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Mother’s Day Celebration in Thailand

Mother’s Day Celebration in Thailand

Mother’s Day in Thailand is held on August 12. On this day, the Thais celebrate the bond that mothers share with their children. 

Before, Mother’s Day was celebrated every April 15th. But it was eventually changed to honor the birthday of Queen Sirikit, who is perceived as the Mother of all Thais.

Read on as we discuss interesting and heart-warming things traditionally done in Thailand to commemorate this special day for Queen Sirikit and all mothers in the country.

Is Mother’s Day in Thailand a holiday?

Mother’s Day is celebrated as a national holiday in Thailand.

Thai Mother’s Day, or “Wan Mae,” is observed annually on the Queen’s birthday, August 12th. Since 1976, it has been commemorated annually. 

The objective of the day is to honor mothers everywhere and the mother of the Thai nation with pageantry, displays of affection, and gifts. 

How is Mother’s Day celebrated in Thailand?

On this special day, mothers visit their children’s schools for a special event. In this tradition, each child bows at the feet of his or her mother in gratitude for everything she has done for them. 

At this point, people will also present their mothers with a jasmine garland or bouquet. The mothers will then give their kids blessings. 

The gesture is fleeting but powerful because it shows how a mother and her children remain deeply connected even as they get older and become adults.

In this happy and proud moment, it’s common to see mothers wiping their eyes with their hands, and many kids do the same.

What to expect during Mother’s Day in Thailand?

Tributes to the Queen 

Tributes to the Queen

Image source: Thailand for farang

Since the Thai people view the Queen as the mother of the entire country, they honor her on the same day they honor their mothers. The Queen was born on Friday, so blue is often used to symbolize this day of the week.

Homes and establishments will fly blue flags with the Queen’s crest a few weeks before Mother’s Day. In Thailand, a particular color stands for each day of the week. 

Public spaces are decorated with lovely lights and decorations to commemorate the Queen’s birthday in August. There are even hung-up portraits of the monarch. 

To show their allegiance and love for the Queen, citizens hoist the national flag and display her portrait in their homes.

Ceremonies and Traditions

Ceremonies and Traditions

Image source: Pattaya Mail

Thai Buddhist monks dressed in saffron robes receive food offerings during early morning ceremonies. Traditional celebrations include giving alms to monks early in the morning to make merit, like many other significant occasions in Thailand.

Mother's Day Ceremonies

Image source: ThailandNOW

Mother’s Day ceremonies are typically held in schools, with performances and children thanking their mothers individually for their commitment and sacrifice. 

Families frequently treat moms to fine dining restaurants in big cities, roam around the theme park, or have a staycation in hotels for Mother’s Day specials.

Additionally, candle-lighting ceremonies and fireworks displays are frequently used to mark Mother’s Day and Her Majesty Queen Sirkit’s birthday. 

Evening festivities in Bangkok are typically marked by fireworks and light displays. The Ratchadamnern Road, Sanam Luang, and the vicinity of the Grand Palace are where the celebrations take place.

Tributes to Moms on Mother’s Day in Thailand

Traditional Gifts for Mothers

Jasmine, a flower that stands for grace and purity, is Thailand’s customary Mother’s Day gift. In Thai, it is referred to as “dok mali” (ดอกมะลิ).

The fragrant flower is frequently sold in blossoms, which symbolize motherhood and maternal love, and in ornate garlands, which are sold throughout Bangkok. 

However, if jasmine is not available in your area, you can always opt for a flower delivery or for a more creative and thoughtful experience, you can make one yourself.

As a special expression of love, kids frequently purchase garlands for their mothers or make them themselves. Additionally, artificial jasmine bouquets and pins are available.

The flower’s white color represents the sincerity of a mother’s true love, which never wavers. To show their mothers their love and gratitude, children often participate in charitable endeavors and give gifts and offerings to monks.

Traditional Song for Mothers

There is a unique Mother’s Day song that has been performed in Thailand for many years. The song was created by a man by the name of Paiboon Butkan as an homage to his mother. The singer’s unwavering gratitude for his mother is the main theme of the song.

How do you say Happy Mother’s Day in Thai?

“Mother’s Day” – “Wan Mae” (วันแม่).

 “Happy Mother’s Day” – “Suksan Wan Mae” (สุขสันต์วันแม่).

“I love you, Mom” – “Rak Mae” (รักแม่).

FAQs about Mother’s Day in Thailand

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