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The 20 Most Beautiful Phuket Beaches

The 20 Most Beautiful Phuket Beaches

Phuket is a popular tourist destination in Thailand due to its beautiful beaches, its breathtaking views, and the different activities one can do on the Island. There are many beaches in Phuket and it can be hard to choose which one is the best.

What’s interesting about Phuket is the fact that it has two types of beaches. The first type of beach in Phuket is for tourists who stay overnight while the second one is for those who simply want to visit the beach by day to swim and do water activities.

Considering that there are a ton of beautiful beaches around Phuket, we’ve listed down 20 of the most beautiful ones and discussed their most interesting aspects below:

1. Freedom Beach

Freedom Beach
Image Source: BlueEyeTea on Flickr, Freedom beach

Many consider Freedom Beach a beautiful anomaly in Phuket as it has clear blue waters, and soft white sand and is considered one of the prettiest beaches in Phuket. It’s near Patong Beach, a crowded beach with a lot of tourists. 

However, Freedom beach remains to be one of the most serene and peaceful beaches in all of Phuket. This tranquillity and peacefulness are mostly due to the beach’s accessibility.

Freedom Beach can only be accessed from December to June or during the high season by using long-tail boats. 

The southern part of Patong Beach is the shortest route to Freedom Beach but tourists can also get to Freedom Beach via Kamala, Karon, and Kata Beach.

Getting to Freedom Beach via a longtail boat allows travellers to enjoy the scenic route of the island. They’ll pass by little sandy coves that are mostly busy such as Tri Trang Beach,  Paradise Beach, and Merlin Beach.

To reach Freedom Beach, most travellers would have to disembark on shallow waters and wade towards the shore. This shouldn’t be a problem if they already have their swimsuits on and as long as they secure their mobile phone or camera. 

Things to Do at Freedom Beach

Things to Do at Freedom Beach

Once on Freedom Beach, tourists can enjoy its clear blue and warm waters and relax while taking in the beautiful scenery surrounding this beach. 

Guests may also consider bringing their gear for snorkelling as the beach ends on both sides and can provide exciting encounters with small marine life and fish. Loungers and beach chairs are available for rent from the Barefoot Bistro for a minimal fee.

Where to Dine at Freedom Beach

Where to Dine at Freedom Beach

Barefoot Bistro is a newly opened open-air establishment that serves one of the best Pad Thai on the island and the tastiest local hamburgers on Freedom Beach. Guests eating lunch here should try doing so with their bare feet to fully relax and enjoy.

2. Kata Beach

Kata Beach
Image Source: edwin11 on Flickr, Kata Beach

Located on the West Coast of Phuket, Kata Beach is one of Phuket’s most visited beaches, second only to Patong Beach. This beach has an island right in the middle of the ocean and along with its blue sea, is perfect for those magnificent sunset photos.

A large resort called Club Med Resort occupies around 90% of the beach so the two-kilometre beach mostly belongs to the said resort (about 1.5 kilometres to be exact). As such, most of the other hotels and restaurants aren’t located on the beach itself.

Things to Do at Kata Beach

Things to Do at Kata Beach

Kata Beach has a number of activities for guests and travellers. First and most importantly, the beach in Kata beach offers a beautiful view of Phuket. 

Its waters have beautiful blue colours from December to April or during the high season with sand that is very soft and clear. 

The surrounding trees provide guests with a nice shade, an area to get a good massage, and is also the location of a number of restaurants serving local food. There are a number of beach chairs that guests can rent at a reasonable price.

Getting a massage is also something guests can try out when in Kata Beach. Aside from being quite relaxing after enjoying a long swim or after a tiring flight, the massage is quite affordable at just 300 THB.

Aside from enjoying the beach itself, tourists can also visit Karon Viewpoint which can be found in the southern portion of Kata Beach. Here, guests can get a spectacular view of the beach’s three bays namely Karon,  Kata Beach,  and Kata Noi.

Those who want to play a round mini-golf with family and friends may find Dino Park perfect for their vacation. Dino park is a dinosaur-themed park where people can hang out and have fun.

Tourists who want to practise balancing on their surfboards can try the artificial wave surfing offered by Surf House Phuket. On the other hand, guests who want to surf for real can do but it is advisable that they visit Kata Beach during the low season.

Another activity tourists can try out is parasailing. However, we recommend caution when trying out parasailing as there have been some reported accidents.

Where to Dine in Kata Beach

Where to Dine in Kata Beach
Image Source: a matter of taste me, Boathouse

There are a number of dining options at Kata Beach. Tourists who are on a budget but want something local while relaxing in front of the beach should try out the many modest beach restaurants of Kata Beach.

Those who want a combination of Thai and western cuisine can try out the Boathouse Phuket. This restaurant is part of the Boathouse hotel and has an exceptional wine list paired with some delicious food items.

Another rare restaurant on Kata Beach is Kata Seafood which is one of the few beachfront establishments on the beach. This restaurant serves authentic seafood and Thai cuisine coupled with some old-fashioned charm.

Lastly, there is Sugar & Spice, a restaurant near the night market serving International and Thai cuisine for an affordable price.

3. Patong Beach

Patong Beach
Image Source: Judester on Flickr, Patong Beach

The most popular beach in Phuket, Patong Beach has legendary nightlife and immense options for tourists in terms of shops, hotels, and restaurants. 

This can often lead to Patong Beach being overcrowded which can make tourists either love it or hate it.

To get a feel of the Patong Beach nightlife, guests can stroll down Bangla Walking Street. Here they will see the party nightlife that made Patong Beach Famous with its rooftop bars, nightclubs, and beach clubs.

For some travellers, a trip to Patong beach is something to tick off their bucket list. However, other tourists view this as the ultimate party experience of a lifetime.

Things to Do at Patong Beach

Things to Do at Patong Beach

Patong Beach is beautiful with green palm trees, white sand, and clear blue waters. However, certain portions of the beach can get overcrowded and parking can be quite problematic (even for a motorbike!).

Instead, guests can opt to check out the northern part of Patong Beach where elegant hotels are located such as the Four Points by Sheraton and Novotel Phuket. Crowds here are not that large and there are still a lot of food options and stores to enjoy.

While in Patong Beach, tourists can also visit other notable beaches nearby such as Tri Trang Beach, Paradise Beach, and Freedom Beach.

Travellers who want to practise surfing can also try out their skills at Surf House Phuket. They offer tourists the chance to do some controlled wakeboarding which is most certainly easier and less dangerous than real wakeboarding or surfing.

Patong Beach also has some very good stores and shopping centres for tourists who are crazy about shopping. Travellers can drop by street shops, the Jungceylon Shopping Mall, the Banzaan Fresh Market, and Malin Plaza for their shopping needs.

As stated earlier, Patong Beach is also famous for its vibrant nightlife. Tourists who want to experience this party vibe may want to check out the Bangla Walking Street, The Kee Sky Lounge, the live music bars, and the go-go bars the beach has to offer.

Where to Dine at Patong Beach

Where to Dine at Patong Beach
Image Source: Sin City on Flickr, Thai Food

Patong Beach has a lot of street food carts in the area which serve rice, fish, fried chicken, noodles, and other food items. The food sold by these food carts is good, cheap, and cleaner than most people would think.

The beach also has a beachfront bistro called Hern and Coffee Bistro which serves hearty meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Patong Beach also has an international restaurant called L’arome by the Sea which serves French cuisine with a modern twist.

4. Karon Beach

Karon Beach
Image Source: Joanna Styran on Flickr, Karon Beach

Karon Beach is the third most popular beach in Phuket and the second longest Beach on the island. While it offers a fair amount of options in terms of dining, accommodation, and nightlife, it does not seem to get overcrowded which is definitely a plus for most travellers.

The beach is well known for its big hotels and big stretches of shoreline which line the small town of Karon and its frontage road. Karon Beach is also near other popular beaches such as Patong and Kata.

Things to Do in Karon Beach

Things to Do in Karon Beach

Karon Beach is a beautiful stretch of crescent-shaped shore where tourists can relax or swim at their own leisure. Aside from blue waters, the sand of this beach is popular for being soft and fine.

Tourists can also visit and enjoy certain landmarks on Karon Beach such as the Karon Temple and the Naga of Karon Beach. Guests who want to enjoy a round of mini-golf can proceed to Dino Park Mini Golf in Kata Beach since it’s just nearby.

Where to Dine in Karon Beach

Where to Dine in Karon Beach

At the south of Karon Beach lies Tenn Terrace, a trendy restaurant with a large beachfront view that serves Thai and Italian food. Breakfast in this restaurant is fantastic as it offers a nice view of the rising sun while enjoying your freshly prepared meal.

For a delicious dinner with a great view of the sea, tourists can visit On the Rock Restaurant. This establishment is part of the Marina Phuket Resort and serves seafood and local cuisine.

Travellers who want some BBQ and grilled treats can visit the EAT and Grill Restaurant located on Karon’s back road. The restaurant is often crowded but should be worth your time as they serve some of the beach’s best-tasting grilled meats and steaks.

There are also restaurants by the lake that serve breakfast and seafood. While these smaller restaurants don’t sell fancy meals, they serve food items that are relatively cheap and delicious!

5. Nai Harn Beach

Nai Harn Beach
Image Source: Phuket@photographer. net on Flickr, Sunset at Nai Harn beach XOKA6731s-h

Located in the southernmost part of Phuket, Nai Harn Beach is a fantastic beach with white sand that is smooth and soft. It’s also located in the middle of some green hills and is considered a relatively untouched location resulting in fewer crowds.

The bay is quite popular with locals and expats and is an ideal spot for luxury yachts and sailing boats to anchor in. There are a number of dining options around the area but there is no nearby town adding to its more laid-back nature.

Things to Do at Nai Harn Beach

Things to Do at Nai Harn Beach

Customers can completely relax when in Nai Harn Beach by having an hour-long beach massage. For those who want a little more privacy, there are some real massage shops close to the restaurants.

Aside from Nai Harn Beach itself, tourists can also visit the other nearby beaches such as Rawai Beach, Ya Nui Beach, and Ao Sane Beach. Guests who also want to explore cultural areas can do so by checking out Wat Nai Harn and Nai Harn Lake.

Nai Harn beach also offers some fantastic viewpoints for tourists to better enjoy the fantastic scenery around the beach. These viewpoints include Promthep Cape, Black Rock Viewpoint, and Windmill Viewpoint.

Where to Dine at Nai Harn Beach

Where to Dine at Nai Harn Beach

There are a couple of high-end restaurants on Nai Harn beach that serve local and international cuisine. 

The beach has Rock Salt Restaurant which serves a good lunch with a great ocean view and Samut Restaurant which provides local and seafood dishes.

Nai Harn Beach is also home to the Rooftop Restaurant at the Nai Harn which serves meals along with some amazing cocktails while providing gorgeous views of the ocean. 

There’s also the Sea Oak Cafe which serves healthy dishes under the cool shade of trees.

Of course, there are a number of small restaurants and food stalls lining up the street going to Nai Harn Beach. They offer delicious Thai meals at very affordable price points.

6. Kata Noi Beach

Travellers who want to be near Kata Beach but still want to avoid huge crowds, Kata Noi Beach may be the ideal tropical destination. 

Kata Noi Beach has clear blue waters and fine white sand but due to it being out of the way, Kata Noi is relatively quieter compared to other beaches.

Aside from some resorts, convenience stores, bars, massages, and small restaurants, Kata Noi Beach mainly draws tourists in because of its gorgeous beach. 

In fact, TripAdvisor named Kata Noi Beach one of the world’s most beautiful beaches many years back.

Things to Do at Kata Noi Beach

Things to Do at Kata Noi Beach

Aside from enjoying the beauty of Kata Noi Beach, tourists can also feel the exhilarating thrill of surfing on the northern end of Kata Noi. This is because the said area gets some decently sized waves which are perfect for those who want to practise surfing.

Those who want a more challenging surfing routine may visit Kata Noi during the low season when the waves can get a bit tougher. The waves never get too huge but they are much more difficult to navigate for newbie surfers.

Travellers who want to get a spectacular view of the beach can also proceed to Karon Viewpoint. This viewpoint is quite popular with tourists and will usually be part of their itinerary because of its scenic quality.

Where to Dine in Kata Noi Beach

Where to Dine in Kata Noi Beach

There are a couple of restaurants on Kata Noi Beach. These include the Reggae inspired After Beach Bar and Baan Chom View Restaurant which serves local Thai cuisine at very affordable prices.

Mom Tri’s Kitchen is a romantic and fancy restaurant that offers very good meals but at a steeper price compared to other restaurants in the area. As such, it is recommended that tourists only come here on special occasions.

The Sabai Corner and the Heaven Rooftop Restaurant both offer good food with fantastic views. The food is good (not exceptional) but the beautiful scenery in the said restaurants more than makes up for it.

7. Laem Singh Beach

Laem Singh Beach
Image Source: Jamie Monk on Flickr, Laem Singh Beach

One of the most beautiful beaches in Phuket is Laem Singh Beach due to its nostalgic feel and excellent year-round weather. It’s considered a hidden gem with clear blue waters, white sand, and green palm trees dotting the landscape.

Situated in the middle of Surin Beach and Kamala Beach, this beach was previously closed off to the public due to a land dispute in 2017. 

Guests weren’t allowed to enter the beach because a landowner claimed that it was illegal to pass through a portion of land he owned going to Laem Singh Beach. Fortunately, people were allowed access to the island via boat in late 2017.

Things to Do at Laem Singh Beach

Things to Do at Laem Singh Beach

Due to the beach almost being deserted, the best activities on Laem Singh are sunbathing, swimming, and basically just relaxing on its fine white sand. The beach has a fantastic view from the shore thanks to its clear waters and surrounding greenery.

Those who also want to feel rejuvenated can get a cheap beach massage on Laem Singh. Tourists who want to take something home from their trip here can also approach some of the locals selling trinkets and souvenirs.

Where to Dine at Laem Singh

Where to Dine at Laem Singh

A modest and simple local restaurant is present on Laem Singh which serves good food and has friendly staff. However, the location of the said small restaurant offers a great view of the ocean, making eating at the restaurant a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

8. Ya Nui Beach

Ya Nui Beach
Image Source: erica benites manssour on Flickr, Ya Nui  Beach

Ya Nui Beach may look like a secret location due to it being tucked in a cove between Promthep Cape and Windmill Viewpoint. However, this beach can actually be quite crowded due to its popularity with tourists and locals.

The island offers tourists clear blue waters, white sand, and a spectacular ocean view filled with small islands dotting the horizon.

Things to Do at Ya Nui Beach

Things to Do at Ya Nui Beach

The main attraction of Ya Nui Beach is the beautiful beach itself. It has clear blue-green waters with powdery fine white sand. What makes this beach stand out is the grassy slopes on each side, the big island in the background, and the cape in the middle.

Beach chairs may not be aplenty on Ya Nui but tourists may find some lying around unoccupied. There’s also a diving centre catering to the needs of guests who may want to try this activity out.

Where to Dine at Ya Nui Beach

Where to Dine at Ya Nui Beach

There are around two or three restaurants on Ya Nui which also lets guests rent bungalows that are pretty basic. One such restaurant, Ya Nui Bungalow, can be found under the shade of trees right across the beach.

The restaurant serves a fantastic lunch under the refreshing shade of tall trees and a great view of the ocean. Ya Nui Bungalow offers great Thai cuisine at an affordable price so budget-conscious tourists don’t have to worry about overspending.

9. Kamala Beach

Kamala Beach
Image Source: Anders Thorsell on Flickr, Kamala Beach, Thailand

This beach can be found on the western portion of Phuket and is considered a beautiful and tranquil beach popular with tourists who want a peaceful vacation. Kamala Beach is large and has become popular due to the opening of certain establishments.

These establishments include the Cafe del Mar Beach Club and the Intercontinental Hotel. Kamala Beach also has a host of options in terms of stores, restaurants, and hotels with direct access to the beach.

Things to Do at Kamala Beach

Things to Do at Kamala Beach
Image Source: Gwen Weber on Flickr, Phuket Fantasea

The major attraction on Kamala is still the beach itself. It has clear blue waters, soft and white sand, and some coconut trees that provide some shade to tourists. The beach is also clear and shallow, especially during the high season.

Guests can also try out the other beaches that are close to Kamala Beach. These include Rayee Beach, Laem Singh Beach, and Surin Beach.

Another major attraction for tourists in Kamala is Phuket Fantasea Park. This park features acrobatic performances and trained elephants doing stage acts for guests.

Kamala Beach also has some fresh local markets and night markets for tourists who want to get the best deals while on Kamala. Most of these markets sell vegetables and fresh fruits along with other items such as clothes.

Lastly, tourists can also visit Wat Kamala, a modest but impressive-looking temple with small golden Buddhas lined up across the temple. 

It is worth the visit for some wonderful photo opportunities but guests are reminded to still wear appropriate clothing when in the temple as the site is considered a religious one. 

Where to Dine at Kamala Beach

Where to Dine at Kamala Beach

There are a number of restaurants located on Kamala Beach with luxury hotels offering classy restaurants within their respective properties. However, there are some notable dining options here for tourists to enjoy as well.

One such stand-alone restaurant is the Smile Bar, a bar and beachfront restaurant with a great view of the ocean and a fantastic overall ambiance. This restaurant is popular for its grilled chicken.

Boat and Bar Kamala is another restaurant with a great view of the ocean, particularly during sunset. Here, tourists can enjoy local cuisine or some pizza while sipping on their favourite drink as they watch the setting sun over the horizon.

Another restaurant to consider when on Kamala Beach is Bella Vista Kamala. It offers Italian cuisine with a laid-back ambiance in the restaurant and a wonderfully clear view of the surrounding beach. 

10. Bangtao Beach

Also known as Bang Tao Beach, this Phuket beach is located on the western coast of the island and is located somewhere between Patong Beach and Phuket airport. The beautiful beach attracted not just tourists but some luxury hotels and resorts.

These include SAii Laguna Phuket Resort, Angsana Phuket Resort, Dusit Thani Laguna Phuket, and Banyan Tree Resort. Bangtao Beach also has a lot of beach clubs and local restaurants right in front of the beach.

Things to Do at Bangtao Beach

Things to Do at Bangtao Beach

Visitors mainly go to Bangtao for the beach itself. The sand may not be as powdery and the waters may not be as shallow but it is less crowded and tourists can enjoy eating and drinking on the beach itself, thanks to the local restaurants present in the area.

Tourists already on Bangtao Beach can also visit the nearby Layan Beach and Blue Tree Water Park. The said water park is Phuket’s largest water park and is quite popular because of its water activities such as the park’s zipline and water slide (Slip n Fly).

Those who want a round of mini golf can also check out Phuket Adventure Mini Golf. Aside from playing golf, the course offers a relaxing ambiance and a large restaurant serving guests good food and some drinks.

Guests can also visit Wat Choen Thale, an intricately decorated Wat (temple) perfect for taking pictures, especially for those who are travelling to Thailand for the first time. 

Where to Dine at Bangtao Beach

Where to Dine at Bangtao Beach

Bangtao features a number of Thai and seafood restaurants on the beach itself. While the food may not be exceptional, meals are pretty good and the price is pretty affordable.

Other restaurants include the Palm Seaside Restaurant and Benny’s Cocktails and Grill. The Palm Seaside Restaurant is a beachfront restaurant serving lunch, dinner, and late-night meals while Benny’s offers a lot of options such as steaks and grilled meats.

Bangtao Beach also offers international restaurants such as Take Japanese Restaurant which specialises in Japanese cuisine and Maison Napoleon, which offers a combination of French, Latin American, and Mexican cuisine.

11. Mai Khao Beach

Mai Khao Beach
Image Source: TAVEPONG PRATOOMWONG on Flickr, Mai Khao Beach

Mai Khao Beach is considered the longest beach in Phuket due to its 11-kilometre stretch of shoreline. The beach is mostly calm and peaceful and there aren’t any food vendors in the area. The beach also doesn’t have any umbrellas or beach chairs.

Herein lies the beauty of Mai Khao beach though, as tourists can get to enjoy the immense beach in private. The area is mostly untouched and there are no loud activities such as parasailing and jet skis.

Things to Do at Mai Khao Beach

Things to Do at Mai Khao Beach

Aside from enjoying the relative peace and quiet of the beach, Mai Khao also offers other interesting activities. One is plane spotting due to the fact that the beach is close to Phuket International Airport where a lot of planes land on a daily basis.

It’s just pure fun to watch these planes with their silhouettes in the sky casting their massive shadows on the beachgoers below.

Tourists can also choose to check out Splash Jungle Waterpark which is located next to the airport. This waterpark offers some enjoyable water slides and a wave pool but the entrance fee could be a bit pricey.

Mai Khao also has a lesser-known temple called Wat Mai Khao. Aside from being photo-worthy, the temple also houses a bird sanctuary right behind it which houses cattle egrets and white birds.

Travellers can also visit the Soi Dog Foundation, an organisation that helps stray cats and dogs around Thailand. The Foundation offers neutering and spaying services to prevent the unwanted spread of abandoned and injured animals.

Sirinath National Park is another tourist destination in Mai Khao. The park is popular with tourists and locals as it allows going on picnics and camping with family and friends.

Where to Dine at Mai Khao beach?

Where to Dine at Mai Khao beach

There are no restaurants in Mai Khao beach itself but there are a number of hotels that can provide and offer meals to guests. These include the Sala Phuket Resort, Renaissance Phuket, JW Marriott Phuket, and Holiday Inn Mai Khao.

12. Surin Beach

Surin Beach
Image Source: Photography by Yusof Majid on Flickr, Surin Beach Phuket

Surin Beach previously had a long line of restaurants and beach clubs dotting its landscape but those are long gone. Instead, the beach looks much more natural and is still considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Phuket.

The sand and water of this beach are of great quality which makes swimming from December to April (high season) ideal. This is mostly due to the clear water of the beach during the said period.

Things to Do at Surin Beach

Things to Do at Surin Beach

Aside from swimming and lounging around on beach chairs and umbrellas on Surin Beach itself, guests can also check out the nearby beaches such as Laem Singh and Pansea Beach. 

Tourists should be aware though that they can only gain access to Pansea Beach if they are guests of the Amanpuri and Surin Resort. 

Where to Dine at Surin Beach

Where to Dine at Surin Beach

Surin Beach has a number of street food vendors and beach hawkers along the beach selling local Thai delicacies for an affordable price. These food stalls offer a relaxing view of the beach with their set up of chairs and umbrellas for customers.

A unique restaurant in Surin Beach is known as the Smokaccia by Chef Luca. The establishment uses sourdough as its base ingredient and interestingly, food items are served to patrons cold smoked with various dips and oils to suit the client’s taste.

Lastly, we have the Patcharin Seafood restaurant which was the only restaurant standing after the other ones on the beach were taken down. The food served here is well-priced and pretty good and is coupled with a phenomenal view of the beach.

13. Paradise Beach

Just 4 kilometres from Patong Beach, Paradise Beach consists of two bays with soft white sand, clear blue waters, and some coconut trees. 

This beach used to be secluded but with the construction of a concrete road leading to the area, crowds have started flocking to Paradise Beach.

Things to Do in Paradise Beach

Things to Do in Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach used to draw large crowds but can be described as a combination of a shopping mall and a village. However, the beach itself is still perfect for swimming and relaxing thanks to its clear waters and fine white sand.

Tourists who want something different may choose to take a 100-metre walk to a small hill with some stairs to get to a sandy cove that is surprisingly quiet and peaceful.

Paradise Beach also has a beach club that offers various activities such as scuba diving, snorkelling, paddleboarding, kayaking, and massages. All of these have separate fees though aside from the beach club entrance which is around 100 THB.

Where to Dine at Paradise Beach

Where to Dine at Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach Club also has a variety of restaurants for tourists and guests. These restaurants serve Thai, Chinese, and Italian Cuisine and they are similarly priced as the restaurants of Patong Beach.

14. Pansea Beach

Pansea Beach
Image Source: Cleanphuket Thailand on Flickr, 034 Pansea Beach

As stated in the article earlier, Pansea Beach is an exclusive beach that can only be accessed by guests of the Surin and Amanpuri Resorts. 

Tourists who are fortunate enough to check in to any of these 2 resorts can have the privilege of enjoying one of Phuket’s most beautiful beaches.

Things to Do at Pansea Beach

Things to Do at Pansea Beach

The clear blue waters and white powdery sand of Pansea Beach are perfect for swimming and relaxing. This is particularly true for guests of the said luxury resorts as they will most definitely have a more private experience on this beach.

Guests can also check out the nearby Surin Beach but the path leading to it can be a bit tricky. Tourists who are able to cross this path, though, will be rewarded with a long strip of beach with great views of the blue sea and the fine white sand of Surin Beach

Where to Dine at Pansea Beach

Where to Dine at Pansea Beach

Visitors to Pansea Beach can enjoy an elegant dining experience at the Surin Resort’s restaurant. The Amanpuri Resort also has an Italian restaurant called Arva but it can be quite expensive due to the exclusive and high-class nature of the resort.

15. Nai Yang Beach

Nai Yang Beach
Image Source: barros44 on Flickr, Nai Yang Beach

Nai Yang Beach is quite popular with returning travellers and mostly unknown to first-time visitors of Phuket. The beach can best be described as being vibrant and beautiful and full of small restaurants and tiny bars.

Since it is not along the main roads, Nai Yang Beach remains to be one of the more peaceful beaches of Phuket.

Things to Do at Nai Yang Beach

Things to Do at Nai Yang Beach

The beach itself is the main attraction of Nai Yang. Its idyllic waters and fine white sand allow tourists to bask in the beauty of nature and enjoy a relaxing swim on its clear waters.

There is a tiny street running parallel to the beach where visitors can buy beach toys and some batik clothing along with a mini-mart, a tailor, and a diving shop. Tourists who want to further relax can get a beach massage for only 300 THB.

Those who want to visit a different beach can do so by heading over to Mai Khao beach, Phuket’s longest beach which happens to be near Nai Yang Beach as well as Phuket International Airport. 

Guests can also enjoy what Sirinath Park has to offer. It only has a 40 THB entrance fee and is popular with tourists and locals as it allows drinking and picnicking under the shade of the park’s tall trees. 

Where to Dine at Nai Yang Beach

Where to Dine at Nai Yang Beach

There are some hotels and resorts on Nai Yang Beach offering international cuisine to its guests such as the Big Fish & Grill of Phuket Marriott and Slate Phuket Resort. However, there are a number of excellent stand-alone restaurants on this beach as well.

First, is the Good View restaurant which offers delicious Thai food at an affordable price both coupled with a gorgeous view of the ocean. Next, is Sea Almond Restaurant which offers a similar experience to that of Good View.

One of Phuket’s best restaurants is also located on Nai Yang Beach called the Black Ginger Restaurant. The restaurant is in the Slate Resort and offers one of the best albeit pricey Thai food items and local cuisine.

16. Naithon Beach

Naithon Beach
Image Source: Indien Fluer on Flickr, Naithon Beach

Naithon Beach is another beach that is far from the main road making it one of the hidden gems among the beaches of Phuket. Tourists choose this peaceful beach over the more crowded ones such as Kata or Patong to enjoy a more laid-back vacation.

The best thing about Naithon is that it perfectly strikes the balance of being less crowded but still having the necessities that guests need. This means the right amount of restaurants, hotels, and stores around the area.

Things to Do at Naithon Beach

Naithon Beach is still relatively calm with only a few long boats dotting the shoreline. It still doesn’t have parasailers and jet skiers so tourists who want a relaxing swim can easily do so on this beach.

Travellers can also visit other nearby beaches. These include the more secluded Banana Beach and the private beach Nathan Noi Beach which can only be accessed by the guests of the Andaman White Beach Resort.

Tourists can also check out the wooden staircase known as Stairway to Heaven. It remains to be one of Phuket’s most popular Instagram spots and goes all the up from the beach to the main road.

Where to Dine at Naithon Beach

Where to Dine at Naithon Beach

Guests looking to enjoy a meal while enjoying the beautiful view of the beach can try out what the Inthanin Naithon Restaurant has to offer. The establishment offers local cuisine and as a bonus, is located near the tourist spot Stairway to Heaven.

Naithon also has a Michelin Star restaurant called Pru at Trisara. The restaurant offers some of the best innovative Thai dishes which combine local and international ingredients to wow guests and tourists.

17. Ao Sane Beach

Ao Sane Beach
Image Source: Taelum Warren on Flickr, Ao Sane Beach, Phuket, Thailand

Ao Sane Beach is composed of three sandy bays and visiting this beach can make tourists feel like they were transported 20 years back as the beach looks so natural and untouched. 

This is mainly because Ao Sane can be very difficult to access especially for most first-time travellers or tourists. While the beach can be spotted from Nai Harn Beach, it can only be accessed if guests pass through Nai Harn Resort.

Things to do in Ao Sane Beach

Things to do in Ao Sane Beach

For 200 THB guests can rent some beach chairs for the day along with some gear for snorkelling from a local dive shop. Diving lessons are also available for tourists who want something more exciting.

Where to Dine at Ao Sane Beach

Where to Dine at Ao Sane Beach

Ao Sane Beach is home to the Ai Sane Restaurant, a popular restaurant that is mostly full of patrons enjoying a good meal under the cool shade of the area’s trees. The food served here is quite delicious and sold at consumer-friendly prices.

There’s also the La Terraza Phuket Sunset Lounge Bar which serves drink and food items with a great view overlooking the beach. It is much more pricey than the Ao Sane Restaurant though but the food and the spectacular view make it all worth it.

18. Banana Beach

Banana Beach
Image Source: Stephan Rudoph on Flickr, Banana Beach

Considered a hidden treasure among Phuket’s beaches, Banana Beach has all the qualities of an instant hit- it has excellent sand quality, towering palm trees, and shallow clear waters.

As such, it’s still a mystery as to why it has not been developed similar to what happened to other beaches of Phuket. 

It could mostly be attributed to the challenges one needs to endure to access this beach. Put simply, tourists and guests will have to exert some effort and drive for quite some time to reach this beautiful spot.

Things to Do at Banana Beach

Things to Do at Banana Beach

The main attraction on Banana Beach is the beach itself! Tourists can get an umbrella and a beach chair and swim or snorkel the day away.

Guests can also choose to just enjoy the magnificent view of the beach especially when the sky is spotless. The clear blue waters, fine white sand, the bobbing long-tail boats, and the coconut trees around the beach are quite refreshing and relaxing. 

Where to Dine at Banana Beach

Where to Dine at Banana Beach

Banana Beach has a small local restaurant that opens during the beach’s high season. It only has a few chairs and tables but its friendly staff serves good food and some fantastic cocktails.

19. Panwa Beach

Panwa Beach
Image Source: D70 on Flickr, Tide Out on Panwa beach

Also called Khao Khad Beach, Panwa Beach isn’t really prepared yet for some good swimming. However, the scenery and the overall vibe of the area still have that charm of remote bays rarely sought after by tourists who mostly prefer party or nightlife beaches.

Things to Do in Panwa Beach

Things to Do in Panwa Beach

Tourists or guests who want some peace and quiet will find Panwa Beach perfect for their desired vacation. People can spend an entire afternoon here just staring at the islands nearby and strolling along the shore.

Where to Dine at Panwa Beach

Where to Dine at Panwa Beach

Panwa Beach has a local restaurant called the Beach Bar. This establishment used to be a humble shack but the restaurant eventually became much more popular. This restaurant serves decent meals and a spectacular view of the beach.

20. Rawai Beach

Rawai Beach
Image Source: witoon mitarun on Flickr, Rawai Beach

Similar to Panwa Beach, Rawai Beach isn’t really a beach where tourists can swim. However, it does offer a peaceful local vibe and beautiful scenery owing to the view of the islands nearby.

Located on Phuket Island’s south end, Rawai Beach is popular for its Rawai Seafood Market, where travellers can purchase crabs, lobsters, and fish. These are sold by local fishermen and are usually bought by restaurants in the area for the food they serve.

Things to Do at Rawai Beach

Things to Do at Rawai Beach

Since one can’t swim on Rawai Beach, guests can instead sunbathe around the area and they can also enjoy the view the beach has to offer. In addition, travellers can also check out the nearby islands such as Bon Island, Buddha Island, and Coral Island. 

Rawai Beach is also near other popular Phuket beaches such as Nai Harn Beach and Ya Nui Beach.

For tourists with kids, Rawai Park Kids Club can be a popular choice for an enjoyable lazy afternoon with the family. It has a colourful swimming pool and a lot of water games for the kids to enjoy.

Where to Dine at Rawai Beach

Where to Dine at Rawai Beach

Rawai beach also has a few restaurants for tourists and travellers to enjoy. One is the local seafood restaurant AEK Restaurant.

Another popular local dining spot is Nikita’s Beach Restaurant which was established two decades ago. This restaurant offers patrons good seafood and Thai cuisine which are reasonably priced.

Travellers who want to enjoy lunch while enjoying the beautiful view of Rawai Beach can check out what Rawai View Cafe has to offer. It’s not on tourist roads and is well hidden but it is worth it due to the relaxing and laid-back atmosphere of the restaurant.

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