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14 Great Night Markets in Phuket You Should Not Miss

14 Great Night Markets in Phuket You Should Not Miss

If you are planning to go on a vacation in Phuket, you should not miss the great night markets. So, take some time off the thrilling beach activities to grab the chance to sample what makes Thailand special.

Phuket’s night markets are one of the outstanding features in the island. Aside from the shopping and dining experiences they offer, they give tourists a deeper insight into the local culture and the normal local life of the locals. 

In general, night markets are similar to shopping malls, but instead of boutiques, they have open stalls. With their array of local goods, from food to clothing, these Phuket night markets are a shopper’s dream.

In this post, we’ll take you through some of our favourite night markets in Phuket when we feel like doing some shopping, or when we want to simply look around and immerse ourselves in the local scene.

If you visit any of the islands surrounding Phuket, make sure you stop by one of these great Phuket night markets!

1. Naka Night Market (Phuket Weekend Market)

Naka Night Market (Phuket Weekend Market) Homepage
Image source: iStock

Location: Phuket Weekend market
Operating Hours: Saturday and Sunday, 4:00 PM – 11:00 PM

The Phuket Weekend Night Market is a well-known destination for both locals and visitors, and it offers a wide variety of tantalising foods in addition to an intriguing selection of goods. 

However, this particular night market goes by many names. It’s sometimes known as “Phuket Chatuchak,” and we weren’t surprised since it looks so similar to the Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok.

It is also known as Naka Market and is famous for its wide selection of fashion essentials, as well as for its quirky trinkets, pirated goods, used things, souvenirs, antiques, DVD copies, toys, and electronics. 

Locals also refer to it as Chao Fa Market (Chao Fa is a name that also means “Prince”), since its entrance is near Chao Fa West Road, near Naka Temple.

Aside from the usual night market finds here, we love how it has stores that sell exotic Thai cuisine — even scorpions and insects! This is perfect for adventurous tourists!

We occasionally come here to buy dinner, grab some beer, go clothes shopping, and sample snacks like fish cakes and other Thai street foods on sticks. It gets pretty busy here in the evening, so we’re happy that the stalls are already open in the afternoon.

We do find it best to go here during late afternoon, when it’s not too hot anymore. Although don’t arrive too late if you’re driving, since parking can be a bit tricky here.

2. Chillva Market

Chillva Markets Homepage
Image source: Willy Thuan

Location: Chillva Market
Operating Hours: Weekdays, 5:00 PM- 11:00 PM

One of our favourite places to chill out in Phuket is a hip night market called Chillva Market. Despite being small, the market is well-liked by young Thais, and it’s more popular with the locals than with tourists in Phuket.

Chillva Market has restaurants, bars, cafes, shops selling trendy clothing and accessories. Its bohemian atmosphere and vibrant shipping containers that serve as the storefronts will impress you. 

All over this small, cosy night market, stalls and booths are set up. In the middle of the market sits a tiny stage where you could enjoy great live performances, which adds to its wonderful vibe!

Some of the events or performances held here may not be enjoyed by those not fluent in Thai. Although, we feel that Chillva is a great setting for those who want a much more local experience.

3. Phuket Sunday Walking Street

Phuket Sunday Walking Streets Homepage

Image source: iStock

Location: Lard Yai воскресенье с 16 до 22
Operating Hours: Sunday, 4:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Phuket Walking Street is a 350-metre-long pedestrian walkway. It has low, colourful houses in the Portuguese style that line both sides of the street. 

We love how small, cosy lights are installed in the stalls, adding to its somewhat magical ambience. 

It’s notable that this charming ancient street takes pride in being the first on the island without electric cables, which are typically strung together inextricably and are pretty messy to look at.

This place is also called “lard yai” by the locals, which means “big market”. It’s one of the most popular night markets in Phuket, with over 30 stalls selling food, clothing, and homemade accessories.

It even has hair salons, which is pretty convenient if you feel like getting a trim or a makeover while on vacation. There are musicians and painters here as well, adding to the entertainment value for visitors!

4. Indy Night Market

Indy Night Markets Homepage

Image source: Phuket.Net

Location: Phuket Indy Night Market
Operating Hours: Wednesday to Friday, 4:00 PM- 10:30 PM

Despite being small, the Phuket Indy Night Market is spectacular. Locals refer to it as “laad ploy,” meaning “a place to sell personal goods”. This is because the majority of the clothing and handicrafts for sale there are handmade and unique. 

Note that this particular night market draws a lot of local teenagers and college students to hang out after work and classes.

However, we found that Phuket Indy Night Market is relatively quiet compared to the other markets. We like that it just takes around an hour to leisurely explore the entire place. 

If you’re looking to purchase something unique and distinctive, Indy Night Market might surprise you. The food stalls serve a wide variety of Thai cuisine, including grilled meat and fish, mango rice, and Vietnamese Pho. 

In addition to all of this, we also highly recommend Phuket Indy Night Market, where customers may listen to live music as they enjoy their food and beverages.

5. G-Market

G-Markets Homepage

Image source: Trip101

Location: หลาดจี G-market
Operating Hours: Open Daily (except Thursday), 4:00 PM- 10:00 PM

When the evening comes, many of the little eateries in the front or entrance section of Phuket Grocery Shopping Mall are open. This spot is now referred to as G-Market. 

There isn’t much variety in this market as it mainly has food and clothing. We found that it’s mainly a go-to place for Phuket residents who want to eat and hang out with their families. 

It’s pretty entertaining to walk around here, trying out various Thai dishes, talking with friendly vendors, and just people watching. 

6. Fun Friday Avenue Market

Fun Friday Avenue Markets Homepage

Image source: Phuket101

Location: Boat Avenue Phuket
Operating Hours: Friday, 5:00 PM- 10:00 PM

Don’t skip Fun Friday Avenue Market if you’re staying in the Bang Tao Beach region.

Fun Friday Avenue Market is a vibrant “attraction” at Bang Tao Beach that takes place once a week. The market is situated in the centre of Bang Tao Beach’s busiest shopping district, Boat Avenue.

Along with the mouthwatering Thai cuisine, there is a live music area with performances from various musicians each week. Additionally, you can buy a range of handmade goods there that appeal to females as well as gifts for family and friends. 

There are also some cocktail bars in the area if you feel like letting your hair loose!

7. Bangla Night Market

Bangla Night Markets Homepage

Image source: Tripadvisor

Location: Bangla Night Market
Operating Hours: Open Daily, 6:00 PM – 2:00 AM

In its location in Patong Beach, Bangla Road draws travellers from all over the world. This is mainly because it is home to Phuket’s busiest night market!

Bangla Night Market Is mainly geared toward people looking to eat, drink, and party. There will likely be numerous stalls and street food vendors offering freshly prepared meats, seafood, and perhaps Thai desserts. 

Cheap beer and other beverages are also offered at the open bars and cafes, making it a great place for hanging out and meeting new people. 

8. OTOP Patong Night Market

OTOP Patong Night Markets Homepage

Image source:

Location: OTOP Shopping Paradise
Operating Hours: Open Daily 10:00 AM – 11:00 PM

The OTOP (One Tambon, One Product) Market was established as a hub for the promotion of a range of traditional foods and crafts from every tambon (district) in the nation. 

Although traditional Thai handicrafts are still for sale here, a large portion of the market has been turned into a haven for gadgets, accessories, apparel, and footwear supplied at discount prices.

Small pubs are also scattered throughout OTOP Shopping Paradise, and as soon as night falls, both locals and visitors fill the seats. 

Plus, there are several food kiosks in this market that sell delicious meals at fair prices. We recommend trying out the fresh seafood dishes sold in various stalls here!

It was very pleasant to spend the night here, indulging in a variety of Thai dishes while enjoying the warm sea breeze.

9. Banzaan Fresh Market

Banzaan Fresh Markets Homepage

Image source: iStock

Location: Banzaan Fresh Market
Operating Hours: Open Daily, 6:00 AM – 11:00 PM

You won’t want to miss Banzaan Fresh Market if you love food. The Banzaan Fresh Market is located inside a building just behind the Jungceylon retail mall and is a more contemporary market than its counterparts in Phuket.

Also, since it’s an indoor market, it’s the perfect place to go to when the weather isn’t very cooperative

It offers practically every type of Thai street food, including mango glutinous rice, tom yum goong, coconut ice cream, BBQ, fish, and fruits. There is also a vendor with an all-you-can-eat menu at a reasonable price!

10. Karon Temple Market

Karon Temple Markets Homepage

Image source: Phuket.Net

Location: Karon Temple Market
Operating Hours: Tuesday and Friday, 4:00 PM- 10:00 PM

Karon Temple Market is without a doubt the finest option if you’re staying close to Karon Beach and want to experience local foods, desserts, and fresh fruits as well as shop for T-shirts, scarves, sarongs, swimwear, trinkets, handmade crafts, etc.

Due to its popularity, many have begun to schedule their nights around the market, which only opens twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays. 

In Phuket (and all over Thailand), night markets have long been common, but we found that a temple market seems much more exotic.

11. Kata Night Market

Kata Night Markets Homepage

Image source:

Location: Kata Night Market
Operating Hours: Open Daily, 2:00 PM- 11:00 PM

As its name suggests, Kata Night Market is situated near Kata Beach. It’s a covered market, making it another great option for dining and shopping when it’s rainy.

Kata Night Market primarily serves tourists rather than locals, mainly because of its location. 

For us, this market’s outstanding feature is how roomy it is, giving tourists plenty of room to move around without running into people. We highly appreciate not getting bumped into even when it’s busy.

Above all things, we advise purchasing tiny keepsakes and souvenirs here. Don’t miss delicious Thai dishes at fair prices in the food court after finishing their shopping!

12. Talad Kaset Night Market

Talad Kaset Night Markets Homepage

Image source:

Location: Talad Kaset Night Market
Operating Hours: Open Daily 5:00 PM- 12:00 AM

One of the biggest night markets in Phuket’s centre is Talad Kaset. You can try delicious street food there that has been influenced by three different cultures: Thai, Chinese, and Muslim. 

Talad Kaset is conveniently located beside Robinson Department Store. Note that it becomes crowded around 8 o’clock! 

From our observations, we found that this particular night market is popular with night shift workers in Phuket. Since Talad Kaset is open until 12 midnight, it’s also a popular spot for clubbers who want to have some snacks before going home.

13.  Kor Jaan Market

Kor Jaan Markets Homepage

Image source: Phuket101

Location: Kra Road, Phuket Town 80110
Operating Hours: Friday evenings

On the east side of Phuket Town, on Kra Road, is a small night market called Lahd Kor Jaan (Kor Jahn Market).

Overall, it has a relaxed vibe, which we were able to appreciate while eating various regional cuisines–there are even fried insects here! We also noted that many locals frequent this compact night market. 

In its subtle location along Kra Road’s canal, Kor Jaan provides a charming experience. We think this captures the essence of the pretty laidback local life in Phuket.

14. Malin Plaza

Malin Plazas Homepage

Image source:

Location:Malin Plaza
Operating Hours: Open Daily 10:30 AM- 12:00 AM

In Phuket, Malin Plaza Patong provides a wide selection of souvenirs at reasonable costs. It’s as crowded as the majority of the night markets, but it’s located in a cooler setting.

T-shirts, denim, beachwear, purses, luggage, spa treatments, cell phone accessories, and a wide variety of trinkets and souvenirs are just a few of the items you may purchase at Malin Plaza Patong. 

We think the shirt designs at Malin Plaza Patong are fairly distinctive in several cases. There aren’t many local markets in Phuket that feature a tailor, so this is a nice place to go if you want something a little unique.

Another highlight for us is that the dishes services at Malin Plaza Patong are mainly affordable, compared to their prices in the other night markets in Phuket. 

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