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Honeymooning in Phuket Your Ultimate Guide

Honeymooning in Phuket: Your Ultimate Guide

With its sublime beaches, palm-fringed coastlines, and sunkissed white sands, it’s no surprise that Phuket is a paradise destination for honeymooners. Top it all with a rich culture and vibrant nightlife, and this island is bursting at the seams as a love potion. 

And yes, we’re here to make things easier for you. In this post, we’re detailing things you can do and places you can go so you can have the most unforgettable IG moments with your precious someone — yet get everything in order in a snap. 

Things to Know

Time Zone:  Indochina Time (UTC/GMT+7)

Currency: Thai Baht
(Check the current exchange rate)

Language: Thai (Central Thai)

Calling Code: +66

Location: Phuket 83000, Thailand

Nearest Airport: Phuket International Airport (HKT)

Why Go to Phuket for Your Honeymoon

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Stunning Beaches

Famous for its white sand beaches and crystalline waters, Phuket is a paradise full of stunning destinations from every corner. From busy hotspots like Patong Beach to undeveloped wonders like Nai Harn Beach, there’s plenty for you to choose from.

Regardless of the beach you go to, we guarantee that you’ll have a unique Phuket honeymoon experience. You can go for an intimate and tranquil retreat at a secluded location or an exciting adventure consisting of popular water sports activities.

Paradise Islands

Although Phuket itself is a massive paradise island, off its coast are smaller islands with magnificent limestone cliffs, enchanting sea caves, and breathtaking dive spots. While some of them are in nearby provinces, they’re easily accessible from Phuket Island.

Best of all, you can find various agencies and hotels offering tours to these tropical islands for a hassle-free Phuket honeymoon.

Luxury Hotels and Resorts

Whether you’re on a famous Phuket beach or a paradise island off-coast, you’ll have access to a luxurious hotel or beach resort nearby. When it comes to a honeymoon, nothing beats the top-tier facilities and amenities you get from 5-star establishments.

Here, you and your sweetheart can partake in fun recreational activities, get pampered in full-service spas, or book a romantic private dinner by the beach or in your villa.

Fun-filled Nightlife

Phuket doesn’t fall short when it comes to entertaining things to do, even during the night. The province’s nightlife, in particular, is a spectacle that will surely bring life and sparkle to your honeymoon plans.

Whether it’s on the iconic Bangla Walking Street or the countless music bars and nightclubs in every corner of Phuket, you’ll find a place that suits your taste. If that’s not to your liking, the province’s joyous night markets also offer fun and excitement.

Breathtaking Viewpoints

Hilltops and mountains are common sights in Thailand, so you can expect a plethora of viewpoints with breathtaking panoramic views of Phuket’s beaches. These must-see spots allow you to capture memorable photos of your Phuket honeymoon.

Tropical Rainforests and Nature Trails

Nature-loving couples will also have a blast exploring the natural wonders in Phuket. From adventurous hiking trails to wildlife sanctuaries and conservation centers full of local fauna and flora, you can experience them with plenty of nature tours to guide you.

Plus, you can rent an ATV, buggy, or motorbike if you don’t want to go on an exhausting trek to reach these tropical marvels. And some places let you rent camping gear, letting you enjoy a nature-themed Phuket honeymoon to the fullest.

Best Time to Visit Phuket

The best time to visit Phuket is during the high season, between November and April. This period is when the island encounters less rain, which also results in calm and vibrant turquoise waters. 

Also, these months are the perfect time to visit and explore everything Phuket has to offer! But, keep in mind that it’s also when the province will have the most tourists, so it can affect your honeymoon experience if you prefer avoiding the crowd. 

So, it might be a good idea to visit even during the monsoon season for this specific reason.

As long as you can avoid tropical storms, you’ll enjoy a Phuket honeymoon with fewer people to worry about and lower overall prices. Ultimately, this decision boils down to your preference, but visiting during the peak season is the safest option.

How to Get Around

Taxi: Because Phuket has taxis everywhere, it’s the most convenient option to get to your target destinations. What’s more, you can download the Grab app to book taxis conveniently.

Tuk-tuk: Tuk-tuks or auto rickshaws are also reliable modes of transportation in Phuket. But you must note that these are open-air vehicles, so don’t expect an air-conditioned ride. 

On top of that, tuk-tuks don’t have meters, so always negotiate the fare before boarding because some drivers will charge a ridiculous amount.

Songthaew: Songthaews are truck-like passenger vehicles that you’ll find in Thailand’s public terminals. They’re cheap options, but remember that they have an established route, forcing you to walk to your destination if it’s far from the main road.

Minivans: The terminals in Phuket also have passenger minivans that operate like buses, traveling on a fixed route with specific drop-off points. These minivans are better than regular passenger vehicles since they’re air-conditioned and cheaper than taxis.

Buses: Buses in Phuket are excellent options for long rides, especially when traveling in a group. If you don’t have a pick-up shuttle service from a hotel, you’ll likely need to board the airport buses to Phuket Town before finding another ride to a hotel.

Rental Vehicle: If you’re accustomed to traveling in Phuket, your best option should be a rental car or motorbike. This way, you’re free to do detours and side trips whenever you feel like it.

Rental car companies are available at Phuket International Airport (HKT), so you can book one immediately after arriving in the province.

Longtail Boat: The cheapest way to travel between the islands of Phuket is the countless longtail boats docked on its beaches and piers. You can also rent a private longtail boat to spend the day island hopping to your heart’s content.

Ferry: Ferries depart from the ports of Phuket every day so you can board them to reach famous islands like Phi Phi Island, James Bond Island, Coral Island, Racha Island, Similan Island, and Khai Islands.

Speedboat: If you want a faster way to travel to Phuket’s paradise islands, chartering a private speedboat in a marina is the way to go. Speedboats are perfect for couples since you can enjoy food and drinks while traveling between islands.

Things to Do in Phuket

Satisfy your wanderlust and go island hopping

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With so many paradise islands to offer, you’ll have a field day island hopping in Phuket for your honeymoon. The most notable islands to visit are Phi Phi Island, Racha Island, James Bond Island, Khai Islands, and Similan Islands. 

In particular, there are standouts due to all the amenities and facilities you’ll ever need to stay there comfortably. You can expect luxury beach resorts, pristine beaches, rental shops, stores, ATMs, and restaurants.

Just remember that these famous islands are usually on most tourists’ bucket lists, so expect to see crowds during your visit. If you prefer swimming or snorkeling in peace, consider less popular options like Koh Bon, the small island south of Rawai Beach.

Grab boatloads of fun via water sports and water activities

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Whether you’re on a beach or an island off the coast of Phuket, you’ll have plenty of water activities and water sports to try, like parasailing, snorkeling, and scuba diving.

For this, we recommend famous beaches like Patong Beach and Kata Beach.

Unfortunately, undeveloped beaches may lack the facilities for renting water sports gear, so going to a popular hotspot is the safest option. But, keep in mind that there are also beaches on islands like Coral Island, offering various water sports and activities.

For example, Coral Island’s Kahung Beach and Banana Beach are popular jet ski, parasailing, snorkeling, kayaking, and diving spots. Places like these that offer many activities are the perfect candidates to include in your Phuket honeymoon itinerary.

Bond via camping

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It’s understandable if you went to a luxury beach resort or hotel for your honeymoon, but you shouldn’t miss out on the fantastic Phuket camping experience. Aside from keeping you close to nature, camping is great for newlyweds because it requires teamwork.

Camping also allows you to capture stunning “blue hour” and “golden hour” photos of Phuket’s natural wonders, which are a delight to witness in person. The notable places for camping are high points like Samet Nangshe Viewpoint and Black Rock Viewpoint.

These cliffside vantage points will give you a panoramic view of the surrounding beaches, mountainscapes, and townscapes. Camping in a viewpoint is perfect because to witness a beautiful sunset and sunrise to spice up your honeymoon.

Break a sweat together by hiking on nature trails

Aside from camping, hiking is an excellent activity for nature-loving couples because it lets you experience the challenging terrain together. Best of all, a fantastic nature trail allows you to observe the local plants and animals in Phuket.

Since Phuket has many wildlife reserves and sanctuaries, you can visit them to learn about Thailand’s tropical rainforest. A good place to start is Khao Phra Thaeo National Park since you can book a nature trail guide from their visitor’s center.

In this wildlife sanctuary, you have a chance to spot local and migratory birds or visit two of Phuket’s four waterfalls. The dirt road from Nui Beach to Black Rock Viewpoint is also a good nature trail to hike since it rewards you with a stunning view at the end.

Enjoy go-kart racing

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Although more popular with kids, go-kart racing is also a fun activity that newlyweds should try during their Phuket honeymoon. Nothing beats the genuinely exciting and adrenaline-pumping competition that you can only experience on the race track.

A remarkable go-kart place you must visit is E-Gokart by MONOWHEELS, which is distinct for its electric-powered go-karts. But, if you’re into the heart-racing revving sounds of a gasoline engine, Phuket Kart Speedway won’t disappoint you.

Phuket Kart Speedway is only 4.4 kilometers east of Patong Beach, so the place is easy to access. Since it’s the only go-kart place in Phuket with karts going as fast as 125 kph, it’s the perfect place for badass couples looking for serious competition. 

Explore Old Phuket Town

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No Phuket honeymoon is complete without visiting the charming Old Phuket Town, which is the heart and soul of the island province. Here, newlyweds can explore the Sino-Portuguese buildings that give this town its timeless appeal.

The buildings in Soi Romanee Street, in particular, are popular Instagram spots because their vibrant colors and classic designs stand out. It’s also where trendy shops like Aungku Cafe are, making this part of Old Phuket Town more appealing to visitors.

Best of all, you can find all sorts of establishments here, like luxury hotels, rooftop bars, cafes, and night markets. Plus, the town is near other famous attractions like Monkey Hills, The Upside Down House Museum, Saphan Hin Park, and more.

Relax together and get massage or spa treatment

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Massage is a big part of Thai culture so it makes sense why you’ll see many spas and massage parlors in the streets of Phuket. But, if you want a luxurious spa experience, you should visit the in-house full-service spas in five-star hotels.

A few notable hotels with exquisite spas include Banyan Tree Phuket, Rosewood Phuket, Kata Rocks, and Slate Phuket Resort. But, if you’re looking for a spa offering exclusive couple packages, you won’t go wrong with So Thai Spa Phuket.

Thanks to their double treatment rooms, your Phuket honeymoon will include a simultaneous spa and massage session. Their special couple package also entitles you to up to 5 hours of treatment for reasonable prices, which is a big plus.

Drop by a Buddhist temple

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Since Thailand is a religious country, you’ll notice that Phuket has enough Buddhist temples to keep you busy for the entirety of your honeymoon. But, although these ornate temples are a sight to behold, we only recommend visiting the famous temples.

This way, you can get enough taste of religion’s significance to Thailand without compromising your Phuket honeymoon plans. The temples to watch out for are the Chaithararam Temple (Wat Chalong) in Chalong and the Big Buddha in Karon.

Wat Chalong is not only Phuket’s largest temple, but it also features elegant architecture and is believed to keep a bone fragment of Buddha. Speaking of which, the Big Buddha statue is another must-visit temple, being one of Phuket’s famous Instagram spots.

Discover Phuket’s night markets

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One thing you don’t want to miss when visiting Phuket for your honeymoon is its lively night markets. It’s where you can find all sorts of products and amusements, from fashion items and toys to Thai delicacies and local performances.

The biggest night markets to look forward to in Phuket Town are the Sunday Walking Market on Thalang Road and the Chillva Market on Yaowarat Road. Sunday Walking Market is a more traditional night market with all sorts of shops and food stalls.

Chillva Market is more trendy because it has live bands, street performers, and bars, on top of the usual street shops and food stalls. 

Party like crazy at Bangla Walking Street

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Even if you’re not into clubbing or partying, it’s worth visiting Bangla Walking Street for a once-in-a-lifetime taste of Phuket’s iconic nightlife, especially for your honeymoon. Here, you can experience the loud and electrifying atmosphere this street is famous for.

Full of nightclubs, bars, restaurants, and everything in between, you’ll likely see something here that you won’t see anywhere else. But, that’s part of Bangla Walking Street’s allure, providing a unique and memorable experience.

Of course, it also built its reputation for having top-tier nightclubs like Illuzion, where you can dance to fiery music sets by renowned local and international DJs. It’s simple; if you want to get drunk and have fun, this street will do it for you.

Take an educational tour together

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If you prefer your Phuket honeymoon to be laid-back and informative, you’re better off going on an educational tour. An excellent starting place is the Phuket Elephant Sanctuary, which prides itself as an ethical sanctuary where elephants live in peace.

Here, you can watch and learn about rescued elephants that are roaming the massive sanctuary grounds freely. The staff doesn’t force the elephants to perform tricks for visitors, so you can only get close and feed one if it feels like it.

The Gibbon Rehabilitation Project in Khao Phra Thaeo National Park is another place that offers a learning program. There’s a short course about gibbon rehabilitation and rainforest conservation, and a longer behavioral study hosted by a gibbon specialist.

Where to Eat in Phuket

L’Arome By The Sea

Media from laromebythesea

Address: 247, Phrabaramee Road, Patong, Phuket

Contact Number: +66 65 239 2111

Open Hours: 4 PM – 11 PM (Daily)

Prices: ฿฿฿


Cuisine Type: French

This award-winning French restaurant in Patong Beach is where you can go on an exquisite romantic dinner. Not only will you love the stunning seaside view, but Chef Yannik will also blow you away with his signature nine-course meal.

The romantic atmosphere and excellent-quality food this restaurant provides are surefire ingredients for the perfect Phuket honeymoon you’re looking for.

Beach Restaurant by Surin Phuket

Media from beachrestaurantthesurinphuket

Address: 118, Moo 3 Soi Hat Surin 8 Choeng Thale, Thalang District, Phuket 83110

Contact Number: +66 76 316 400

Open Hours: 5 PM – 10:30 PM (Daily)

Prices: ฿฿฿


Theme: Thai

If you’re in Phuket for your honeymoon, nothing beats a private dinner, like the couple package offered at the Beach Restaurant by Surin Phuket. With this package, you can treat your significant other to a romantic candlelit dinner amidst heart-shaped candles.

Since you get a private area on the beach, you’ll share an intimate moment while enjoying the exquisite Thai food the restaurant serves. It’s the perfect setting for the dream dinner date you’ll both never forget.

Mook Manee

Media credit: wan

Address: 1120, Wiset Road, Rawai, Mueang Phuket District, Phuket 83100

Contact Number: +66 81 719 4880

Operating Hours: 11:30 AM – 10 PM (Daily)

Costs: ฿฿

Theme: Seafood

If you and your spouse prioritize good food that’s cooked to your liking over the ambiance, Mook Manee is the perfect restaurant for you. Here’s how the restaurant works: you buy fresh seafood from the nearby market and bring it over for them to cook.

Overall, Mook Manee is a haven for seafood lovers who appreciate fresh ingredients cooked right. If this description fits you, you’ll have a field day dining in this seafood restaurant.

Where to Stay in Phuket

The Surin

Media from thesurinphuket

Address: 118 Soi Hat Surin 8, Choeng Thale, Thalang District, Phuket 83110

Distance from Phuket Town: 24.9 km

Contact Number: +66 76 316 400

Operating Hours: 2 PM – 12 PM (Check-In/Check-Out)

Prices: ฿฿฿


If you’re looking for a place providing luxurious facilities and the utmost privacy, staying at an exclusive hotel like The Surin is your best option. Here, you can share an intimate moment with your significant other without sacrificing a stunning ocean view.

It’s all thanks to The Surin being a private beach resort, having exclusive access to its beachfront. You can also expect top-of-the-line facilities, like a full-service spa, water sports center, and gym, allowing you to enjoy various activities together.

JW Marriot Phuket Resort and Spa

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Address: 231 Mai Khao, Thalang District, Phuket 83110

Distance from Patong Beach: 40.2 km

Contact Number: +66 76 338 000

Operating Hours: 3 PM – 12 PM (Check-In/Check-Out)

Prices: ฿฿


Like The Surin, JW Marriott Phuket Resort and Spa is an excellent place for couples who enjoy their privacy, thanks to its secluded location. But, another good thing about this luxurious beach resort is the surrounding lush tropical forest.

Staying here with your significant other will feel like staying at a paradise island that you have for yourselves, except you still have access to five-star amenities. Overall, it’s the perfect place if you want a luxurious hideaway for your Phuket honeymoon.

Samet Nangshe Boutique

Media from

Address: 90 หมู่ 2 Khlong Khian, Amphoe Takua Thung, Phang-nga 82130

Distance from Patong Beach: 69 km

Contact Number: +66 65 508 8655

Operating Hours: 2 PM. – 11 AM (Check-In/Check-Out)

Prices: ฿


Samet Nangshe Boutique isn’t as luxurious as the previous locations, but the stunning panoramic view it offers more than makes up for that. The best thing about this place is that it lets you wake up to the breathtaking sunrise at Phang Nga Bay.

Depending on what room you book, you can welcome the rising sun together in a private jacuzzi or a private pool. Of course, this is also true when the sun goes down in the afternoon, giving you the best views to start and end your day.

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