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Bangkok's Top 5 Suppliers of Artificial Grass

Bangkok’s Top 5 Suppliers of Artificial Grass

How We Chose the Top Bangkok Artificial Grass Suppliers


We chose our artificial grass suppliers based on how credible and reliable they are, according to customers.

Product Variety

Achieving a realistic-looking lawn is a bit complicated since you’d need to consider the ideal length of grass, colours, and other long-term aspects. This is where having many types of grass is a plus for any supplier.


The best artificial grass for your lawn or garden should be durable and pleasing to the eye.


Artificial grass is a pricy investment, so any supplier in Bangkok that can give us the bang for our buck is one to recommend to our readers.

Delivery and Installation

We’ll be very glad if a supplier also offers delivery and even installation; efficiency is another plus point!

    1. PK One (2020) Co., Ltd.

    PK One (2020) Co., Ltd. Homepage

    Services: Artificial Grass Installation, Rubber Tiles


    Address: 95/1 Krungthep Kreetha Road Khlong Song Ton Noon, Lat Krabang District, Bangkok 10520

    Contact Details:

    Tel: (+66) 83-538-2936; 65-245-1699; 90-963-9323

    Line: @pkone01; @pkone02

    Email: [email protected]

    Operating Hours: Daily, always open

    Google Reviews score5/5 
    Facebook reviews score4.9/5 
    Total reviews4/5
    Score consistency 4/5
    Product Variety4/5
    Delivery and Installation4/5


    • Open 24 hours
    • Great product variety
    • Economical pricing
    • Nationwide delivery
    • Can also install


    • Inconsistent contact details online
    • 5-8 years product life

    PK One is an artificial grass importer and distributor in the Lat Krabang district of Bangkok. It’s a huge warehouse full of different types of artificial turf rolls and rubber tiling.

    Our respondents consistently praise the high quality of this store’s artificial grass. However, what we liked the best about PK One are its office hours and economical pricing. 

    Most suppliers will have typical eight or ten-hour operating hours, but this store explicitly announces that it’s always open (a.k.a. operates 24 hours a day)!

    To add, PK One generally offers artificial grass in thicknesses ranging from 1 to 4 cm (0.4 to 1.6 in) in 50-metre rolls (around 540 sq ft). Pricing is economical in our books since it can go from THB 58 to 360 per square metre.

    If you want professional artificial turf installation in your lawn, garden, backyard, or event grounds, PK One’s installation service starts at around THB 70 per square metre (10.8 sq ft). If you’re outside Bangkok, don’t fret, the company can also deliver nationwide!

    As good as its services may be, there are still some things we don’t particularly like about PK One. 

    One of these is inconsistency in its contact details. Its website and social media page do not have the same contact numbers or chat accounts. 

    We might have gotten lucky after calling one number we saw over the internet, but other customers might get confused about which number or Line account to reach.

    The promised artificial grass’ service life of 5-8 years also seems a bit lacking in our opinion. Although the actual longevity of the artificial turf depends on usage and exposure to the elements, we would’ve liked it better if the product had a longer life.

    2. Greeny Grass System

    Greeny Grass System Homepage

    Services: Artificial Grass for Sporting Facilities and Landscapes


    Address: 6/10 Pipatanasin Building, 11th Floor, Room 11B, Narathiwas Ratchanakarin Rd, Tungmahamek, Sathorn, Bangkok 10120

    Contact Details:

    Tel: (+66) 02-670-6388; 02-750-3322 (Samut Prakan Showroom)

    Line: @greenygrass

    Email: [email protected]

    Operating Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM

    Google Reviews score4.6/5
    Total reviews1/5
    Score consistency 3/5
    Product Variety4/5
    Delivery and Installation4/5


    • Manufacturer and distributor
    • Nationwide delivery and installation
    • Excellent quality of artificial grass
    • Specialises in large sporting fields


    • Showroom is outside Bangkok
    • Closed on the weekends

    If you prefer to get your artificial grass from a company that not only distributes but also manufactures the grass itself, then you should check out Greeny Grass System.

    This artificial grass company specialises in producing and installing synthetic turfs for sporting facilities like football fields and in private homes and gardens. As it’s a sizeable operation, we’re not surprised by its ISO 9001:2015 certification.

    Greeny Grass’ headquarters are in Bangkok’s Sathorn district, but its showroom is in Samut Prakan. Looking at the different artificial grass types this company offers might be a bit of a hassle if you prefer to do it in person; at least, they can deliver nationwide.

    The best feature of Greeny Grass is its capability to make artificial grass that’s pretty customised to the customer’s needs and specifications. 

    Its artificial grass products have a surprisingly long service life of 8 to 10 years, and the after-service is good for as long as you’re using it! For us, these make this company an excellent choice!

    Also, lots of our respondents love the service of Greeny Grass’ staff, from sales to after-sales. 

    We can’t stress further how solid a choice this company is if you need artificial grass in Bangkok and beyond.

    3. Artificial Grass Co. Ltd.

    Artificial Grass Co. Ltd. Homepage

    Services: Production and Installation of Artificial Grass


    Address: 1560 Soi Hemawong cor Asok – Din Daeng Rd, Din Daeng, Bangkok 10400

    Contact Details:

    Tel: (+66) 86-358-1008; 97-092-6183

    Line: @puyatiem; @sumjob

    Email: [email protected]

    Operating Hours: Daily, 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

    Google Reviews score4.5/5 
    Facebook reviews score5/5 
    Total reviews5/5
    Score consistency 3/5
    Product Variety4/5
    Delivery and Installation4/5


    • Accessible location
    • Economical pricing and promos
    • Vast choices


    • Confusing shop names
    • Dubious marketing pitch

    If you’re on a tight budget or want to be as economical as possible, then Artificial Grass Co. Ltd. can be the best choice for you. It’s conveniently located in the middle of the Asok – Din Daeng Road, so it’s accessible to customers.

    What our respondents liked best about this artificial grass supplier is its great variety of synthetic grass products. You can get the typical turf, fake grass walls, and artificial plants for your garden planters here. 

    For the artificial grass, Artificial Grass Co. has many options, ranging from THB 99 to 499 per square metre (10.8 sq ft). It even has frequent shop promos that can even land you better deals. 

    We also found it noteworthy that this company promises that the lifespan of its grass is around 5 to 8 years.

    You can buy artificial grass rolls for your DIY garden improvement or avail of this company’s installation services. Another good thing is you can also buy from this shop even though you’re from outside of Bangkok.

    However, there are also some things we aren’t fond of. 

    First is the confusion concerning the actual name of the store. The company is called “Artificial Grass” (its corporate name) or even “Sumjob Grass.” We think customers would appreciate it more if the company is consistent with what it calls itself.

    Another thing is about the company’s marketing pitch. Based on our fact-checking, it’s the claim of getting its grass from “Paving Artificial Grass,” supposedly the largest artificial grass maker in the world seems a bit too far fetched.

    We hope that the artificial grass company will be honest with its customers regarding where it gets its inventory. It doesn’t matter if the product comes from just one or different manufacturers—it’s the quality that talks.

    4. Thai Garden Design

    Thai Garden Design Homepage

    Services: Landscaping, Artificial Grass Installation


    Address: 856/9 Pruksa Ville Khwaeng Dok Mai, Lat Krabang, Bangkok 10250

    Contact Details:

    Tel: (+66) 83-885-9304 (English); 83-885-9304 (Thai)

    Line: @Shinglebum

    Email: [email protected]

    Operating Hours: Daily; Always open

    Google Reviews score4.8/5 
    Houzz Rating3/5 
    Total reviews3/5
    Score consistency 2/5
    Product Variety3/5
    Delivery and Installation4/5


    • Highly credible landscaping company
    • Mix of European and Thai expertise
    • Great for foreigners
    • Always open


    • Costly
    • Timeliness might be a concern

    If you’re an expatriate or farang looking for an artificial grass supplier that’s very easy to talk to, then Thai Garden Design could be the company you’re looking for. 

    It can easily be considered one of Thailand’s premier landscaping companies, as it was established by the renowned landscape architect Somjit Kowtho in 1987. His daughter and her British husband now manage Thai Garden Design.

    We’re thrilled to know that aside from the usual creation or revamp of gardens and landscapes using natural plants, it also offers to install artificial grass in Bangkok and other locations in Thailand. Past clients include companies and private homes.

    Most of its clients love the finished projects. However, some were particularly critical of the actual timeliness of Thai Garden Design in fulfilling landscaping contracts on time.

    Also, given Thai Garden Design’s background, we’re slightly disappointed but not surprised by its pricing. 

    Its thinnest type of artificial grass (1 cm or 0.4 in) goes for THB 350 per square metre (10.8 sq ft), while the thickest one costs THB 950 per square metre (10.8 sq ft).

    The pricing is a massive jump from its competitors, where a thousand baht could already get you a couple of square metres of artificial turf. 

    Nonetheless, if you’re looking for a premium service with world-class management and Thai skills, you can definitely check out Thai Garden Design.

    5. Capital Carpet Co. Ltd.

    Capital Carpet Co. Ltd. Homepage

    Services: Carpeting, Artificial Grass


    Address: 9 Soi Udomsuk 34 Sukhumvit Road 103, Bang Na, Bangkok 10260

    Contact Details:

    Tel: (+66) 02-383-8850-2; 81-934-5150

    Line: capitalcarpet

    Email: [email protected]; [email protected]

    Operating Hours: Monday to Saturday, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

    Google Reviews score4.5/5 
    Total reviews2/5
    Score consistency 3/5
    Product Variety4/5
    Delivery and Installation4/5


    • Great customer service
    • Over 20 years in business
    • Offers custom artificial grass lengths


    • No social media presence

    Capital Carpet Co. Ltd. in the Bang Na district may specialise in carpets, as its name says, but it can also be your next artificial grass supplier in Bangkok.

    With 20 years of experience, Capital Carpet has mastered the art of giving excellent and fast service to its clients. Our respondents love the attentiveness of its staff, as well as the company’s provision of ample parking space for walk-in clients with cars.

    For artificial grass, Capital Carpet offers turf with thicknesses ranging from one to four centimetres (0.4 to 1.6 in), which rolls are two metres (7 ft) in width and can be as long as you need it to be. We like this flexibility made available to the customers.

    The artificial grass, like any other of its kind, is made with strong, synthetic fibres and is very suitable for use in stadiums, office spaces, and homes.

    Although, we think the service could improve a lot more if Capital Carpet would increase their online presence. 

    This online presence includes having regularly updated social media pages so that customers would know more about the brand. Also, they can be quickly notified of new products, promos, and everything in between about carpets and artificial grass.

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