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Koh Libong The Ultimate Travel Guide

Koh Libong: The Ultimate Travel Guide

Koh Libong may be the quietest island in Trang but it’s far from boring! It’s definitely a must-visit island paradise if you want a change of pace away from crowded beaches and be closer to nature – not to mention an army of dugongs. 

So in this guide, we’ll cover all the deets about this lesser-known paradise to help jumpstart your adventure!

Things to Know

Time Zone:  Indochina Time (UTC/GMT+7)

Currency: Thai Baht
(Check the current exchange rate)

Language: Thai (Central Thai)

Calling Code: (+66), (075)

Location: Ko Libong, Kantang District, Trang, Thailand

Nearest Port: Hat Yao Pier (3.73 km)

Operating Hours: 24/7

Contact Number: +66 75 251 932

Koh Libong in a Nutshell

While the presence of packs of dugongs has certainly put Koh Libong on the map, the tranquility of the place is putting nearby islands to shame. Sure, the 40-sq-km island is the least visited of the Trang islands but such tourist trickle only makes it more appealing. 

If you value peace and quiet, the untouched beaches of Koh Libong are the place to be. Far too often, you’ll be greeted by a white sand beach with nary a soul walking on it, except for the sea cows that have called the island off the Andaman Sea home. 

On the other side, there are not many structures around the area. So, don’t expect hotels to spend your time on the island or the convenience of night markets to get your needed supplies or mementos. 

Best Time to Visit Koh Libong

The best time to visit Koh Libong is between January and March since these months receive the least rainfall. During this time, you’ll get the best weather conditions for exploring the island and doing numerous water activities in the Andaman Sea.

Though the waters surrounding the island are warm all year round, it’s best to avoid the strong waves and currents during the rainy season.

Also, you can explore Koh Libong any time of the day but there are places you should avoid during the night. For instance, the cave system in Point Dugong Nature Trail is dangerous to explore when the sun is out due to the lack of reliable lighting.

How to Get to Koh Libong

Ferry: Koh Libong is an island off the coast of Thailand’s Trang Province so you can only reach it by boarding a sea vessel from the main island. The nearest pier is Hat Yao Pier and it has daily ferry trips to the island for only 150 baht.

This pier is only 45 minutes away from Trang Airport, so it’s easy to access from key locations like Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Krabi. For convenience, you can ride the airport taxis to the pier.

Longtail Boat: If you’re on another island in the Andaman Sea, you can get to Koh Libong by chartering a longtail boat. It’s your best option from nearby islands like Koh Muk, Koh Bulon, and Koh Ngai.

Private Speedboat: There are direct private speedboat tours from Phuket’s Rassada Pier to Koh Libong. The trip will take you over 3 hours but you can stop by numerous islands along the way.

What to See and Do in Koh Libong

Visit the Koh Libong National Park

Media credit: kiddophotg


Koh Libong National Park, also known as Koh Libong Non-Hunting Area, is a secluded nature reserve only accessible by boat. It’s worth visiting if you want a tranquil hideaway to observe the island’s unique wildlife and plant life.

There’s an open building near the park’s entrance where you can learn more about the reserve. You can study the area here before exploring its borders since there are no tour guides that will lead to every corner of the reserve.

This reserve is used as a staging and wintering area by migratory birds, so it’s great for birdwatching activities. There are recorded sightings here of globally threatened species like the Chinese Egret and Masked Finfoot.

Look for migratory birds at Tub Beach

Media credit: a_mach_an

The bird lovers on our team say that Tub Beach is another excellent birdwatching spot on the island. It’s close to the non-hunting area’s borders so it also attracts several migratory shorebirds like the endangered Nordmann’s Greenshank. 

Going here gives you the best chance to spot this rare shorebird whenever it migrates to avoid the Russian winter from December to February. If you think about it, this is a perfect coincidence because Koh Libong is best to visit during these months.

Other notable bird sightings include the Browned-wing Kingfisher, Malaysian Plover, and Asian Dowitcher. If you really want to catch a glimpse of these migratory birds, a little research on their migration habits should help you zero in on them. 

Hike the Point Dugongs Nature Trail

Media credit: hobbypicsbyme


Point Dugongs is arguably the best nature trail in Koh Libong, and it’s definitely worth the extra 13-minute travel from Banphrao Pier. The best way to reach the trailhead is by renting a motorbike from the pier for only 200 baht per day.

This nature trail has two parts: the first half is a stairway that leads to a dugong viewing deck and the other half goes to an upper deck that’s accessible via a cave system. There are stairs inside the cave so it’s easy to traverse even though it has poor lighting.

There’s also a steep uphill which requires using rope-tied trees to pull yourself up. This upper deck has an even better ocean view, so it’s definitely worth the challenging hike.

Ride a bike to Leekpai Bridge

Media credit: surasak_wangjee

Exploring the tranquil Koh Libong in a rental motorbike isn’t complete without driving to the impressive Leekpai Bridge. It’s called a bridge but it’s actually a 1-kilometer pier that stretches out to the coast.

It’s one of the busiest attractions on the island thanks to its length and colorful painted road. This place is great for observing fish because the water around it is crystal clear.

Just know that it completely dries up during the low tide, so be sure to plan your visit carefully if your goal is to watch the marine life. Otherwise, the dried-up sea floor is also interesting to explore on foot.

Watch the beautiful sunset at the Dugong Watchtower

Media credit: nanta_samran

The Dugong Watchtower at the end of Leekpai Bridge is the island’s best-looking structure. Its main purpose is for spotting dugongs during the high tide, but we think it’s worth checking out during the sunset.

It’s tall and off-coast, so expect to get a superb view during the golden hour. Here, you can admire the Andaman Sea, Leekpai Bridge, and the island’s surrounding mountainscape.

That makes it the ideal spot for taking stunning panoramic photos of the Koh Libong. Or in hindsight, it’s the best part to spend time with your special someone as the sun sets. 

Check out the stunning Stone Bridge rock formation

Media credit: journeyintooneness1

Stone Bridge is one of the more unique attractions you’ll find on the island. If you like seeing gorgeous natural rock formations, this is the place to be.

The hole in this massive rock formation makes it appear like an arch or bridge which is how it got its name. This picturesque attraction is perfect for tourists looking for the best Instagrammable spot in Koh Libong.

You can take particularly great shots here during the sunset. The golden hour’s orange skies are the ideal backdrop for capturing silhouette photos of you and the rock formation.

Go kayaking around Koh Libong

Media credit: ksv1n

Kayaking in Koh Libong gives you a better chance to spot wild dugongs near its coastlines. It’s a great alternative if you were unable to see one at the viewing deck in Point Dugongs or at the Dugong Watchtower.

Plus, riding a kayak is another excellent way to explore the island. You can even kayak to Koh Libong’s nearby islands if you’re feeling adventurous.

Rental kayaks are available at numerous shops and resorts on the island.

Swim at the sandy Tung Yaka Beach

Media credit: cnphotography19

If your ideal island adventure includes swimming on a white sandy beach with crystalline waters, Tung Yaka Beach is a must-visit. This unspoiled beach is underrated, so expect to see little to no visitors here on most days.

That makes it the perfect swimming spot if you value a peaceful and quiet beach experience. You can also set up a blanket at the beach’s fine white sands if you like to do a little bit of sunbathing.

There are no amenities on this beach, so you must bring snacks and other necessary swimming equipment you might need.

Have a seaside picnic at Panyang Beach

Media credit: asiabreizh29

Though Panyang Beach’s rocky shoreline isn’t the best swimming spot, its lines of trees make it the perfect picnic spot in Koh Libong. Here, you can enjoy catching the refreshing ocean breeze under the shade.

You can also set up a hammock in the trees if you like to take a cool beachside nap during the afternoon. It’s even a great idea to bring snorkeling gear to this beach since its rocky ocean is perfect for observing the local marine life.

Like the island’s other beaches, there are no amenities here so you must pack everything you’ll ever need before visiting.

Embark on a fishing trip near the island

Media credit: nakhathanatron

Arranging a fishing trip from Koh Libong is the best way to explore the Andaman Sea. It’s also a great method for spotting dugongs since it can take you to spots you can’t reach via kayaking.

Our pescatarian staffers are particularly fond of this water activity. After all, it’s a great way to sample fresh local fish that can be caught near the island.

There are establishments like Libong Rara Camp that offer fishing trips from the island, but it’s also possible to hire local fishermen. With the latter option, it’s up to you to negotiate for the most reasonable price.

Where to Stay in Koh Libong

Andalay Beach Resort Koh Libong

Media from andalaybeachresort

Address: Ko Libong, Kantang District, Trang 92110, Thailand

Operating Hours: 2 p.m. (Check-in) & 12 p.m. (Check-out)

Contact Number: +66 95 085 8899


Prices: ฿฿

Andalay Beach Resort Ko Libong is among the island’s top-tier accommodations since it ticks all the boxes. It has a great view, elegant and comfy rooms, an outdoor pool, an on-site restaurant, a full-service spa, a garden area, sunbeds, and many more.

That makes it the perfect hotel on the island. They also offer rental kayaks, dugong spotting trips, and boat tours to nearby islands like Koh Rok.

Le Dugong Libong Beach Resort

Media credit: tant_lisa

Address: 15, Koh Libong, Kantang District, Trang 92110, Thailand

Operating Hours: 3 p.m. (Check-in)

Contact Number: +66 87 475 8310


Prices: ฿

If you prefer staying at charming seaside bungalows, go to Le Dugong Libong Beach Resort. Though they don’t offer much space, the bungalows here are clean and comfortable with decent amenities.

This cheaper accommodation is a solid option if your goal is to stay in Koh Libong for several days. With this, you can spend more money on the activities and services that are available on the island.

Libong Rara Camp

Media from libongraracamp

Address: Ko Libong, Kantang District, Trang 92110, Thailand

Operating Hours: 24/7

Contact Number: +66 85 594 6910


Prices: ฿

Camping in Libong Rara Camp is great if you’re looking for a cheaper way to stay the night at Koh Libong. Renting a tent here only costs 200 baht per night, but you can lower it to 100 baht if you bring your tent.

It’s also a kilometer from Banphrao Pier, so you can get settled in as soon as you arrive on the island. This campsite also offers numerous services like fishing trips, boat tours, and backpacking trips.

Where to Eat in Koh Libong

Andalay Beach Resort Restaurant

Media from andalaybeachresort

Address: Andalay Beach Resort, Ko Libong, Kantang District, Trang 92110, Thailand

Contact Number: +66 95 085 8899


Prices: ฿฿฿

If you’re already staying at Andalay Beach Resort, there’s no reason not to dine at their on-site restaurant. Their restaurant has a dining hall and an alfresco dining area by the beach.

That’s perfect if you like more variety when it comes to your dining locations. This way, you can get the best atmosphere based on your current mood which truly makes it all amazing.

There’s a catch though: since this is the most luxurious food place in Koh Libong, expect to pay high prices for the food. The markup is typically higher for establishments operating on secluded islands.

Ja Nhai Seafood

Media credit: sky_narara

Address: 97/3 หมู่ 4 92110 Ko Libong, Kantang District, Trang, Thailand

Operating Hours: 11 a.m. – 8 p.m. (Daily)

Contact Number: +66 99 309 5757

Prices: ฿฿

Ja Nhao Seafood is top-pick since it offers good food and an excellent view. It’s near Leekpai Bridge and Dugong Watchtower, so you can admire these structures while dining here.

This restaurant specializes in fresh seafood which you can order per plate or on a platter. Ordering the seafood platter is the best way to get the most value out of your money if you’re dining in a small group with friends and family or a partner.

Ja Nhai Seafood is just a few meters from the pier. If you’re rooting for a crab fix or whatever seafood is on your mind, then you have nowhere else to go but here. 

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