuket_easy_insta

Address: 23/3 Moo 1, Vises Rd., Muang District, Phuket

Contact Number: +66 7638 0200 10

Check-In & Out Time: 7 AM to 10 AM (Breakfast) 12:30 PM to 10 PM (Lunch and Dinner)

Costs: ฿฿฿


Cuisine: Mediterranean-Thai 

There’s no food place near Black Rock Viewpoint besides the small stalls selling snacks, coconut juice, and smoothies near the trail’s starting point. As a result, you must rely on the restaurants in or near your hotel to get a filling meal.

Rock Salt is an exquisite restaurant in The Nai Harn Hotel that serves Mediterranean and Thai cuisine. The restaurant’s specialty is fresh seafood, which isn’t surprising considering its location.

While the view of the Andaman Sea is enchanting during the day, wait till you see the waters at night. There’s a reason why Rock Salt is a favorite chillout spot when the sun sets—finding out for yourself is the way to go. 

Ao Sane Restaurants

Media from eatmesupperclub2107

Address: Ao Sane Beach, Rawai, Meuang, Phuket

Costs: ฿

Seaside restaurants serve affordable Thai food in the secluded Ao Sane Beach, within walking distance from The Nai Harn Hotel. Some even have international dishes on their menu. 

Plus, the place is ideally located and hang-out friendly. This spot is less busy than Nai Harn Beach, so you can eat and relax after the exhausting hike to Black Rock Viewpoint.

Must-Have Apps Going to Black Rock Viewpoint

  • Grab App – Downloading Grab is a must when traveling around Phuket because it’s the most famous app for booking taxis around the island province.

    Unless you’re renting a vehicle, this app is crucial in finding your way to the viewpoint.
  • Line and Whatsapp – From contacting your hotel to booking a restaurant reservation, these apps will be helpful during your stay in Phuket. After all, most people and businesses in Thailand use them for communication.
  • Google Maps – If one app can help you navigate the ins and outs of Phuket, that of Black Rock Viewpoint, then Google Maps, with its stunning details, can lead the way. 
  • Google Translate – Being able to converse with the locals can be a huge advantage on your part. And that’s what makes Google Translate a must-have—just make sure your smartphone is filled with ample juice. 
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