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Top 12 Chiang Rai Temples

Top 12 Chiang Rai Temples

If you want to immerse in Thai culture while you’re in Chiang Rai, going temple-hopping is one of the best ways to do it! And to help you out, we’ve compiled a laid-back list of the temples in the area that are absolute must-visits. 

From the iconic Wat Rong Khun to the hidden gems like Wat Phra Non, get ready to immerse yourself in the rich cultural tapestry of Chiang Rai. Let’s go!

Wat Rong Khun (White Temple)

Address: Pa O Don Chai, Mueang Chiang Rai District, Chiang Rai 57000, Thailand

Opening hours: Daily 8 AM to 5 PM


  • Thai locals – free
  • Foreigners –  50 THB


Prepare to be dazzled by the ethereal beauty of Wat Rong Khun, more famously known as the White Temple. A modern masterpiece, this temple is a striking vision in white and silver, adorned with intricate details that will leave you in awe.

As you approach, the symbolism embedded in every element becomes apparent, making it not just a temple but a work of art. 

From the Bridge of the Cycle of Rebirth to the intricate murals inside, Wat Rong Khun is a unique spiritual and visual experience that should be at the top of your Chiang Rai itinerary.

Local tip:

Arrive early in the morning to beat the crowds and experience the surreal beauty of the White Temple in a more serene atmosphere.

Wat Rong Suea Ten (Blue Temple)

Address: 306 Moo 2 Subdistrict, 303 Maekok Rd, Rim Kok, Mueang Chiang Rai District, Chiang Rai 57100, Thailand

Opening hours: Daily 7 AM to 8 PM

Fee: Free


Wat Rong Suea Ten or the Blue Temple is a relatively recent addition to Chiang Rai’s temple scene. It’s a mesmerising sight with its vibrant blue exterior and intricate architectural details. 

Inside, the rich blue and gold hues create a serene atmosphere, setting the stage for a contemplative visit. Don’t forget to appreciate the delicate artwork and the imposing white buddha inside. 

Another great feature of this temple is that the facilities are well-maintained and clean, with numerous vendors offering a variety of drinks and food. The highlight, undoubtedly, is the blue pea flower coconut ice cream—a treat worth savouring during your visit. 

Local tip:

Visit during late afternoon when the sun bathes the temple in a warm glow, enhancing the vibrant blue hues and creating a magical ambiance.

Wat Phra Kaew

Address: 19 Moo 1 Trairat Rd, Wiang, Mueang Chiang Rai District, Chiang Rai 57000, Thailand

Opening hours: Daily 9 AM to 5 PM

Fee: Free


Discover the historical and cultural significance of Wat Phra Kaew, a temple that holds a special place in Thai history. Home to the Emerald Buddha, a revered symbol of Thai monarchy, this temple is a pilgrimage site for many. 

The site is not only steeped in history but also exudes a charming and peaceful ambiance. Plus, the intricate design and vibrant colours of the temple’s architecture contribute to its grandeur. 

Here, you can take your time exploring the various structures within the complex, each with its own unique charm. 

Local tip:

The temple features a museum showcasing a collection of Lanna Buddhist artefacts. This museum provides visitors with the opportunity to explore and appreciate the rich cultural and religious heritage of the region through the display of various artefacts related to Lanna Buddhism

Wat Phra Singh

Address: WR6J+G3R, Tambon Wiang, Mueang Chiang Rai District, Chiang Rai 57000, Thailand

Opening hours: Daily 6 AM to 6:30 PM

Fee: Free


Wat Phra Singh is a temple known for its classic Lanna architectural style. The main attraction here is the Phra Singh Buddha image, a revered and beautifully crafted statue. 

While this small temple may not attract as much traffic as others in the area, it boasts unique features that make it a worthwhile visit. The accessible halls showcase exquisite woodwork, with one housing historical photos and beautiful Buddhist paintings. 

Take some time to walk on its tranquil ground and appreciate well-preserved artworks that reflect a touch of Hindu influence. 

Local tips:

Conveniently, there is ample parking available within the temple premises. This accessibility makes it convenient for visitors to explore the temple grounds without concerns about parking. 

Wat Jed Yod

Address: WR3J+9J5, Jetyod Rd, Tambon Wiang, Mueang Chiang Rai District, Chiang Rai 57000, Thailand

Opening hours: Daily 6 AM to 6 PM

Fee: Free

Wat Jed Yod, with its distinctive seven spires, stands out as a unique and historically significant temple in Chiang Rai. Originally built in the 15th century, the temple exudes a sense of antiquity and charm. 

Each of the seven chedis represents an important Buddhist event, adding layers of meaning to the site. Plus, the presence of an amazing Big Buddha surrounded by smaller ones makes this location truly special. 

As you explore the temple grounds, you’ll encounter a blend of ancient and more recent additions, making Wat Jed Yod a captivating stop for those interested in Thai Buddhist history.

The overall ambiance provides a serene and peaceful environment, making it an ideal place to spend some quiet and contemplative time.

Local tip:

During your visit, you have the opportunity to purchase candles, incense, and flowers, providing you with the means to make merit and offer prayers for your family and friends. 

This act allows you to actively participate in the spiritual traditions of the temple and contribute to the positive energy of the sacred space.

Wat Ming Muang

Address: WR4H+W89, Wiang, Mueang Chiang Rai District, Chiang Rai 57000, Thailand

Opening hours: Daily 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM; Evening hours

Fee: Free

Wat Ming Muang invites you to delve into the heart of Chiang Rai’s cultural landscape. Nestled in the city centre, this temple holds a unique charm with its elegant architecture and peaceful surroundings. 

The temple is a fusion of Northern Thai and Burmese cultural influences in its construction. Inside, you’ll find several intriguing elements, including the “Chang Mup Well,” an ancient well considered sacred. 

This well served as a source of water and a place to wash the face for travellers passing through Chiang Rai in ancient times. 

As you explore its grounds, you’ll also encounter beautifully adorned structures and perhaps stumble upon moments of quiet reflection. 

Local tip:

For an exciting experience, consider visiting during the night. The atmosphere comes alive with beautiful lights, creating a magical and captivating ambiance. 

This special occasion allows visitors to enjoy the temple grounds in a different light, enhancing the overall beauty and charm of the place during the fair. However, since it’s already nighttime, some areas are not allowed to explore.

Wat Huay Pla Kang

Address: 553 Village No. 3 Tambon Mae Yao, Mueang Chiang Rai District, Chiang Rai 57100, Thailand

Opening hours: Daily 7 AM to 9 PM

Fee: Free


Wat Huay Pla Kang is a temple that commands attention with its giant statue of Guanyin, the Goddess of Mercy. This is the perfect temple to visit if you want to see panoramic views of Chiang Rai as it’s situated on a hill.

However, don’t miss out on the other details! The temple complex itself showcases a 9-floor pagoda surrounded by 12 additional structures, all centred around a colossal Buddha statue. 

The sheer size of the statue is awe-inspiring, and as you climb the stairs and take the elevator, you’ll find hidden shrines that add to the overall experience. 

Upon ascending, you’ll also have the unique opportunity to access the eye of the statue — an intriguing and distinctive experience. 

Local tip:

The temple goes beyond its spiritual role by extending care to orphans and the homeless from various places. It provides support for education and residence, ensuring a stable environment for those in need. 

Additionally, the temple is involved in a hospital project aimed at promoting health and wellness within the community. Visitors have the opportunity to contribute and make a positive impact by donating to support these initiatives. 

Wat Klang Wiang

Address: Wat Klang Wiang Chiang Rai, Uttarakit Road, Mueang Chiang Rai District, Chiang Rai 57000, Thailand

Opening hours: Daily 8 AM to 8 PM

Fee: Free


Wat Klang Wiang, with its traditional Lanna architecture, invites you to step into a world of timeless beauty. This centrally located temple reflects the region’s cultural heritage, so it’s the perfect destination if you’re only making a quick stop.

Take your time, though, to appreciate the meticulously crafted structures, adorned with intricate details, showcasing the craftsmanship of the Lanna people. 

Also take note of how the temple’s main prayer hall exemplifies remarkable Northern Thai architecture. The beautiful wooden carvings and vibrant murals are something to be truly appreciated!

Local tip:

Visit during the morning hours to enjoy the peaceful ambiance and the soft sunlight that highlights the intricate details of the temple’s architecture.

Wat Phra That Chom Kitti

Address: 73PF+CMV, Wiang, Chiang Saen District, Chiang Rai 57150, Thailand

Opening hours: Daily 8 AM to 5 PM

Fee: Free

Wat Phra That Chom Kitti stands as a testament to the spiritual heritage of Chiang Rai. Nestled on the hill, it also offers a serene and cool atmosphere, providing a peaceful vantage point overlooking Chiang Saen. 

As it’s perched on a hill, you’ll see its glittering golden chedi while you approach it. And while it’s a standout attraction in Chiang Rai, the temple exudes tranquillity, peace, and cleanliness.

As you explore the temple grounds, you’ll discover sacred relics and intricately designed structures that contribute to the overall serenity of Wat Phra That Chom Kitti. 

Local tip:

If walking seems less appealing, you have the option to drive and conveniently park at the top, providing a more accessible and convenient way to reach your destination. 

Wat Chetawan (Wat Pra Non)

Address: Ban Nong Bua Watpranorn Rd, Wiang, Mueang Chiang Rai District, Chiang Rai 57000, Thailand

Fee: Free

Wat Chetawan, also known as Wat Pra Non, has an architecture that reflects a blend of Thai and Burmese styles, creating a unique visual appeal.

Being one of the oldest temples in Chiang Rai, it holds historical significance and is recommended for those inclined to make merit. 

Inside, a Big Buddha statue awaits, as well as incredible wood carvings that narrate the story of how ancient people lived. With these, you can have a captivating glimpse into the region’s history and culture.

Local tip:

Visitors are encouraged to make merit to the reclining Buddha housed within the temple. This act of making merit involves performing good deeds or engaging in virtuous activities, contributing to the spiritual and cultural practices associated with the temple. 

Wat Phrathat Doi Chom Thong

Address: WR8F+72M, ArjAmnuay Rd, Tambon Rop Wiang, Mueang Chiang Rai District, Chiang Rai 57000, Thailand

Opening hours: Daily 6 AM to 5 PM

Fee: Free

Perched on the slopes, this temple provides a scenic escape with panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes. Wat Phrathat Doi Chom Thong is characterised by its golden chedi, which gleams in the sunlight, so time your visit right to capture this enchanting moment!

Reaching this temple may take some time if you decide to walk. However, the journey is rewarded with an awesome small temple rich in history. The temple’s hilltop location adds a sense of serenity and spirituality to the experience. 

As you explore the grounds, you’ll encounter sacred relics and architectural elements that make Wat Phrathat Doi Chom Thong a destination worth the journey. The authenticity of the experience is heightened by the daily village life happening in and around the temple. 

Local tip:

If you’re hungry, there’s a variety of food options, ranging from street vendors offering local delights to fairly upscale restaurants in close proximity, providing a diverse culinary experience for visitors.

Wat Phrachao Lan Thong

Address: 73FM+WMH, Wiang, Chiang Saen District, Chiang Rai 57150, Thailand

Opening hours: Daily 5 AM to 6:30 PM

Fee: Free

Nestled in the cultural heart of Chiang Rai, Wat Phrachao Lan Thong, often referred to as the “Temple of the Million Ton Buddha of 5 Sacred Metals,” stands as a testament to Thai craftsmanship and spirituality. 

The focal point of this enchanting temple is the colossal seated Buddha named Phra Chao Lan Thong weighing 1,200-kilogram and standing for about 3-metre-tall. 

The meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail in the Buddha’s features make this temple a true marvel, so take some time to appreciate it.

Additionally, the City Pillar of Chiang Saen can also be found within the temple premises, adding to its cultural and historical importance.

Local tip:

To fully appreciate the beauty of the Million Ton Buddha, plan your visit during the late afternoon when the sunlight bathes the temple in a warm glow, enhancing the brilliance of the sacred metals. 

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