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Ultimate Guide to the Maeklong Railway Market near Bangkok

Ultimate Guide to the Maeklong Railway Market near Bangkok

Maeklong Railway Market is an astonishing spectacle nestled near Bangkok. When visiting, prepare to be amazed as you step into a world where market stalls and a bustling railway exist in perfect harmony. 

It’s not just a market; it’s an experience where vendors dance with the train tracks and the aroma of street food (row 616) mingles with the thrill of passing locomotives. 

In this ultimate guide, we’ll unravel the secrets of this captivating destination and unveil the plethora of adventures waiting both within the market and its charming surroundings. 

Let’s dive into the captivating world of the Maeklong Railway Market!

Time zone

Indochina Time (GMT+7)

Best Time to Go 

Best Time to Go
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When it comes to experiencing the enchantment of the Maeklong Railway Market, timing is key. 

The market operates year-round, but to witness the heart-stopping moment when vendors swiftly retract their stalls as the train approaches, it’s recommended to visit during the daily train schedules. 

Trains usually pass through around 8:30 AM, 11:10 AM, and 2:30 PM. Arriving a bit early can secure you a good spot to witness this incredible feat of coordination.

Moreover, to savour the essence of Mae Klong, align your visit with the availability of seasonal products, enriching your experience with local flavours. 

During the cool season (November to February), relish the succulence of tropical fruits like pineapples, mangoes, and oranges, alongside fresh seafood catches and the picturesque backdrop of golden rice paddies. 

As the hot season (March to May) arrives, delight in the sweetness of mangoes and the refreshing allure of coconut water and chilled Thai teas. 

Embrace the rainy season (June to October) for an array of tropical fruits, vibrant vegetables, and insights into rice planting traditions. 

Things to Know 

Things to Know
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Address: 545/3 Soi next to Taweekit Maeklong Mall, Maeklong, Mueang Samut Songkhram District, Samut Songkhram 75000, Thailand

Operating hours: Daily 6 AM to 6 PM

Language: Thai

Currency: Thai Baht (THB)

History and Background: Originally established in the early 19th century, this market has evolved from a simple trading post to a renowned tourist attraction. Its location along an active railway line posed a unique challenge that the vendors ingeniously embraced.

Nearby Attractions: When exploring Maeklong Railway Market, extend your adventure by exploring nearby attractions. 

You can go to the Amphawa Floating Market, Wat Bang Kung with its historic tree-encased temple, and the Don Hoi Lot sandbar, known for its seashells.

Respect Local Customs: Remember to be respectful of the local vendors and their way of life. While capturing photos and videos is part of the experience, always ask for permission before focusing your lens on individuals.

How to Get to the Maeklong Railway Market

How to Get to the Maeklong Railway Market
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Train and Minivan: Take the BTS Skytrain to Wongwian Yai Station to Mahachai. Upon arriving in Mahachai, take a tuk-tuk or taxi to Mahachai Pier. 

From there, you’ll find ferries to Ban Laem. After reaching Ban Laem, you can hire a local minivan or songthaew (shared taxi) to Maeklong Railway Market.

By Taxi: You can hire a taxi from Bangkok directly to Maeklong Railway Market. It’s a more convenient option, especially if you’re travelling in a group or with family.

Guided Tours: Opting for a guided tour is hassle-free and offers insights into the local culture and history. Many tour operators in Bangkok offer day trips to the Maeklong Railway Market, often combined with visits to other nearby attractions.

On Arrival: Once you arrive at the market, enjoy the bustling atmosphere and make sure to be there around the scheduled train timings to witness the iconic train passage through the market.

Note: The journey might involve multiple modes of transportation, and it’s advisable to check the timings and availability in advance. The local transportation options can be unique and may require some flexibility in your plans.

Where to Stay near Maeklong Railway Market

Alongkorn Hotel by SB

Alongkorn Hotel by SB
(Image source: Alongkorn Hotel by SB)

Address: 541 15 Kasemsuk Road, Mae Klong, Mueang Samut Songkhram District, Samut Songkhram 75000, Thailand

Phone: +66925914615

Pricing: ฿ 

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Situated conveniently close to both morning and evening markets, Alongkorn Hotel by SB’s location makes it easy to find delicious food options within walking distance. 

While the building is quite old and its age shows in its windows and toilets, the overall accommodation is spacious and tidy. Plus, there’s hot water and other amenities available!

There’s also a provision of free lemon tea and coffee and a small-ish parking lot that fits 6 to 8 cars. 

Some minor inconveniences, like wet bathroom floors due to lack of partition and relatively firm beds, are overshadowed by the overall comfort and affordable rates.

Hometown Hostel

Hometown Hostel
(Image source: Agoda)

Address: 459/2 Phet Samut, Maeklong, Meuang, Samut Songkhram, Thailand

Phone: +66949264494

Pricing: ฿

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Hometown Hostel offers a delightful and cosy stay with a warm and friendly atmosphere.  While the rooms are compact, they are well-maintained, and the bathrooms are kept clean. 

The establishment’s location next to abundant street food options, a halal restaurant, and the renowned Railway Market is another highlight. 

With a cosy lounge and garden rooftop, complimentary breakfast, and a laundry service, Hometown Hostel combines comfort and convenience to its guests.

Smile House 3 Hotel

Smile House 3 Hotel
(Image source: Agoda)

Address: CX7X+CGX, Mae Klong, Mueang Samut Songkhram District, Samut Songkhram 75000, Thailand

Phone: +66624941459

Pricing: ฿ 

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Smile House 3 Hotel offers a pleasant stay with its clean and well-maintained rooms. Although the rooms are not particularly spacious, the polite and accommodating service staff compensates for it.

One of the standout features is the hotel’s convenient location on the roadside, making it easy to locate. The service quality is commendable, providing a comfortable experience without breaking the bank.

Baan Siriporn Resort

Address: 950 2-10 ถนน Ratyat Raksa Alley, Mae Klong, Mueang Samut Songkhram District, Chang Wat Samut Songkhram 75000, Thailand

Phone: +66831552929

Pricing: ฿ 

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Baan Siriporn Resort provides a delightful and comfortable stay with various amenities that cater to guest needs. 

The rooms here have ACs, and the addition of a patio under the eaves is a thoughtful touch, serving both as a dining area and a convenient spot for drying clothes. Plus, the resort distinguishes itself by being critter-free!

The early morning sight of monks passing by on boats for offerings is a unique and serene experience, adding to the charm of the location. 

Mae Klong Hotel

Mae Klong Hotel
(Image source: Agoda)

Address: 526, 10-3 Phet Samut, Mae Klong, Mueang Samut Songkhram District, Samut Songkhram 75000, Thailand

Phone: +6634710376

Pricing: ฿ 

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Mae Klong Hotel is a charming and well-situated accommodation right in the heart of town. The rooms, equipped with modern amenities such as TV, fridge, air conditioning, and free Wi-Fi, offer a comfortable and convenient stay. 

With its central location, it’s surrounded by numerous shops and restaurants (and even a 7-Eleven), making it a prime choice for exploration.

While morning sounds of passing vehicles in the area might interrupt sleep, nights are peaceful and quiet—giving way for relaxation after a tiring day!

Where to Eat near Maeklong Railway Market

Gong Meng Chan Ba Mee Kiao

Address: 638 Kasemsukum Road, Mae Klong, Mueang Samut Songkhram District, Samut Songkhram 75000, Thailand

Operating Hours: Daily 8:30 AM to 6:30 PM

Pricing: ฿


Gong Meng Chan Ba Mee Kiao is a must-visit for food enthusiasts! Their signature dish, noodles and dumplings, stands out for its delicious taste and consistent quality.

Also, their clear broth and flavorful tom yum soup receive much praise, notably for not containing beans. Their grilled red pork is particularly noteworthy, enticing with its aroma and slightly sweet flavour. 

For those arriving in their own vehicles, parking near Wat Phet and taking a short walk is recommended due to limited parking space in front of the shop.

During peak holiday periods and regular lunch hours, though, it experiences a surge in visitors, leading to longer queues, potentially affecting service quality. However, this does not deter travellers who are encouraged not to miss this culinary gem.

Yaibua by Chef Thai Restaurant

Yaibua by Chef Thai Restaurant
(Image source: Phei Phei Ng)

Address: 683 55 Mae Klong, Tambon Mae Klong, Samut Songkhram 75000, Thailand

Operating Hours: Daily 10 AM to 6 PM

Pricing: ฿฿


Yaibua by Chef Thai Restaurant is a culinary gem that has garnered widespread acclaim for its delectable offerings, cleanliness, and attentive service. 

Its standout feature is its delicious ice cream, a true treat for the taste buds! Try their tom yum and salted chicken wings — these are crowd favourites! The prices are reasonable, too, making it an affordable option for a satisfying meal. 

The owner’s ability to converse in English also adds to the overall positive experience, making it a recommended stop for foreign tourists. 

Since it’s just a 5-minute walk from Maeklong Railway Market, you can conveniently visit Yaibua and enjoy its authentic and charming atmosphere.  

Khaao Moo Daeng Naai Meng

Khaao Moo Daeng Naai Meng
(Image source: Naruemol Kan)

Address: 13°24’37. 99°59’57.1″E, 1/7 Thanon Liap Khlong Phasi Charoen Fang Tai, Khwaeng Nong Khaem, Khet Nong Khaem, Bangkok 10160, Thailand

Operating Hours: Daily 6 AM to 3 PM

Pricing: ฿

Khaao Moo Daeng Naai Meng is another culinary delight that captures the essence of delectable Thai cuisine. 

Its signature dish, ruam mit no chicken, presents a lavish combination of flavours, featuring red pork, duck, crispy pork, Chinese sausage, and egg—all for an affordable price of 60 Baht per plate! The generous portion ensures a satisfying meal in just one dish. 

The crispy pork takes the spotlight for us for its impeccable taste. Delightfully crispy without being overly oily or tough, it’s a definite favourite among patrons, along with their succulent duck.

Free parking is conveniently available across the temple, in case you’re bringing your own vehicle. 

Veera Meatball Noodles

Address: 5b Muklong 333/19 Kraichana Road, Maeklong Subdistrict, Mueang District, Samut Songkhram 75000, Thailand

Operating Hours: Daily except Wednesday 6 AM to 3 PM

Pricing: ฿


Whether you’re craving pork, beef, or fish, Veera Meatball Noodles’ noodle dishes are sure to impress. While the yentafo sauce might lean slightly towards sweetness, it’s its overall flavour that stands out.

The shop’s owner, with her charming demeanour and excellent service, is affectionately referred to as “auntie” by many. Her warm and friendly approach creates a welcoming atmosphere for all who stop by!

Cash payments are the norm here, so be prepared with currency in hand. And just for fun, a crow adds a unique touch to the shop’s front.


Address: Mae Klong Railway Station, Mae Klong, Tambon Mae Klong, Mueang Samut Songkhram District, Samut Songkhram 75000, Thailand

Operating Hours: 

  • Monday – 9 AM to 5 PM
  • Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday – 9 AM to 6 PM
  • Saturday to Sunday – 9 AM to 8 PM

Pricing: ฿฿


Nestled by the Mae Klong River and adjacent to Maeklong Railway Station, Sutha boasts an exceptional atmosphere that encourages guests to unwind and enjoy a beverage while soaking in the riverside view.

Despite being a bit off the beaten path for most tourists, it’s a hidden gem well worth the visit. It offers a concise yet delicious menu of drinks, ice cream, and desserts, and everything on offer is of high quality and reasonably priced. 

Seating options are versatile, allowing guests to choose between upstairs and downstairs areas. The friendly staff adds to the experience, offering excellent service and valuable advice about the café and nearby attractions.

The presence of multiple photo corners also adds a fun touch, and ample parking ensures convenience.

What to Do in Maeklong Railway Market

Watch the unique “Train Market” spectacle 

While exploring the Maeklong Railway Market, don’t miss the unforgettable sight of the “Train Market” in action. 

Here, you can experience the thrill as market vendors swiftly retract their stalls and goods, making way for an incoming train. This astonishing feat of coordination has become a must-see attraction in Maeklong. 

Explore the vibrant and bustling market atmosphere

Roam through the colourful maze of stalls, selling everything from local crafts to fresh produce. You get the chance to engage with friendly vendors, learn about their wares, and experience the local way of life. 

The bustling atmosphere is a treat for your senses, offering a true taste of Thai market culture.

Taste a variety of delicious Thai street food and local delicacies

Maeklong’s street food scene has something for everyone, offering a vibrant culinary adventure that embodies the essence of Thai flavours. 

As you navigate the bustling streets, the air is filled with the enticing aroma of grilled skewers, each bite delivering a perfect blend of smokiness and seasoning. 

Noodles take centre stage with dishes like aromatic tom yum noodles and comforting pad Thai, showcasing the beloved Thai noodle culture. 

Shop for fresh fruits, vegetables, seafood, and other local products

Immerse yourself in the authentic flavours of Maeklong by embarking on a vibrant shopping experience.

Here, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with local vendors and explore a treasure trove of fresh produce. From the vivid hues of ripe fruits to the gleam of freshly caught seafood, the market is a canvas of colours and scents. 

You can also engage with passionate vendors, learn about the origins of the products, and support the local economy by taking home a piece of Maeklong’s culinary heritage. 

Capture amazing photos and videos of the train 

Unleash your inner photographer and embark on a visual adventure that encapsulates the magic of Maeklong’s “Train Market.” 

As the train approaches, a symphony of movement unfolds, and this is your chance to freeze those awe-inspiring moments in time. 

Frame the bustling market against the backdrop of the train’s impending arrival, capturing the seamless dance of vendors retracting their stalls with clockwork precision. 

The passing train, juxtaposed with the market’s vibrancy, offers a visual spectacle that’s truly one-of-a-kind.

Visit nearby attractions 

Maeklong offers more than just its famous train market. You can explore the surrounding area and discover other attractions that highlight the region’s rich culture and history. 

Don’t miss the chance to visit nearby temples, markets, and parks like Health Garden, King Rama II Memorial Park, or Wat Phet Samut Woravihan

These attractions provide a deeper understanding of the local way of life and add another layer to your Maeklong experience.

Take a boat ride along the Maeklong River

You can immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Maeklong by embarking on a leisurely boat ride along the picturesque Maeklong River. As you glide through the serene waters, you’ll be treated to breathtaking views of the surrounding landscapes. 

The journey offers a unique perspective of the area’s lush greenery, traditional wooden houses, and local life unfolding along the riverbanks. 

It’s a peaceful escape from the bustling market scene, allowing you to connect with nature and experience a quieter side of Maeklong.

Experience a traditional Thai massage at one of the local spas

Experience a traditional Thai massage at one of the local spas
(Image source: iStock)

While visiting the Maeklong Railway Market, indulge in the epitome of relaxation by treating yourself to a traditional Thai massage at one of the local spas. 

These establishments offer a range of rejuvenating treatments that draw from Thailand’s ancient healing traditions. 

Skilled therapists apply a combination of acupressure, stretching, and gentle manipulation to relieve tension and promote wellness. 

The soothing ambiance of the spas, coupled with the expertise of the practitioners, ensures that you’ll leave feeling refreshed, revitalised, and deeply pampered.

Enjoy a relaxing stroll along the railway tracks 

You can also take a leisurely stroll along the historic railway tracks and get the chance to experience the charm of Maeklong from a different perspective. This option is best during the times when the vibrant market is not operating. 

As you walk along the tracks, you’ll find yourself immersed in an atmosphere of nostalgia and tranquillity. The scenic views that unfold around you are truly captivating, allowing you to capture the essence of this unique destination. 

It’s an opportunity to take unhurried photos, breathe in the fresh air, and absorb the authentic ambiance that defines Maeklong.

Nearby Markets

Tha Kha Floating Market

Address: FXCV+PWJ, Tha Kha, Amphawa District, Samut Songkhram 75110, Thailand

Operating Hours: 

  • Monday to Friday – Closed
  • Saturday to Sunday – 6 AM to 2 PM

Tha Kha Floating Market is a traditional market that is a haven for those seeking an authentic Thai experience. Picture wooden boats adorned with vibrant fruits, vegetables, and local delicacies gently navigating the waterways. 

You’ll get the chance to engage with friendly vendors and shop for fresh produce, handmade crafts, and unique souvenirs. 

Tha Kha Floating Market provides an opportunity to immerse yourself in local life while shopping in a delightful and picturesque setting.

Amphawa Floating Market

Address: CXG3+2X5, Amphawa, Amphawa District, Samut Songkhram 75110, Thailand

Operating Hours: 

  • Monday to Wednesday- Closed
  • Thursday – Open 24 hours
  • Friday to Sunday – 10 AM to 9:30 PM

For an enchanting evening shopping excursion, Amphawa Floating Market is a must-visit destination. As the sun begins to set, the market comes alive with a symphony of colours and flavours. 

Here, you can explore the network of stalls selling everything from delicious street food to handmade crafts. 

Stroll along the riverside and absorb the lively atmosphere as the market’s iconic wooden boats light up the water. 

What to Expect from Mae Klong, Samut Songkhram’s Weather

What to Expect from Mae Klong, Samut Songkhram’s Weather
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Mae Klong, located in Samut Songkhram, boasts a tropical climate that brings its own unique charm throughout the year. 

Hot Season (April to June): During these months, temperatures can soar, creating a warm and often humid environment. It’s advisable to stay hydrated and seek shade during the hottest parts of the day.

Rainy Season (late June to October): The rainy season brings refreshing showers and cooler temperatures. While the rain can be heavy at times, it also contributes to lush green landscapes that are a treat for the eyes.

Cool Season (November to March): This is arguably the most pleasant time to visit Mae Klong. The weather becomes cooler and more comfortable, offering a respite from the heat. The air is drier, making it an ideal time for outdoor exploration.

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