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Your Ultimate Guide to Maya Bay in Thailand

Your Ultimate Guide to Maya Bay in Thailand

Maya Bay is one of the most beautiful islands you can visit in Thailand and thanks to the Leonardo Dicaprio movie (The Beach) filmed here, the island became a much more popular tourist spot. You’ll never run out of things to do here and on the nearby islands!

From swimming, and water sports, and just checking out the points of interest in the area, we’re here to give you our Ultimate Guide for Maya Bay in Thailand.

Best Time to Go

We recommend going to Maya Bay during the cool season, specifically from November to around February to March. It’s going to be peak season during this period but you can also expect calmer seas which are perfect for swimming and water sports here.

Once you’re in Maya Bay, we also recommend that you leave early in the morning, preferably around 5:00 AM. This is so you can avoid the huge crowds of tourists that come pouring in from 9:00 AM. onwards.

Things to Know

Time Zone: Indochina Time (GMT+7)

Currency: Thai Baht

(Check the current exchange rate)

Language: Thai

Calling Code: +66

Location: Maya Bay

Choppy boat rides: The boat ride to Maya Bay can be quite long (more than an hour) and choppy. Hence, we recommend that you bring some anti-nausea medicines just in case you get seasick and your stomach starts to feel queasy.

Bring snacks and water: Maya Bay itself doesn’t have any stores or shops selling food and water. As such, you should definitely bring your own bottled water and some snacks in case you need to drink or eat during your tour.

Ideal duration of stay: Unless you want to stay in Maya Bay to swim and snorkel the entire day, a half-day should be enough. This should allow you to take in the sights, enjoy the beach’s clear blue waters and its white sand 

How to Get to Maya Bay

From Phuket: Most tourists visit Maya Bay through an organised tour from Phuket and if you want convenience, then this might be ideal for you. From Phuket, it’ll take you around 90 minutes to get to Maya Bay via speedboat.

Most of these organised tours will also bring you to other popular sites in the area. These include Phi Phi Town, Phi Leh Lagoon, Bamboo Island, and Monkey Beach– perfect if you want to see most of what this part of Thailand has to offer!

From Krabi: If you’re coming from Krabi, then your trip to Maya Bay will be shorter at around 1 hour via speedboat. These are usually through tours which will also bring you to different points of interest within the Phi Phi Islands.

From Phi Phi Don: This is the fastest and shortest route to Maya. You can get to the site from Phi Phi Don via longtail boat in just under 20 minutes and you can simply ask the sailors in the area of the pier how much they charge to take you to Maya Bay.

Places to Visit When in Maya Bay

Maya Bay

Maya Bay’s stunning beauty is enough for tourists to come and enjoy the island’s surroundings but there are a ton of things to do while you’re here. One of the most popular activities here is swimming and snorkelling thanks to its crystal clear waters.

If you’re after something more extreme, you can also do some cliff diving here. The island is surrounded by limestone cliffs making it perfect for you and your buddies to try out some of the best cliff diving spots in Thailand.

Lastly, you can just stroll around the white sand of the beach where you can take photos and videos with the shore as your background. You can then show this to your family and friends back home to tell them that this was where Leo Di Caprio shot his film!

Pileh Bay (Pileh Lagoon)

PiLeh Bay can offer some great views and unique experiences when you’re in Thailand. It’s one of the most spectacular-looking lagoons here thanks to its emerald green waters that seem to be lit up from the depths of the ocean.

We recommend getting your cameras ready from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM. During this time, the mid-day sun will further highlight the emerald green colour of its waters, making this the perfect time to snap some picture-perfect photos of the lagoon. 

You can also swim and do some snorkelling here while your boat floats around and waits for you to come back up once you’ve had your fill of the gorgeous underwater beauty of Pi Leh Bay.

Viking Cave

Locally referred to as Tham Phaya Nak, the Viking Cave is a natural rock formation that you shouldn’t miss when you visit Maya Bay. The cave got its name due to the various cave paintings found in the eastern and southern parts of the cave.

You’ll see that the paintings here depict different kinds of boats, with one resembling that of a Viking ship. It’s believed that these paintings were drawn by sailors who used the cave as their shelter from the storm.

The area is also home to a famous local industry which is the harvesting of swiftlet bird’s nests. It’s considered a local delicacy and if you’re lucky enough, you might see some of the locals working on harvesting some while you’re touring the cave.

Phi Phi Islands

You have to visit Phi Phi Islands to see for yourself why it’s one of the most popular islands here in Thailand. It’s got some of the most diverse activities you can experience and do in this tropical paradise plus it has some of the most stunning views in Thailand.

Aside from swimming, you can also do some diving, snorkelling, and shark watching when in Phi Phi Islands. Tour guides will be helping you out during your shark-watching sessions and you’ll also be provided with complete diving gear for this activity.

Instead of just taking pictures on the beach or against the shoreline, you can take breathtaking photos from the Phi Phi viewpoint. It’s perfect if you want to get a panoramic shot of the village and the 2 bays surrounding the island. 

If you want something more physically challenging, why not try out some rock climbing on one of the island’s limestone cliffs? One of the most popular sites for rock climbing is called the Tonsai Tower which can be challenging to scale as it is 200 metres tall! 

Bamboo Island

Also referred to by locals as Koh Pai, Bamboo Island is located in the northeastern part of the archipelago. You’ll see stretches of white sand, clear blue waters, and lush vegetation in the middle of the island hence its name.

Once you arrive, you can ask your tour guide if you can dive at Hin Klang, a coral reef formation popular with tourists. Diving in this underwater marvel will make you feel like you’re actually navigating a vibrant aquarium right in the middle of the ocean.

You can also take the perfect photos using the bamboo trees as your backdrop. Rent one of the cottages near the beach, pose, then take a shot in front of the beach or right in the middle of these bamboo trees in the middle of the island.

Ton Sai Beach

Ton Sai Beach is another area you need to visit when in Maya Bay. It has some of the most stunning beaches and views to offer and it also has tons of activities in store for you and for your family.

First, you can go rock climbing on one of the many limestone cliffs here. There are five-day courses being offered if you want to learn all about rock climbing or if you’re a seasoned rock climber, you can just rent equipment and be on your way.

Next, you can rent a kayak to paddle your way around TonSai Beach. There are other notable locations that you can visit here as well while kayaking such as Phranang Cave, Podah Island, and Railay Beach.

Lastly, the Andaman Sea’s underwater majesty is waiting for you here at TonSai Beach. You can proceed to Railay Beach and go for some diving courses depending on your skill level– there are beginner ones and expert options to choose from! 

Nui Beach

Regarded as one of the most beautiful beaches in Thailand, Nui Beach is actually a small strip of tropical paradise (around 120 metres long). You’d also have to trek through some greenery to get here but it’s all worth it.

Once you reach the beach, you’ll see why it’s a dream destination. Nui Beach has white sand and clear blue waters, a well-maintained shoreline, and a couple of recreational activities available for you to enjoy like snorkelling, beach volleyball, and kayaking!

The beach also boasts a spa, hotel, and restaurant that you can try out if ever you want to relax while enjoying the beauty of the scenery. There’s also a multi-level pond here that leads to an elevated area that will give you a great view of the area!

Monkey Beach

Monkey Beach is one of the best snorkelling spots in the region and it’s also one of the most stunning ones. You can enjoy the beauty of its powdery white sand, emerald green waters, and lush greenery serving as the backdrop– with monkeys all around!

Yes, the island got its name due to the presence of monkeys on the island. These wild animals may be cute but we strongly advise that you don’t interact with or get too close to them as they can suddenly scratch, bite, or snatch.

Aside from snorkelling around the beautiful green waters of Monkey Island, you can also do some sea kayaking around the area. The water around the shore is shallow giving you the perfect opportunity to view the wonders beneath while riding your kayak! 

Where to Stay in Maya Bay

Viking Nature Resort

Address: 222 Ko Phi Phi Ao Nang, Amphoe Mueang Krabi, Krabi 81210, Thailand   

Phone: +6675819399  

Pricing: $

Book Now

If you want to be close to nature while touring Maya Bay, then we highly recommend checking out Viking Nature Resort. This resort features wooden cabins and quiet surroundings which is perfect if you want to relax and unwind after a long day of touring!

You don’t even have to step out of your room as each cabin offers a great view of the sea and the lush greenery surrounding the resort. The hotel also boasts a fantastic restaurant that serves delicious local favourites like chicken curry, and jasmine rice.

SAii Phi Phi Island Village Resort

Address: 49 หมู่ 8, Ao Nang, Mueang Krabi District, Krabi 81000, Thailand   

Phone: +66 75 628 900  

Pricing: $$$ 

Book Now

SAii Phi Phi Island Village Resort is a bit pricey, sure, but as the saying goes– you get what you pay for! This resort can give you and your loved ones a feeling of exclusivity as the area and the facilities will lend you that feeling of being in a private resort.

To get to the resort, you have to ride a boat and even wear waterproof boots. If you want to get the best view of the beach while staying here, we recommend that you choose their junior suites located right beside the beach.

Aside from all of these, the hotel also has three restaurants giving you the option to choose which food (local, Western, or fusion cuisine) you’re in the mood for. 

The hotel also features its own scuba and diving tour packages with experienced trainers– pretty convenient if you want an all-in-one package with your hotel room!

Phi Phi Banyan Villa  

Address: 129 หมู่ที่ 7 Ao Nang, Mueang Krabi District, Krabi 81210, Thailand    

Phone: +66 75 601 023  

Pricing: $

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Those looking for a budget-friendly room when in Maya Bay can find it here at the Phi Phi Banyan Villa. The hotel is also conveniently close to the pier, shops, and restaurants making it perfect if you want to scour the area for good finds and food.

The hotel also features spacious (albeit dated) rooms and a stunning swimming pool where you and your loved ones can relax after travelling around the archipelago. You also shouldn’t miss their breakfast as they feature delicious Western and local dishes!

Paradise Pearl Bungalows 

Address: 138 หมู่ 7 หาดยาว เกาะพีพี Ao Nang, Mueang Krabi District, Krabi 81000, Thailand   

Phone: +66612270488  

Pricing: $ 

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Paradise Pearl Bungalows is an eclectic but charming mix of the traditional and the modern. From the outside, the facade of the bungalows may look traditional but the rooms inside are clean, modern, and well-maintained.

We also liked the location of their bungalows as it is right beside the beach. This is perfect if you and your kids just want direct access to the beach or if you and your group just prefer enjoying the beautiful views of the Andaman Sea.

It’s also a great hotel if you want different services to be all in one place. You can avail of other services and products (coffee, massage, food, smoothies, etc.) at the hotel itself– convenient and very customer-friendly if you ask us.

Phi Phi Holiday Resort

Address: 54 หมู่ 8 Ao Nang, Mueang Krabi District, Krabi 81000, Thailand    

Phone: +6675627300  

Pricing: $$ 

Book Now

This mid-range hotel is anything but middling as the hotel offers amazing bungalows you and your loved ones can stay in right in front of the ocean. If you want direct access to the beach though, we recommend going for their deluxe beach room.

You’ll also love the peace and calm at this Resort as you’ll have the beach to yourself here thanks to the private strip of shore allotted exclusively to guests. It’s a peaceful experience away from the huge crowds of public beaches that you’ll surely appreciate.

The hotel also serves a great breakfast spread where you can eat various local and Western dishes before heading out and starting your day. There are also bars and restaurants nearby if you want to party at night or if you want to eat someplace else.

Where to Eat in Maya Bay

Restaurant Knock Out

Address: 47, 47 8 moo 8 loh ba kao bay (behind phi phi island village resort phi phi island 8, Krabi, Thailand 

Phone: +66872787901   

Pricing: $  

Restaurant Knock Out truly delivers if you want authentic and delicious Thai dishes with a great local vibe. We recommend trying out their soups and their curries along with their friend chicken and Pad Thai.

The best part is that most of these dishes will be prepared right in front of you. It’s truly a unique and unforgettable dining experience when you’re in Maya Bay.

P.P. Wang Ta Fu

Address: Ko Phi Phi Don, Ao Nang, Mueang Krabi District, Krabi, Thailand   

Phone: +66611763953    

Pricing: $$


Looking for more variety in the food you can order when in Maya Bay? Then P.P. Wang Ta Fu just might be the restaurant for you as they serve not just Thai dishes but also other Asian Cuisine like Japanese and Chinese.

They serve one of the best sushis and it’s definitely something you should order when in the Krabi district. We also recommend ordering their fish dishes, mango sticky rice, and papaya salad as these are all prepared fresh and you’ll know it with each bite.

Efe Mediterranean Cuisine Restaurant 

Address: 125 Ao Nang, Mueang Krabi District, Krabi 81000, Thailand  

Phone: +66 95 150 4434   

Pricing: $


At Efe Mediterranean Cuisine Restaurant, healthy food doesn’t need to be bland or boring. They have healthy Turkish dishes that will surely make your tastebuds sing. 

They have delicious wraps with either meat or vegetable filling depending on your preference with chips on the side. The restaurant also serves some of the most delicious and authentic kebabs you’ll ever try out in Thailand. 

If you want delicious and healthy food without breaking the bank, then this is one restaurant you need to visit. Plus, it has a great bohemian interior perfect for taking photos with your loved ones or friends.

ACQUA Restaurant Phi Phi 

Address: 125/18, Ao Nang, Mueang Krabi District, Krabi, Thailand  

Phone: +66 83 181 6915   

Pricing: $$


This restaurant exudes elegance and class but its prices are actually quite reasonable considering the food you’ll get here. It serves classic European and Thai dishes coupled with the chill and friendly atmosphere of the restaurant,

Don’t miss out on their Pad Thai shrimp and their chicken burger which you can customise depending on your preference. Have the restaurant amp up the chilli flavour or you can just have these dishes as is depending on your mood!

JaJa Cafe & Spice

Address: 125/48 Moo.7 Koh Phi Phi Don 7.73934,98.77265, Ao Nang, Mueang Krabi District, Krabi 81000, Thailand

Phone: +66 95 257 5452    

Pricing: $


Now here’s a vegan spot where you can kick back and relax while touring Maya Bay. They serve some healthy and delicious vegan dishes and refreshments all at a reasonable price.

The restaurant has a great chill vibe which is greatly helped by the owner of the place, Jaru, who will routinely engage in small talk with guests! Their caramelised banana pancakes are to die for and perfect if you pair them with some hot or iced coffee!

Apps to Download for a Trip to Maya Bay

Grab: Ride-hailing, food, grocery, and delivery services

iOS | Android

Bolt: Ride-hailing, food, grocery, and delivery services

iOS | Android

Line: Call and messaging, file sharing

iOS | Android

Klook: Book tours, attractions, tickets, restaurants, hotels, and other activities

iOS | Android

Agoda:  Book hotels, flights, and other activities

iOS | Android

Google Translate: Translate various languages

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