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All about Bangkok Sky Bars

All about Bangkok Sky Bars [Are they worth the hype?]

Bangkok is the place to be if you want to live the high life– literally! The city has some of the best sky bars you can try if you’ve always wanted to drink the night away while enjoying a spectacular view of the Bangkok skyline.

We listed down some of the things you can look forward to if you visit the different sky bars in Bangkok. Read on to find out more!

 Are Bangkok sky bars worth it?

Going to Bangkok sky bars is definitely worth it. If you want to enjoy and party the night away while taking in the wonderful sights of the city, then visiting one is an excellent way to spend your time and dime.

There are differences among these bars, for sure, but they also share some characteristics that you should look forward to once you pay them a visit. 

Why should you visit Bangkok sky bars?

Breathtaking Views

One of the main reasons to visit sky bars in Bangkok is the breathtaking views you’ll see while you’re at the summit of these sites. Each of them, though, will offer a different perspective or view of Bangkok.

All of these sky bars will give you a great view of the Bangkok Skyline. Based on the location of some of them, you might get a different angle of the city allowing you to enjoy the great sights Bangkok has to offer.

Some sky bars like Hi-So Rooftop Bar can offer you great views of Siam and Silom. The 342 Bar, on the other hand, can offer you and your group a great view of the Grand Palace and Wat Arun giving you that perfect opportunity to view these sites in comfort.

Others, like Blue Sky, will allow you to appreciate the LadPrao and Chatuchak while sipping on your preferred beverage. However, the sky bars we liked most were those that offered a pretty straightforward approach to Bangkok viewing.

We liked how the Sky Bar offered a 360-degree and unobstructed view of the entire Bangkok Skyline. We’re certain that you’ll also enjoy the front-row vibes provided by the Cielo Rooftop Sky Bar allowing you to take in the beauty of those Bangkok sunsets.

Energetic Crowd

The crowds you’ll encounter in Bangkok sky bars all have one thing in common– they’re here to enjoy and have the time of their lives so expect to get positive vibes from them. However, based on your needs, you may have to choose the right sky bar in Bangkok.

Some sky bars offer a great party vibe complete with structural features that enhance the feel of the site. Some examples you should look out for include the colourful lighted arch of the CRU Rooftop Bar and the multi-tiered design of the Octave Rooftop Bar.

Here, you’ll meet crowds that are obviously party animals!

There are also sky bars, like the Char Rooftop Bar, that have a more functional design. You’ll see comfortable lounges that can serve as temporary workstations where you can finish some work-related tasks before you hit the bar for some drinks. 

For this kind of sky bar, you’ll see a more professional party-going crowd which is the perfect kind of group if you’re a digital nomad hoping to network with other like-minded individuals.

As for sky bars with amazing views, they obviously draw the touristy kind of party goers and you should expect some lively “oohs” and “aahs” as they take in the beautiful sights of this urban jungle called Bangkok.

Alluring Vibe

The sky bars in Bangkok will undeniably have a vibrant feel to them. There are some unique twists though that you may want to experience if you want to try something different when you visit them.

There are some like the Vertigo which have a lively but also romantic vibe to them while some will have a more retro and professional feel to them such as the Char Rooftop Bar. 

Some of them like the ZOOM Sky Bar also have an open-air setup adding to the allure of the venue, and making you feel like you can party to infinity and beyond.

Unique Menus

One of the most important reasons to visit sky bars in Bangkok is the unique menu items offered by these establishments. You can taste different dishes coming from different parts of the globe and you’ll also get the chance to try some unique beverages.

You can sample French, Japanese, and Mexican cuisine and these menu items will have a certain local twist to them– a unique treat if you’re a true blue foodie. Of course, you can order some local dishes here as well to further widen your culinary exposure.

There are also sky bars offering signature cocktails and exclusive beverages available only in that specific sky bar. Non-alcoholic drinks are also available and will give you the chance to sample the fresh fruits and shakes popular in Thailand.

Affordable Costs

We know that the prices of services and various products in Bangkok are relatively cheap compared to other cities across the world. But how much do drinks and menu items cost in these establishments?

On average, a local beer here will cost around 170 THB while cocktails set you back around 350 THB. Special drinks like champagne and wine can cost you around 900 THB and up so you might want to reserve ordering these for special occasions.

Some side dishes and snacks can cost around 500 THB to 1,000 THB and while this might seem pricey, you’re actually not just paying for the food but also the overall ambiance of these sky bars.

However, there are food stalls and restaurants around the area that offer more affordable meals. So if you don’t want to break the bank or spend a lot, we recommend eating beforehand!

Things to Know Before Visiting Bangkok Sky Bars

Dress Code

The general dress code required when you visit any of the sky bars in Bangkok is smart casual. But what exactly is smart casual?

Smart casual is a bit ambiguous but here’s a rule of thumb- it’s a sophisticated but relaxed way of dressing up. This means that you shouldn’t be wearing any sportswear or open shoes.

In short, sky bars won’t grant you access if you arrive with some slippers, flip-flops, a backpack, and athletic apparel on. However, there are some sky bars that will require you to show up observing a formal dress code especially if there’s a private event.

Some of the sky bars that will require you to wear formal clothes include Above Eleven and CRU Rooftop Bar. We highly recommend that before you visit any of these sky bars, call in advance to check on what dress code is required for the evening.

Best Time to Visit

Most of these sky bars open in the afternoon and are open until midnight or early morning. So, if you’re curious about the best time to visit, we recommend that you visit around 6:00 PM just before the sun sets.

During this period, you’ll see the majestic change in the colour of Bangkok’s sky and give you a great view of this breathtaking spectacle. Once nighttime comes along, you’ll also enjoy the beautiful lights of Bangkok as you enjoy your preferred beverage.

Of course, we highly recommend that you visit these sky bars around 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM as this is considered “happy hour”. During this time, most of them will offer two drinks for the price of one– more bang for your buck for sure!

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