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The 12 Best Cafes in Phuket

The 12 Best Cafes in Phuket  

Traveling all over Phuket to experience its beaches and bask in their glory can be exhausting. This is especially true if you’re short on time and want to make the most of your trip to Thailand

Thankfully, it’s a problem a quick stop at a local cafe can easily fix. Plus, these spots usually have free WiFi, so you can easily update your social media pages on the fly!

To help you figure out which cafes are worth the stop while you’re in Phuket, we’ve done the legwork, giving you all the details on each one, so read on! 

The Old Phuket Coffee

Media credit: josnitin

Address: 2 Thalang Rd, Tambon Talat Yai, Mueang District, Phuket 83000

Contact Number: 099 475 6846

Operating Hours: Daily, 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM 

Costs: $$$

The Old Phuket Coffee, as most other vintage cafe-restos in Phuket, is “old but gold.” To boot, it adapts a design that screams “vintage,” and its undying popularity among tourists speaks volumes about its massive appeal. 

The cafe sits between the intersection of Thalang Road and Yaowarat Road, making it an eye-catching spot for tourists. Plus, the establishment marks where Phuket’s popular “Sunday Walking Street Market” begins.

What really stands out here is the amazing choice of dishes with manageable price tags. Plus, this cafe’s dark, rustic interior and vintage wall decorations (the hanging bike included) give it an endless charm that sparks endless conversations. 

Pro tip: 

The cafe can be a great spot for people watching as it’s open to the street. 

Delico Decoration Coffee & Dessert

Media from delico_decoration

Address: 107/48 Moo 5, Bypass Rd, Ratsada, Phuket 83000

Contact Number: 099 294 9957

Operating Hours: Daily, 10:30 AM to 8:30 PM

Costs: $$$

This cafe is called “Delico Decoration” for a reason, and it matches the interior design that welcomes you as soon as you walk through their front door. The delicate decorations adorning the walls and furniture inside the cafe give it a regal vibe.

Delico Decoration Coffee & Dessert is a cafe and restaurant you may not want to miss, especially if in the prowl for the best IG moments while drinking excellent coffee. The elegant backdrop is a superb recipe for gorgeous photo opportunities.

More importantly, they offer a wide selection of cakes and pastries to go with your cup of coffee and spark great conversations. You’ll love every bit of drink and dishes you’ll take as they’re eyeful, nicely decorated, and dressed up to the nines.

Pro tip: 

Delico Decoration is the perfect place to dress up and have a tea party. Make sure to grab those IG-worthy shots!

The Manina Brunch & Bar

Media from manina.patong

Address: 76/78 Thaweewong Road, Patong Beach, Phuket 83150

Contact Number: +66 81 664 6891

Operating Hours: Daily, 11:00 AM to 12:00 AM 


Costs: $$$

The Manina Brunch & Bar is a newly established, trendy cafe in Phuket across Taweewong Road from the famous Patong Beach. 

It features a fusion of Thai and European cuisine, serving some of the most appetizing food you’ll ever find in Phuket. Although it operates more like a bar and restaurant, it doesn’t mean you can’t get good cafe food and drinks here. 

You’ll love the diverse coffee items (hot and iced) on their menu, which you can view on their website. Plus, their massive selection of excellent fusion food helps elevate the experience if you’re itching for European food.

Pro tip

Manina Brunch & Bar offers a value pack deal of ten drinks for 590 baht (as of January 2024). It’s an excellent deal if you plan to visit with several other friends.

Coffs & Burgh

Media from coffsburgh

Address: Thalang Road, Phuket 83000

Contact Number: 088 658 0002

Operating Hours: Daily, 11:30 AM to 11:30 PM 

Costs: $$

Coffs & Burgh is another vintage-looking cafe in Old Phuket Town where you can get a good drink while basking in this place’s timeless charm. 

This place serves a decent selection of coffee and non-coffee drinks for reasonable prices, giving you more budget for activities as you explore the beaches and surrounding area.

But the unique thing about Coffs & Burgh is that it doubles as an antique and souvenir shop, evident from the various items you’ll see on display. You can go souvenir shopping here or use them as lovely backgrounds for your IG photos!

Pro tip

If you haven’t tried Thai tea, Coffs & Burgh should be a good place to make it happen. 

Endless Summer

Media from endlesssummerphuket

Address: 175 Yaowarat Road, Tambon, Phuket 83000

Contact Number: 099 029 8067

Operating Hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM 

Costs: $$

Endless Summer is where you go if you’re looking for home decor and fashion items, all while enjoying a cuppa! Imagine a fashion boutique and coffee shop rolled and you have a head-turning heritage home that seems cut out of a postcard. 

If you’re short on time, shooting two birds with one stone is what Endless Summer is all about. The best part is that there’s fashion waiting for everyone, as men, women, girls, boys, and even children may find a perfect fit. 

You can even find home and office decor to fit the budget. Plus, the store is so stunning that you’ll have no qualms about posting IG moments inside, so snap!

Pro tip

Endless Summer offers courses and workshops teaching painting, drawing, makeup, photography, and jewelry. You can follow their Facebook page to get updates.

Cheevit Cheeva

Media from cheevitcheeva_dessertcafe

Address: 99, Yaowarat Road, Phuket 83000

Contact Number: 098-363-4695

Operating Hours: 10:30 AM to 10:00 PM (Everyday)


Costs: $$$

One of Chiang Mai’s famous dessert cafes, Cheevit Cheeva, is now serving coffee lovers in Phuket. Of course, that means they’re bringing over their signature Salted Egg Yolk Bingsu, a salty Korean-style dessert with shaved ice and sweet toppings.

It’s an irresistible marriage between sweet and salty flavor layers you can’t afford to miss. However, while Cheevit Cheeva is more famous for its bingsu, it doesn’t mean you won’t find their drinks, like their specialty coffees, interesting at the very least.

Whichever coffee you choose, it will pair well with their wide range of toasts, cakes, croffles, and yes, bingsu! 

Pro tip

Cheevit Cheeva is an IG paradise as every corner is picture-perfect. It’s a great way to post pictures with friends!

Eleven Two & Co.

Media from eleventwomarket

Address: Thalang Road, Phuket 83000

Contact Number: 076 354 424

Operating Hours: 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM (Everyday)

Costs: $$

Eleven Two & Co. is a hidden gem in Phuket that most tourists will probably miss since their seats and tables are hard to spot from the road until you walk into their shop.

But don’t be fooled. This cafe is a treat even when its front shop sells clothes, souvenirs, and other items – a standard arrangement distinct among the coffee shops in Old Phuket Town).

Once you’ve found the place, its signature soft mango crepe, which pairs well with coffee should be worth the trouble. Well, the place is armed to the teeth with air conditioning to combat the prickly heat, but there’s one caveat: the prices may bite.

Pro tip

Grab their famous craft beer at Eleven Two & Co to cool off. But don’t wonder if the Chalawan pale ale gets bitter as you sip—it’s meant to. 

Aungku Phuket Café

Media from aungkuphuket

Address: 69/1 Thalang Rd, Tambon Talat Yai, Mueang District, Phuket 83000

Contact Number: 095 715 9419

Operating Hours: 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM (Everyday)

Costs: $$$

Aungku Phuket Café is a pastry shop you can easily spot at the heart of Old Phuket Town, as it’s along the intersection of Thalang Road and Soi Romanee. 

Take the time to appreciate its Sino-Portuguese architecture, imbibed with modern chic design elements. This spot is so chic and IG-worthy that you’ll notice many passersby stopping to take photos with this elegant building

The cakes and pastries here are eye candies too!  But don’t hesitate to take a bite, as such mouthwatering food is a guilty pleasure you should indulge in as you’re in one of the most fashionable cafes in Phuket.

Pro tip

Aungku Phuket Cafe has its very own bakery, so order up as you have as many bread and pastries options as your heart desires. 


Media from hommori_cafe

Address: 142/9 Thep Krasattri Rd, Tambon, Thalang District, Phuket 83110

Contact Number: 061 923 3339

Operating Hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 11:00 AM to 7:30 PM 

Costs: $$$

Upon visiting Hommori, you’ll get a pleasant surprise of being transported to Japan, seemingly! It’s housed in a traditional Japanese-style building, complete with a zen garden, cozy floor seating and chabudai on the engawa!  

Moreover, Hommori’s offerings also align with its Japanese theme! Now all you need is a samurai and a kimono to go all out. 

Some must-tries are the Matcha Strawberry Latte, Matcha Red Bean Cake, and Tiramisu Cake. You can also order iconic Japanese dishes, like gyoza and tonkatsu—perfect if you’re looking for something savory!

Pro tip

The Japanese restaurant should be a fitting toast to Japan-Thailand friendly relations which can be traced back to World War II. 

Summore Day

Media from sunmoreday

Address: 94, Wiset Rd, Rawai, Phuket 83130

Contact Number: 083 180 8665

Operating Hours: 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM (Everyday)

Costs: $$$

Promthep Cape is one of Phuket’s most picturesque locations, which the newly established Summore Day is taking advantage of. The jaw-dropping view of the cape pairs well with a cup of coffee, especially while appreciating the beautiful sunset.

You can get breakfast here as well as brunch and if you find the house style eerily heartwarming, it’s because it’s Nordic, rooted in the icy regions of Scandinavia. You’ll have a fill of stunning sea views here while taking a sip of a cuppa. 

Promthep Cafe should be top of your list if you’re on a date. Food-wise, you’re in for a treat here as the cuisine is delightful with a price tag that won’t raise an eyebrow as it is within reason.

Pro tip
If you’re going on a date, go during sunset! You’ll have the perfect vibe, especially once you’re at the spot overlooking the Koh Man Islands. 

H2: Chacacao

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Media from chacacaophuket

Address: 83/1, Patiphat Rd, Phuket 83000

Contact Number: 065 461 9789

Operating Hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 11:30 AM to 9:00 PM 

If you’re looking for a more sophisticated experience in Phuket, we recommend checking out Chacacao. Although it operates more like a bar, this shop has some short-order food that cafe-goers would enjoy.

In particular, Chacacao specializes in tea, with its signature being a premium tea served in an elegant bottle and poured in a glass with flames of gold. Although this aromatic tea isn’t too sweet, it features an intense flavor.

Moreover, you’d be flushed in vintage architecture here as that’s how Characao is designed. It’s not as spacious as its counterparts but quality beats quantity here as the food is delicious and served by a most hospitable staff. 

Pro tip

Try  their flavorful Thai tea and match it with hot chocolate for an unforgettable pairing. 

Coconuts Café

Media from coconutscafe

Address: Chalong, Mueang District, Phuket 83000

Contact Number: 081 271 0644

Operating Hours: Thursday to Tuesday, 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM 

Costs: $$$

If you ignore the sign outside, you’d think Coconuts Café is only a tiny house at the center of a spacious garden surrounded by coconut trees. However, that’s most likely why its guests love to frequent this place.

After all, there’s nothing better than a cafe serving good food and drink that makes you feel at home while you’re away. Coconuts Café serves breakfast and lunch, finishing the day with afternoon snacks and tea.

It’s in the South of Phuket, situated in the somewhat diminutive lane of Chalong. It may just be a small house that’s supported by stilts, but it’s a worthy find if you want to have jaw-dropping beautiful natural landscapes while sipping a hot cuppa. 

Pro tip

Order Khao Soy or Krapow Moo if you’re looking for authentic Thai cuisine. Just note that they’re designed to be spicy, as most Thai foods are. 

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