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Lamai Beach Everything You Need to Know

Lamai Beach: Everything You Need to Know

Undecided about your next Koh Samui destination? The tranquil Lamai Beach, the second most popular beach on the island, is definitely worth giving a shot, given its gentle waves and soft white sands and its promise of endless adventure.

To get you started, we made a comprehensive guide to showcase what makes Lamai Beach the ultimate tropical travel destination when you’re looking for a super fun, relaxing retreat in Thailand!

Read on! 

Things to Know

Time Zone: Indochina Time (UTC/GMT+7)

Currency: Thai Baht
(Check the current exchange rate)

Language: Thai (Central Thai)

Calling Code: (+66) 77

Location: Lamai Beach, Koh Samui District, Surat Thani 84310, Thailand

Nearest Airport: Samui International Airport or Koh Samui Airport (13.9 km)

Distance from Nearest Major Island: 29 km (Surat Thani Province)

Operating Hours: 24/7

Admission Fee: Free

Best Time to Visit Lamai Beach

February is the best month for visiting Lamai Beach because that’s when you’ll encounter less rain in Koh Samui. The same applies if you visit anytime between January and April, but February is perfect because the days are cooler.

It also helps that the waters are calmer and clearer during the peak season, making it best for fun water activities. It’s also excellent during the summer months of July and August, but you have to deal with the scorching heat.

But watch out for box jellyfish, especially around July to October, as there’s a high number of reported incidents at Lamai Beach. Also, try to avoid the monsoon season around October to November.

How to Get to Lamai Beach

Media credit: lomprayahcatamaran

Plane: Flying on a plane is the most reliable way to reach Lamai Beach, whether you’re traveling domestically or internationally. Once your plane lands at the Samui International Airport, just travel 13.9 kilometers more to reach the Beach.

You’ll have an easier time if you book an airport transfer with your hotel in advance since a shuttle bus will pick you up from the airport. But you can also board an airport taxi to your hotel.

When booking a taxi, try to negotiate the price before boarding to avoid absurd prices, with the average fare for short trips going for around 300 baht. Some taxis, unfortunately, won’t turn the meters on.

Ferry: Set sail aboard a Lomprayah or Seatran ferry that departs from Donsak Pier, which is a common starting point for travelers. Koh Samui is off the coast of Surat Thani, so traveling by sea is the default option for most. 

Once your ferry is in Na Thon Pier, head to town and find a taxi that can take you to Lamai Beach. From Na Thon Town, the beach is approximately 20.1 kilometers away, so expect up to 31 minutes of travel time depending on the traffic conditions.

Alternatively, the Raja Ferry Port near Donsak Pier also has daily trips to Koh Samui. Boarding a Raja Ferry will be much faster since its drop-off point is Lipa Noi Pier, which is only 16 kilometers from Lamai Beach.

Bus & Ferry Tours: Booking a bus and ferry tour is a convenient way to travel to Koh Samui and Lamai Beach since you only need to find a nearby bus terminal. In Phuket, Krabi, or Surat Thani, go for Phantip Travel and Lomprayah buses.

These bus operators will take you to their ferries at Donsak Pier, which will then drop you off at Na Thon Pier. If you book a Lomprayah bus and ferry tour from Bangkok, you’ll depart from Tapee Pier and arrive at Pralarn Pier instead.

Speedboat: If you prefer chartering a private boat for convenience, Lomprayah has special speedboat tours going to Koh Samui. Not only is your travel time faster with a speedboat, but you can also have meals and snacks while on board.

What to See and Do in Lamai Beach

Swim or snorkel at Lamai Beach’s calm waters

Media credit: midanbs7

Koh Samui’s Lamai Beach is a peaceful paradise. That’s the primary reason behind this beach’s charm, fewer crowds and calmer waters that are ideal for swimming and snorkeling.

You can enjoy a worry-free swimming experience, especially if you have children with you. You’ll also see plenty of shops along the beach renting snorkeling gear and vendors selling beach floaters.

But keep in mind that Lamai Beach sometimes has marine debris washing into its shores, so be sure to survey the area before going for a swim. Also, avoid going during the monsoon seasons as this becomes a bigger problem with the higher tide.

Master kayaking, surfing, or paddleboarding

Media credit: rpmcberlin

The gentler waves in Lamai Beach also make it an excellent spot if you’re a beginner who wants to try kayaking, surfing, or paddleboarding. Here, you don’t have to worry about flipping over or falling because there aren’t big waves to hit you.

Families, in particular, will enjoy the water activities because the beach experience here won’t be as intense as others. Just keep walking along Lamai Beach to find shops and stalls offering rental kayaks, surfboards, and paddleboards.

Fall in love via a romantic sunset walk

Media credit: h_.ran

The good thing about peaceful retreats like Lamai Beach is that they also make for romantic date spots, especially at the right time. If that doesn’t convince you, try bringing your boo with you for an afternoon stroll by the beach and see for yourself.

Not only will the warm and beautiful sunset greet you, but the tranquil atmosphere of Lamai Beach will make you feel like you’re the only two people in the world. But that doesn’t have to stop there because you can stay until evening and watch the stars.

Just don’t forget to bring essentials like snacks, drinks, and a light source, so you can enjoy your romantic moment all night long.

Visit the Hin Ta and Hin Yai rock formations

Media from theluxenomad

Address: Crystal Beach, Tambon Maret, Ko Samui District, Surat Thani 84310

Operating Hours: 24/7

Admission Fee: Free

Hin Ta and Hin Yai, also known as Grandfather and Grandmother Rock, are stunning rock formations at the southern tip of Lamai Beach. Famous for its rocks that resemble male and female genitalia, it’s a unique place to get scenic photos.

These rock formations are located near the Hua Thanon fishing village, surrounded by lush fields and plantations. Visit to witness the humble life in Koh Samui, which is vastly different from the luxury beach resorts on the island.

Although you don’t have to pay an entrance fee to Hin Ta and Hin Yai, make sure you have spare change for the parking fee if you’re driving there.

Take a side trip to Crystal Beach

Media credit: silverbeachkohsamui

Address: Crystal Beach, Tambon Maret, Ko Samui District, Surat Thani 84310

Operating Hours: 24/7

Admission Fee: Free

Crystal Beach, or Silver Beach, is a small, cozy beach cove 4.6 kilometers north of Lamai Beach. This hidden gem boasts pristine white sands and crystalline waters, making it a popular swimming, sunbathing, and snorkeling spot.

Aside from sea kayaks, there are no watersport activities on this beach, so you can enjoy a peaceful swimming experience. What’s more, you can find all the gear you’ll need from the hotels and rental shops along Crystal Beach.

The beach also has massage stalls, restaurants, beach clubs, and a yacht club, so you have plenty of activities to try. Crystals Beach is also full of granite rocks that are perfect for taking beautiful photos.

Get inked by a bamboo at Home Art Tattoo

Media credit: kit.artist


Address: 124, 530 Moo 3, Had Lamai Road, Tambon Maret, Koh Samui, Surat Thani 84310

Operating Hours: 24/7

Contact Number: +66 62 829 8889

If you’re looking for a unique and unforgettable experience in Lamai Beach, you can get a bamboo tattoo. Home Art Tattoo, in particular, is a highly-rated bamboo tattoo shop only 300 meters from the beach.

Here, you can get a traditional Thai tattoo with an ink-dipped needle strapped to a bamboo rod. Be sure to come in early as the process takes longer than a regular machine tattoo, but the good thing is that it’s less painful, and your skin heals faster.

Try extreme watersports at Mahalo Kiteschool

Media credit: mahalokiteschool


Address: 62, Hua Thanon, Amphoe Ko Samui, Surat Thani 84140

Operating Hours: 9 AM – 6 PM (Daily)

Contact Number: +66 96 803 5296


  • Kitesurfing Beginner – 13,000 baht to 24,000 baht
  • eFoil – 2,000 baht to 15,000 baht

You can engage in extreme sports at Lamai Beach with Mahalo Kiteschool. Here, you can learn to kitesurf, windsurf, or ride an eFoil board, which is an electric flying surfboard that’s powered by a propeller.

Kitesurfing and windsurfing are extreme sports that’ll need time and dedication to learn and master, so they’re not ideal activities if you’re on a short vacation. Instead, you should try eFoil since it’s easier to learn compared to the other activities.

However, don’t expect it to be a breeze since it can take up to two hours to fully learn to ride an eFoil board. Of course, if you book a full-day lesson, you’ll have enough time to practice and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Hike to Overlap Stone

Media credit: ayance__

Address: มะเร็ต Ko Samui District, Surat Thani 84310

Operating Hours: 24/7

Contact Number: +66 80 695 3082

Admission Fee: 20 baht

A stunning natural wonder near Lamai Beach, Overlap Stone is a must-visit attraction if you’re up for the challenging hike to its summit. This famous attraction is only one kilometer from the beach, best to go with a rental bike.

At the base of this viewpoint, you must leave your vehicle at the designated parking area, which costs 100 baht and includes a drink. After a 500-meter hike on the steep trail, you’ll reach Overlap Stone 1, costing 50 baht for 3 minutes of photo opportunity.

Otherwise, you can keep hiking 200 more meters to reach Overlap Stone 2, which will only cost you 20 baht to enjoy the stunning view and take scenic photos. The person in charge of this place also gives you a banana, which is a welcome surprise. 

Admire the beauty of Na Muang Waterfalls

Media credit: marviveca

Address: 4169, Tambon Na Mueang, Koh Samui District, Surat Thani 84140

Operating Hours: 9 AM – 5 PM (Daily)

Admission Fee: Free

Arguably the best-looking waterfall in Koh Samui, Na Muang Waterfalls is a must-visit attraction while you’re near Lamai Beach. Various tour agencies are offering a tour of this waterfall, but you can reach it easily with a rental motorbike.

You only need to pay the 20 baht parking fee once you arrive at the waterfall’s location. Unlike most of the attractions in Koh Samui, Na Muang Waterfalls is excellent to visit during the rainy season for a more vigorous water stream.

You don’t want to come here during the summer months, though, because the water will dry up and disappoint. If you’re looking for an extra challenge, you can continue your journey to Na Muang 2 Waterfall, but you have to pay 50 baht to swim there.

Experience Lamai’s Night Market

Media credit: soulfoodandfishing


Address: 139, 2, Maret, Ko Samui District, Surat Thani 84310

Operating Hours: 3 PM – 12 MN (Daily)

Contact Number: +66 84 695 3502

Lamai Night Market is a fun and refreshing place to visit after a day at the beach, especially if you have friends or family with you. Here, you can buy typical Thai street food, such as pad thai, fried rice balls, and fried grubs.

There’s also a stage at the back of the night market for live music. Overall, it’s a laid-back place where you can enjoy good food, refreshing drinks, and interesting conversations with your companions.

All of these activities peak on a Sunday. From around 5 PM to 10 PM, the place comes alive with an army of stalls selling snacks, complete meals, and everything that will make your Thailand trip memorable.

Where to Stay in Lamai Beach

Ammatara Pura

Media credit: ammatara_pura


Address: 128/75-76, Koh Samui Surat Thani 84310

Check-in & Check-out Times: 2 PM & 12 PM

Contact Number: +66 61 664 9545

Costs: ฿฿฿

At first glance, you might not believe that Ammatara Pura is a five-star hotel because it looks like an ornate Buddhist temple from the outside. But that adds an edge because even the entrance is gorgeous!

With this hotel’s majestic buildings and furnishings, your stay here doesn’t only give you top-tier amenities, but you also get a cultural tour of sorts. Simply exploring the hotel grounds is enough to net you tons of Instagram-worthy photos.

Silavadee Resort

Media credit: silavadeeresort


Address: 208/66 Ko Samui District, Surat Thani 84310

Check-in & Check-out Times: 3 PM & 12 PM

Contact Number: +66 77 960 555

Costs: ฿฿฿

Silavadee Resort is an ultrachic luxury resort 1.5 kilometers from the northern tip of Lamai Beach. Here, you’ll be treated to five-star amenities and services, such as infinity pool villas, luxury couple baths, private rooftop dinners, and more.

But the best thing about Silavadee Resort is its idyllic location, giving you access to a private beach cove with a panoramic view of the Andaman Sea. What’s more, the hotel is smack in the middle of Lamai Beach and Crystal Beach.

Pi3 Beach Resort

Media credit: pi3beachresort


Address: Lamai Beach, Surat Thani 84310

Check-in & Check-out Times: 2 PM & 12 PM

Contact Number: +66 83 934 9350

Costs: ฿

Pi3 Beach Resort is a shining example of a budget-friendly hotel that’s a marvel to stay at, even though it lacks state-of-the-art amenities. Instead, you get a humble and clean dwelling place during your stay at Lamai Beach with its cozy experience.

Best of all, Pi3 Beach Resort is precisely in front of Lamai Beach, giving you quick access to your chosen swimming spots. They also have plenty of sunbeds and parasols sitting outside, perfect for a relaxing stay at the sea.

Where to Eat in Lamai Beach

SALT Bar Asian BBQ

Media credit: salt.samui


Address: 124, 358 Had Lamai Road, Maret, Amphoe Ko Samui, Surat Thani 84310

Operating Hours: 4 PM – 11 PM (Daily)

Contact Number: +66 93 787 5546

Costs: ฿฿

A chic-looking restaurant specializing in Asian and International fusion cuisine, SALT Bar Asian BBQ is perfect if you want to spend the night tasting different flavors. From sushi to bacon cheeseburgers, this place has it all.

The Salt Bar even serves Japanese sake and other world-class labels. On top of that, the restaurant is only 159 meters from Lamai Beach, so you can head straight to it after partaking in exhausting beach activities.

Pink Orchid Restaurant

Media credit: pinkorchidrestaurant


Address: Tonpal, Ko Samui District, Surat Thani 84310

Operating Hours: 11 AM – 10 PM (Daily)

Contact Number: +66 83 135 2551

Costs: ฿฿

Pink Orchid Restaurant is a humble Thai restaurant 260 meters from Lamai Beach’s southern tip. In this streetside restaurant, you can feast on authentic Thai dishes for a reasonable price, like spring rolls, tom yum goong, and beef with oyster sauce.

And while it can’t compete with the scenic views and dramatic atmosphere of luxury restaurants, Pink Orchid more than makes up for it with its excellent food and service. Overall, this restaurant is a must-visit, especially if you love Thai food. 

Dodis Falafel

Media credit: dodis_falafel

Address: Had Lamai Road, Maret, Ko Samui District, Surat Thani 84310

Operating Hours:

  • 10 AM – 10 PM (Monday)
  • 12 PM – 10 PM (Tuesday, Wednesday, & Sunday)
  • 1 PM – 10 PM (Thursday)
  • 9 AM – 10 PM (Friday & Saturday)

Contact Number: +66 99 327 1727

Costs: ฿฿

A highly-rated restaurant 200 meters from Lamai Beach, Dodis Falafel is an excellent choice if you’re into vegetarian food. Here, they serve a good selection of vegan food items, like falafel wraps, salads, lentil soup, and veggie burger sliders.

The good-tasting food, friendly staff, and reasonable prices you get here definitely give this restaurant an edge over its competition. Not only is Dodis Falafel a must-visit restaurant, but you’ll also keep coming back for more.

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